Even Though I’m a Former Noble and a Single Mother, My Daughters are too Cute and Working as an Adventurer Isn’t Too Much of a Hassle



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Japanese Title:
Moto Kizoku Reijou de Mikon no Haha Desuga, Musumetachi ga Kawaii Sugite Boukenshagyo mo Ku ni Narimasen

Abbreviated Titles:







Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy


Into a noble class that treats those born with white hair or heterochromia as treacherous snakes, Shirley was born into the family of the most powerful duke in the land adorned with stunning hair the colour of snow, and non-matching red and blue eyes.

Hated by her own family, and having the only man who ever loved snatched away by a jealous younger sister on her wedding night, she is imprisoned on false charges.

Enduring torture and humiliation, she vowed to gain my revenge against those who wronged her. But, even though she escaped, in her belly there was the child of her former fiancée.

Even if the man himself is hateful, an unborn child is without sin. After giving birth to healthy twins, I thought to leave them at an orphanage for safekeeping, but…

“Ah, what to do, my daughters are just too cute.”

Shirley was floored by the feelings she held for the two girls she had brought into the world. Choosing motherhood over revenge, she fled the Empire and settled in a remote town in a neighbouring Kingdom. In order to support her children, she found herself entering through the doors of the Adventurers Guild. It would be nice if we could live a nice quiet life out here, where the empire won’t think to look for us…

“Shirley-san! Calamity-class monsters are appearing in the Kingdom! Can you accept help us!?”

“I’m very sorry, but I have to decline. I’m helping my daughters with their homework today.”

After ten years, she had somehow become known the world over as “The Demonic White Sword”.

Volume I: Adventurer 

Prologue: First Part
Prologue: Second Part
Chapter 1: The Demonic White Sword Part 1
Chapter 1: The Demonic White Sword Part 2
Chapter 2: Mother and Daughters’ Morning
Chapter 3: To the Adventurers Guild
Chapter 4: Omen
Chapter 5: The Fresh-Faced Adventurer from Before
Chapter 6: The Goblin Queen
Chapter 7: Party Request
Chapter 8: The Rookie Training Party
Chapter 9: Dragon Wagon
Chapter 10: Gossip – Girls’ Everyday
Chapter 11: The Camp’s First Act
Chapter 12: The Morning After
Chapter 13: The Battle Begins
Chapter 14: Speeches are Silver, Silence is Gold
Chapter 15: Mother and Daughters’ Day Off Part 1
Chapter 16: Mother and Daughters’ Day Off Part 2
Chapter 17: Parent Visitation Day and the Golden Witch
Chapter 18: The Witch’s Plot
Chapter 19: A Day in the Life of a Dragon King
Chapter 20: Epilogue

Volume II: The Empire’s Just Deserts

Chapter 21: Prologue
Chapter 22: Who is that Happiness For?
Chapter 23: The Future of those Daughters
Chapter 24: Curse Rebound – Execution
Chapter 25: The Demonic White Sword’s Request
Chapter 26: The Illusionary Butterfly
Chapter 27: Man-Eating Birds are a Cinch
Chapter 28: Troubles of a Doting Parent
Chapter 29: Meanwhile in the Empire
Chapter 30: Bonds Between Adventurers
Chapter 31: Gossip – Girls’ Growth
Chapter 32: A Royal Visit
Chapter 33: By Mere Inches
Chapter 34: The Fury of the Sword Demon
Chapter 35: The Man Who Repaid Good With Evil
Chapter 36: Torturous Sword
Chapter 37: A Mother’s Heart
Chapter 38: Reclaiming their Peace
Chapter 39: Heads of State Summit
Chapter 40: The Curtains Rise on the Decisive Battle
Chapter 41: Enigma
Chapter 42: Epilogue

