Novel Suggestions

Suggest some Japanese Narou/Alphapolis trash web novels to translate.

My preferences

  • I won’t do Shounen-Ai/Yaoi, with the caveats being that I don’t mind if it’s a subplot or if it’s something like a bisexual harem. Actually, the latter sounds great. Suggest something like that.
  • You should be able to glean what I like from what’s translated on-site, but I’m open to trying new things.
  • I prefer untouched series, or series with very few translated chapters (less than 10). What I’m saying is, you’ll have more chance finding something I’d want to do exploring on Narou than exploring on NovelUpdates.
  • Nothing licensed. I don’t want SevenSeas or Yen Press giving me the business.
  • Nothing with an anime. I don’t want to eventually have SevenSeas or Yen Press give me the business.
  • I’d prefer a WN that has been given an LN adaptation so that I can share pretty pictures, but it’s not a big deal.
  • JP only
  • No Omae Gotoki


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      1. The first translator had some grammar mistakes, which were not that bad honestly. The next one is an abomination with random words put together without any semblance of redacting.

  1. Would you give “I swear I won’t bother you again!” WN a try? Sure it has about 15 chapters translated, but I think it would need a retranslation from the start since the later translations are a bit hard to understand.

      1. Yeah, “I Swear I won’t Bother you Again” ‘s Webnovel is depressing compared to the manga. Not sure if you’d like to translate something depressing, but there are some heartwarming parts to the story, if you’re down for it. PS: not used to replying, not sure if I did it right, lol.

        1. (Sorry for butting in) I hope you’ll translate “I Swear I won’t Bother you Again”. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s pretty sad, but it’s really interesting.

  2. Thank you for your work

    Your preference “a WN that has been given an LN adaptation so that I can share pretty pictures” turns it complicated. After all, most stories once begin to be officially published, either are erased from WN website or they aren’t updated anymore

    Some interesting found WN, with manga at least, for “pretty pictures”

    The Magician Wants Normality

    Isekai Cheat Magician

    It Seems like My Body Is Completely Invincible

  3. Would you be interested in this reverse isekai title, Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan/Fate of the Returned Hero?

    Premise is simple enough – MC is summoned hero who completes his duty and is returned back to Earth – same time and place as he was 1st transported – but ends up keeping all his hero powers. It’s basically a slice-of-superpowered university life. (Yes, MC is uni student.)
    There’s about 3 LN volumes out now, and the WN’s still going strong with 138 chapters.

    It’s got good banter with friends, fun comedy/action, nice romances, a cool MC, sentai hero stuff and lots of motorbikes (apparently authors a motorbike enthusiast.) A review from Japan felt the story had potential.

  4. How about “I’ll live my second life” it’s pretty good and it seems like the other translators dropped it, I’ve been waiting for someone to pick it up but so far no one has. It’s quite the cute and silly story plus with its own lil adventure in a way.

  5. What about “Even though I Left Just Like the Scenario, What is it Now?”, There’s only one chapter translated on MeiraEve translations.

  6. Do you still accept suggestions?
    “Daily Issue Little Girl Misaki-chan!”
    This looks good, but I haven’t read it yet. May enter your preferences.

      1. Snipe novels? Anyway this novel is really popular people keep asking for spoilers and i think the current translator is going to ditch this

          1. Oki will wait for the official announcement for the current translator for new chapters or leaving this novel. Anyway if it wasnt sniping u could translate this right?

      1. Ohhh, nice. Do you know the translated name so I can keep a look-out for it in case they translate it?

  7. not sure if this one is from alphapolis/narou? but I’m willing to take my chances anyways hehe
    …title is called: shinigamihime no saikon (forgot the english for it 😅)

  8. how about this one ? : from my almost non-existing MLT understanding i could get that it’s about a villaness and her fiance (oh and their ahem unborn child) and people from another world also it’s fluffy and the villaness dosent really remember everything rather it’s like her memories sometimes show up confusing her in the process eventually all she thinks ‘i feel like im forgetting something’ or’..that voice was nostalgic even though i never herd it before’ of corse it’s written differently i think ? but well it’s MTL so that’s the best i could get …no good im bad at this …sorry also so far in the raw it has maybe 80 chaps ? it’s kinda long sorry but why don’t you give it a look and try reading it ?

    1. I was doing my life to reincarnate another world …

      I feel motivated.
      Easy to read.
      Not so difficult Kanji.

      Contra… one shot.

  9. Hmmm… I know what I’m suggesting already has many chapters translated (it’s on the second volume), but I hope it’s fine for me to suggest it and that you can at least check it out.

    So here I go. What do you think about picking up “The Daughter of Albert House Wishes for Ruin”??

