Endo and Kobayashi’s Live Commentary on the Villainess



Manga (Translated)

Alternative Titles:

  • The Play-By-Play Commentator Endo-kun and Colour Commentator Kobayashi-san’s Live Commentary on the Tsundere Villainess Liselotte

  • Tsundere Akuyaku Reijou Liselotte to Jikkyou no Endo-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san

  • ツンデレ悪役令嬢リーゼロッテと実況の遠藤くんと解説の小林さん

Enoshima Suzu



『She’s always putting on that grumpy face even though she’s not actually that upset! Oh, why can’t she just be honest with herself…!?』

『She is a tsundere, after all? When her embarrassment levels exceed a certain limit, she will explode into anger. However, the point that she’s suppressing under the surface is that she wouldn’t mind that sort of thing if it were in a less public place.』

As Endo-kun passionately reacts to the antics of Lady Liselotte, the villainess of an otome game, Kobayashi-san provides a painstaking breakdown of her tsundere behaviour.

Suddenly, one person could hear their voices; Liselotte’s fiancée, Prince Siegward.

That is where this story begins.



Main Story:

Chapter 1: Hearing the Voices of the Gods
Chapter 2: Just How Red Can She Be…?
Chapter 3:『MagiKoi』
Chapter 4:『For the Greatest Happy Ending』
Chapter 5: The Favour of the Gods
Chapter 6:『From A God’s Point of View』
Chapter 7:『And Just Like That, He Fell in Love With Her』
Chapter 8: She’s Too Cute
Chapter 9: Liselotte’s Side (Part 1)
Chapter 10: Liselotte’s Side (Part 2)
Chapter 11: Inside the Carriage
Chapter 12: Fuzzy (Finne’s Side)
Chapter 13: A Strong Desire to Punch (Finne’s Side)
Chapter 14: Summer Holidays
Chapter 15: What Should I Do? (Finne’s Side)
Chapter 16: By Any Chance, Am I…?
Chapter 17: Let’s Hear The Story!
Chapter 18: Let’s Do It This Way
Chapter 19: 『I Want Them to Become Happy』
Chapter 20: 『That’s Troubling…』
Chapter 21: Baldur’s Side
Chapter 22: I Heard Something Strange (Finne’s Side)
Chapter 23: 『Strategy Meeting』
Chapter 24: An Enemy Here Too?
Chapter 25: Cuteness = Greatness (Finne’s Side)
Chapter 26: A Strong Person (Finne’s Side)
Chapter 27: A Story that Has Nothing to Do with Live Commentaries or Tsundere Villainesses
Chapter 28: Master (Leon’s Side)
Chapter 29: A Dream (Liselotte’s Side)
Chapter 30: Stop Running Away!
Chapter 31: Together
Chapter 32: 『Get It Off Your Chest!』
Chapter 33: 『An Avalanche of Sugar』
Chapter 34: Much Ado About Dresses
Chapter 35: No Such Thing As Overkill
Chapter 36: On Winter’s Doorstep
Chapter 37: The Masked Man


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