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Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? ~The Level 99 Jester Expelled from the Heroes’ Party Will Become a ‘Great Sage’~




TRY (Volume 1/Character Designs)
Yuzuki Yuno (Volume 2/Manga)


Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Harem, Ecchi

The Jester ―― More commonly known as the ‘Playboy’ Dylan, was fired from the party of the Heroes. The self-centered Heroes didn’t understand Dylan’s importance to the group.

They were just a group of one-man teams. Not interested in cooperation at all. Any failures are blamed on the jester. Dylan, who was disgusted with such companions and was sick of playing as their comedic foil, happily accepted being kicked out.

The Heroes didn’t know. After saving them many times over with his magic tricks, the level 99 jester can change his job title to that of a ‘Great Sage’.

“Life, how about a rewrite?”

He’s done being the clown. From here on out, he’s going to take the leading role.

Volume 1 – Kicked Out of the Party (EPUB)

Chapter 1: The Playboy Got Sacked
Chapter 2: The Playboy Forms a Party
Chapter 3: The Playboy’s Tower of Babel Encore
Chapter 4: The Playboy Will Change His Job
Chapter 5: The Playboy Gets Too Much Service
Chapter 6: The Playboy Recalls a Bitter Memory
Chapter 7: The Playboy Puts on a Killer Magic Show
Chapter 8: The Playboy Gets the VIP Treatment
Chapter 9: The Playboy Cultivates His Companion
Chapter 10: The Playboy and the Begging Boss
Chapter 11: The Playboy Begins Climbing the Tower
Chapter 12: The Playboy Meets a Shortstack Catgirl
Chapter 13: The Playboy and the Smith
Chapter 14: The Playboy Ended up with a Harem After All
Chapter 15: The Playboy’s Morning is the Greatest
Chapter 16: The Playboy is the Devil King’s Worry
Chapter 17: The Playboy on the Third Floor
Chapter 18: The Playboy Reached the Tenth Floor
Chapter 19: The Playboy and Tentacle Play
Chapter 20: The Playboy Levels Up
Chapter 21: The Playboy is Popular in Various Ways
Chapter 22: The Playboy’s Weapon is Strengthened
Chapter 23: The Playboy and the Tenth Floor Boss
Chapter 24: The Playboy’s Reunion with his Old Party
Chapter 25: The Playboy Tells the Truth

Volume 2 – Scaling Babel

Chapter 26: The Playboy’s Hellish Dance
Chapter 27: The Playboy Faces Death
Chapter 28: The Playboy’s Trump Card
Chapter 29: The Playboy Declines the Invitations From His Former Party
Chapter 30: The Playboy Gains a Title
Chapter 31: The Playboy Divulges His True Goals
Chapter 32: The Playboy Climbs and Slimes

Now available in different languages!

IndonesianRussianChinese (Simplified)




      1. Wait a minute ecchi not +18? (Feeling little disapoinen bit relavite un the same time)

        And INE cuention, your not planing traslate romance novels?

        1. I don’t really plan much of anything, really. Oh right, since I’ve got you here, how is the Spanish translation of Adventure Mom by the way? I was kind of curious.

          1. They are un chapther 3 un great way form my point of veiw , i really can’t wait forma the rest

  1. Okay, just started reading this. It’s definitely interesting and you’re doing a good job translating it. However, about the “sword hero” idiot, I looked at the raws and his name is Raias not Rias. I read the former as “Rye-as” and the later as “Ree-as”, which brings to mind a certain busty, crimson-haired devil. If you don’t like how Raias (or Laias) looks, consider Lihas, Lighas (think ‘light’), Rihas, Lyas, or Ryas (‘y’ is more likely to be read as “eye” here the ‘i’). Well, this is just me nitpicking.All in all, thanks for your hard work

    1. Maybe Laius? I’ll be honest, I didn’t give it much thought at the time, I kind of pumped out the three chapters at the start in a daze. I think I’ll change it and add a TL note when he next shows up.

      1. That’ll work. Also, have you checked out the title of Ch. 42? Such a lame pun in Japanese “Mephis to Pheles”.😒

    1. Here’s a checklist, if you like two out of three then go for it.

      [ ] Energetic girls (with big tits)
      [ ] A snarky MC (who turns on the charm sometimes against his own will)
      [ ] A light dungeon system

      It’s fun, nothing amazing but it’s like popcorn reading. Very easy to read since it’s all short sentences as opposed to longer paragraphs like the other series I do. A guilty pleasure, basically.

    1. That’s strange, it was working for me. I’ve updated them now for the new site but they were meant to be redirecting.

      Are you using the wordpress reader or a browser?

      1. I’m using the browser, but it keeps redirecting me to the WordPress app. This doesn’t happen the other chapters and I can read them on chrome. Only 1-6 went automatically to the app.

        1. A lot of the links on the site are still redirecting to the old mwmtranslations.wordpress.com URLs instead of the new domain, so I’m hoping this isn’t giving too many people grief. Guess I’ll have to spend sometime fixing them all at some point.

          Anyways, hope you enjoy.

    1. I was actually considering waiting for the next volume, but that might be a long wait (even if it’s inevitable). So expect me to start up on this again soonish.

    2. the obscure light novels tend to be written by authors on a whim, so i wouldn’t be surprised if it gets axed instead of a new volume

    1. They haven’t released the epub of volume 2 yet, just the physical. I’ll give it a little more time then I’ll decide what to do.

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