Auto Assigned Villainess



Author: Namiato


“…This is really well made for VR, huh?”

“Just why am I in the body of that bumpkin girl…!?”

‘I’, a college girl from modern day Japan, became the villainess of an otome game.

And, ‘Eileen’, the real villainess who lost her body to me, suddenly became the heroine, Charlotte.

There was only one way for us to return things to the status quo.

As the villainess, Eileen, I’ll have to help the former-villainess-turned-heroine clear the game and reach the TRUE END!

The strange story of a passionate university-aged gamer and a villainess.


Chapter 1: This is Just Some Next-Gen VR. Probably.
Chapter 2: Auto Assigned
Chapter 3: Winston Hawkyard; The Attendant