Volume III: Summer Strife

Chapter 43: Prologue
Chapter 44: Summer on the Frontier
Chapter 45: Twins x Twins
Chapter 46: Inevitable Mother-Daughter Conflict
Chapter 47: Two Treasured Swords, One Held By a Demon
Chapter 48: Birdcage Troubles
Chapter 49: Mother-Daughter DIY
Chapter 50: Giant Centipede
Chapter 51: The Sword Demon’s Weakness
Chapter 52: The Stage is Set
Chapter 53: Mother and Daughters at the Spring
Chapter 54: That Mother (As Always) is Prone to Worry
Chapter 55: Monster Man
Chapter 56: Spirit Birds
Chapter 57: The Demon Learns the Villainess’ True Nature
Chapter 58: The True Nature of that Demonic Sword
Chapter 59: The Sword Princess Battles the Fallen Knight
Chapter 60: The Calm Before the Storm Part 1
Chapter 61: The Calm Before the Storm Part 2
Chapter 62: The Demon Appears
Chapter 63: The White Twins Versus the Imperial Grandmaster
Chapter 64: The Grandmaster in the Twins’ Playground
Chapter 65: The Knight’s End
Chapter 66: Epilogue

Volume IV: Summer Holidays

Chapter 67: Prologue
Chapter 68: What Shall the Summer’s Free Research Be?
Chapter 69: The Beginning
Chapter 70: A Summer Meeting
Chapter 71: The Demonic Young Lady, Grimhilda
Chapter 72: Three Free Days Part 1
Chapter 73: Siegfried of the North
Chapter 74: Three Free Days Part 2
Chapter 75: The Doting Mother and the Demon King
Chapter 76: The Doting Parents’ Mortal Combat…?
Chapter 77: The First Watch
Chapter 78: A Duel Accepted, A Worthy Opponent Lacking
Chapter 79: The Doting Mother Surpasses The Speed of Light
Chapter 80: Being Dense and Deaf is the Protagonist’s Prerogative
Chapter 81: The Sword Demon’s Request for Her Daughters
Chapter 82: An Unsettling Presence
Chapter 83: Where There’s Smoke
Chapter 84: The Phantom Thief’s Premature and Unannounced Entrance
Chapter 85: A Critical Defeat
Chapter 86: The White Swordswoman’s Brutal and Irritating Battle

Raws released weekly, translations to follow.


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      1. Nah you caught me, I only just added genres after you commented lol. I figured most people found their way here from Novelupdates so I didn’t need to add it.

  1. just wondering (you dont have to answer if ist too spoilering):
    but the 2nd volume is called ´An Empire(!!!) in Turmoil´ .
    if i remember correctly the Country she´s currently living in is called ´kingdom´
    so does this bring her back ´home´
    or is it just coincidence?!

  2. Well, I really like your translations but guess I’m going to skip this novel and wait for the new one release slowly. After what I saw the spoiler in the /u/ thread, damn…I really liked the MC.

    Have a good day~

    1. do u have a link?! i wanna read too.
      and to translator-sama: don´t worry. i´m still going to read here.
      i just like this Story too much ^^

  3. thank you for this! it’s simple and funny.

    The question begs why dint sheirly do anything about her vixen sister.

    Also .. im surprise i dont see a certain gm anywhere…

  4. i have been only reading your novels the last 2 days give me back my daily life it`s 2 am and i have to be up at 6 am today
    its unfair translating good novels… thanks!!

    1. This entire site is all part of a plot to rob people of sleep, that was always the goal

      glad you enjoyed yourself though ∩( ・ω・)∩

  5. Hello, Thank you for translating this blissfull novel. If I recal there was a chapter with the name of all dragons but I can’t find it. mind if you tell me which one it is?

      1. And when is that? The WN been getting updates on new chapters and there hasn’t been a new translated chapter in months, does it mean you’re dropping the novel?

        1. You’d have to ask the author, since I have no idea. As for the novel, yeah, at least until I feel like picking it up again. I won’t begrudge anyone picking it up though.

          1. NOOOOOOOOO!

            Please pick it up again.
            The author is releasing weekly and there’s 14 untranslated chapters.
            I’m dying here. This series is so good and I need moar.

  6. Btw for anyone still wondering, here’s a rough tldr:

    Crowley disguises as Sherly (i prefer sherly over shirley because it’s easire to pronounce) and was about to steal Tio and Sophia but Kyle intercept her, meanwhile Sherly runs out of Daughter fuel (if you forgot, in the first volume she talked about how she needs to refuel her daughter fuel) and goes rampage

    Just a little tidbit

  7. Is there anyone else who is translating this if not is it possible for you to do a chapter per month or something nonstrenuous like that because I really love this story especially during a statewide lockdown, love y’all, be safe

  8. Its so sad to see the Raws still going, but the Novel translations dropped in favor of the manga. At least give us an ending to volume 4. dying to know what happens next.

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