    It’s very funny, the raw is already in volume four. Although it was translated until chapter 2 of volume 2, the translation group has changed several times and the one doing it right now hasn’t been updating for a long time (the last one was about three months ago?). Also, as If the long wait wasn’t enough, the translation is quite poor.

    I know it doesn’t meet all of your standards, but I wouldn’t lose anything by asking, and this was the chance to find a good translation group who would be willing to accept this novel.

    Please forgive me for my poor english, but that’s not my mother language.
    Well… that’s all. Thank you for your time.

  10. The revenge of ts Loli undead bishojou(reincarnated person). At first mc’s gender swap element is thick but it disappear latter
    Vol 1 released

    The same author as motomusu and the same zama series. Romance between human and monster(reincarnated person)
    Vol 2 released

    You seems to like the story of abandoned person avenging their grudge or become happy. So I give those 2

  11. How about WNs?

    *An isekai with a former corporate slave MC who has become a golem master, ventures with his adopted werewolf daughter, while collecting (rescuing / adopting) the sentient treasures created by a great mage a thousand years ago …

    *A genderbend isekai with MC vampire loli, in the game world where she obtained an army of tamed monsters and a flying island…
    Vol 4 released

    *A shoujo-ai fantasy where a hero is betrayed and executed as a criminal, but with his last strength he manages to escape with only his soul and ends up in the body of the demon princess whose father he killed. She becomes the new maou, not just to take revenge but to fix her past mistakes and protect her new home and family from humans, angels and gods…
    I don’t know why but the author was deleted from syosetu…
    Vol 1 released

    *An isekai about a perverted gentleman and lolicon who reincarnated as a goblin, one of the races with the strongest lust, yet still manages to be more heroic, gentleman, human, and benign than the goddess-blessed criminal hero. Even after usurping the hero position, he still lost to an elf loli in harem status…

  12. Boushoku-Hi no Ken; The Sword of Princess Gluttony
    After Dean, a third rate adventurer, got surrounded by demonic beasts in the demonic labyrinth, he fled to a place where he found the strongest demon who devours power: The demon-fed sword Belzera, born to the Gluttony Empress Belzebuth. After obtaining such unexpected power, he once again aims to become a first rate adventurer he looked up to, and delves deeper into the labyrinth. However…

    1. WN’s Sinopse:The poor do not have the right weapons and cannot fight as adventurers, even if they fight for their lives.
       Dean, a third-class adventurer, lived in a poor life as a “carrier” who was devoted to assisting with carrying luggage and dismantling monsters rather than fighting monsters.
       At one point, Dean has fallen into a trap surrounded by a group of demon beasts due to a misjudgment by the employer’s man, and is also trapped as a trap for the monster beast.
       However, after accidentally running away, you get the heart of a devastating demon with enormous power. The core of the devastating devil had the ability to take away the power of the eated.
       Dean wants to become a first-class adventurer with a devouring sword that grows indefinitely by eating an opponent.

  13. I suggest Sugar Apple Fairy Tales. It’s not licensed yet in English but it’s already translated until the prologue of volume 3 by previous translator. However, the translation group already inactive for a long time. 😅 I’m hooked to read the novel after reading the manga adaption that translated by the same translation group. The story is warm and fluffy. ☺

  14. How about danzou oujo wa kekkon aite wo sagasanai? It’s has a manga adaption its like The Reincarnated Cross Dressing Princess Cannot Find a Marriage Partner or something… I don’t know if it’s licensed, but it is a bit sexual.

  15. my comments weren’t going through, so if i’m spamming then I have no clue what’s happening 😕

    Would you be willing to try “The Great Prophet Escapes from her Previous Age -The third reincarnation was as a Duke Daughter, so I want to live a cozy life~”?

    The first chapter starts with Gladys hitting a kid with her carriage (he lives, don’t worry!) and remembering her second life at that moment. Before, she was a great prophet that was hit by a snobby noble’s carriage ride. Before she died, she placed a hex on the noble to die a painful death. And surprise surprise, her third reincarnation was that of the snobby noble’s daughter! With both her past memories as a passionate karate kid (1st life) and of a great prophet, she’s keeping it a secret to live freely and without the restrictions of a prophets’ lack of love life or fashion sense~

    This webnovel isn’t licensed and definitely not translated, except the manga which only had the teaser and first chapter translated before sadly dropped and forgotten. I’m itching to read how the novel expands more on Gladys’ new life and goals. She’s not the brightest protag but she is an amusingly sassy one with a strong resolve that I think you’ll like. If you’re interested (hopefully) then the raw link is here. Hope you can check it out!

  16. EVEN THOUGH I’M A FORMER NOBLE AND A SINGLE MOTHER, MY DAUGHTERS ARE TOO CUTE AND WORKING AS AN ADVENTURER ISN’T TOO MUCH OF A HASSLE can you pick up that one again please? It’s been a year and no one else has…

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