Old Vampire and a Holy Girl

old vampire and a holy girl



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Original Title:

(Ossan Kyuuketsuki to Seijyou.)




(Banpai Akira)


Comedy, Slice of Life, Fantasy


A legendary vampire, a true monster that has even made an enemy of God, a mythical figure from the old stories.

He is now an old man who lives as a shut-in in some corner of the Kingdom, in a castle that is closer to a haunted house.

He lives a mellow and lazy life – but that peace of his was eventually shattered.

This is a quiet era where “Vampires” only exist in old fables.

It is a story of the peaceful every day between a saint who is trying to rehabilitate a shut-in and an old vampire who will not even entertain the thought of going outside.


Chapter 1: The Vampire Still Doesn’t Want to Leave the Castle
Chapter 2: The Vampire Will Leave His Room
Chapter 3: The Familiar Hates Talking
Chapter 4: The Familiar Doesn’t Want to Mingle
Chapter 5: The Vampire is Too Busy to Go Outside
Chapter 6: The Vampire Couldn’t Prove it
Chapter 7: The Saint will Rehabilitate the Vampire Back into Society
Chapter 8: The Vampire Doesn’t Understand the Youth
Chapter 9: The Familiar Wants to Serve the Vampire
Chapter 10: The Saint Will Not Give Up on the Vampire
Chapter 11: The Vampire Won’t Throw Away His Pride
Chapter 12: The Vampire Won’t Abandon his Old Rival
Chapter 13: The Vampire’s Dreams from the Old Times
Chapter 14: The Familiar and Vampire are Good Friends
Chapter 15: The Vampire is of the Dark

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