The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady – 01

A Particularly Peculiar Reincarnated Princess

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This is the story of a certain princess, from a certain kingdom.

A story that began when a princess, who had always loved magic, recalled her memories of a previous life.

Even if this was a world where certain people schemed or seduced, she would always earnestly pursue her ideal of magic.

This is how such a story began.


* * *


There’s something wonderful about the word ‘magic’. No matter who you are, it has the ability to put a smile on your face.

I love the very idea of magic. But it had always been something beyond the borders of reality, always out of reach.

If I’d ever been given a magic lamp, I’d have gladly spent all three wishes on becoming a real magician.

Those feelings were at the forefront of the memories I one day remembered from my previous life.

My full name is Anne-Sophia Wynn Palletia, the First Princess of the Kingdom of Palletia.

It had happened when I was five years old, and staring up into the sky.

If I had magic, I could fly through that sky. That thought fluttering through my mind was the catalyst.

If only I could use magic, I could fly. Just why had I thought of that? Before I had time to ask myself that, memories of my past life that I had forgotten had flooded into my head.

It almost felt like someone had placed all the missing jigsaw pieces in my mind. That was the turning point in my, Anne-Sophia von Palletia’s, life, when I recovered the part of myself that had been missing.

It goes without saying that the memories of my previous life would be full of mysteries for the people of this world. Aeroplanes soaring through the sky, roads paved with asphalt with cars crisscrossing this way and that on top of them, and all the countless other conveniences of modern civilization besides.

But, I had never seen any of them with my current eyes. In the world that I know, there are no planes or cars. Only birds and monsters soar through the sky, the rough roads aren’t paved with asphalt, and only horse-drawn carriages travel down them, not gas-powered cars.

Aristocratic families wielding national power were something that only really existed in the stories anymore, but I was a full-fledged princess. As I ruminated over the memories in my mind, the first word that came to my lips was…

“I might be in trouble.”

I was in so much trouble, I couldn’t help but say it. Even though I was such a young girl, I was in trouble. That’s because, my thoughts and sensibilities had instantly become much more influenced by my previous life, than my relatively short time as Anne-Sophia.

My duty as a member of the royal family? My pride as a member of the aristocracy? I was aware of them. I even still held some remnant feelings for them. But, I didn’t care even a quarter as much as before. Because, in my past life, the world kept spinning perfectly fine without the help of nobles. Those had become my dominant feelings.

My modern values found themselves completely incompatible with my previous existence as a ‘member of the royal family’. But, at the same time, I realized that breaking out of the mould of my current life would also be more trouble than it was worth. Honestly, having your memories of a previous life suddenly awaken in such a position, it’s more annoying than anything else.

“Well, so be it.”

I was only five years old. I’m sure that, over time, my sensibilities will change. Well, at least, that’s what I hoped. Looking back in hindsight, I really was very optimistic.

But, I was somehow even more optimistic about fulfilling my previous’ life’s dream than I was about solving that rather pressing problem.

“That’s right, this world has ‘magic’!”

Yes, in this world magic wasn’t the stuff of fairy tales or fantasy novels, but something that truly existed.

Control over the four elements of fire, water, wind and earth. At the time, I didn’t understand a thing about the practical theory of how it worked, but having seen it in person, my heart began doing cartwheels as I recalled those memories.

If I used magic, maybe I really can fly through the sky. I wonder if such magic exists… Ahh, I’m getting giddy, this is so exciting!

“I better strike whilst the iron is hot, huh?”

With a new wave of determination flowing through me, I clenched my fist. Jumping out of my chair, I began to run. Throwing open the doors to my room, I dashed through the castle corridors as fast as I could.

As I rounded the corridors, I bumped into a maid. Quickly bowing in apology, I tried to get past her…

“Y-Your Highness?! Please do not run in the hallway?!”

But, before I could escape, I was held back from behind. Since I was so small, it was easy for the maid to pick me up in her arms.

My feet didn’t stop swinging even as I was lifted into the air, but I couldn’t struggle loose with my childlike strength. The maid stubbornly refused to let me go either, gripping me tight. Looking back, I realized I actually knew this maid. Combing through my memories, I believe her name was Illya?

“Oh, Illya. I’m sorry, but I’m in a hurry.”

“Even if you say that, you’re still not allowed to run around the castle like that.”

“Uuu, meanie…”

After realizing that escape was impossible, I quickly gave up. Seeing that I’d finally given up resisting her, the maid called Illya lowered me back to my feet.

“Just whatever is the rush, Your Highness?”

“I need to make a petition to father!”


“Yes, a petition for I, Anne-Sophia, to learn magic!”

“Haa, magic…?”

Illya knelt down gently to meet my eyes. The look on her face seemed genuinely confused.

“Yes, I want to learn how to use magic.”

“I suppose it’s a good thing to be motivated, but just why this, all of a sudden?”

“I want to fly in the sky.”

“Excuse me?”

“Flying. In the sky.”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to learn magic?”

“To fly!”


She looked like I was speaking in gibberish. Well, it makes sense. There was no precedent for using magic to fly as far as I knew, after all.

“That’s just one of the things I want to do with magic. I also want to use magic to beat up bad guys and help out people in need!”

“My, my, isn’t that a wonderful dream? However, His Majesty is very busy. I’ll make sure to pass along your request, so why don’t we go back to your room for now, alright, Your Highness?”

“Muuu, I guess… I’ll give up on the petition for now and rely on Illya.”

“Thank you very much.”

As if to say it wouldn’t be any trouble to her at all, Illya gave her chest a light tap. It wasn’t a modest chest, either. Looking closely, she really was a beauty. Was part of the reason she was chosen to be a maid in the royal castle just how pretty she is?

Well, there was nothing else I could do, so I was brought back to my room. Even if I could go rifling through my previous life’s memories, there didn’t seem to be anything more I could learn that day. So, instead, I spent my time imagining all the things I could do once I started learning properly. I began to get giddy just thinking about all the possibilities.

Thinking back, that was the beginning of my new life as Anne-Sophia von Palletia.

I’ll definitely do it! I’ll definitely become a magician!


* * *


After that certain princess ‘awoke’, the years rolled by.


* * *


In the Kingdom of Palletia, there is a state-funded academy for the sons and daughters of royalty and nobility, called the Palletian National Aristocratic Academy With even foreign students from abroad being invited to study there, it can be considered a microcosm of high society at large.

Of course, its chief purpose is education. That said, even if the focus is supposed to be on raising the grades of students without getting lost in the jumble of social hierarchies, nobles will be nobles and royals will be royals.

Those of high status almost naturally come together, and those on lower strata can often find their future education in jeopardy if they step on the wrong toes.

That’s because it’s much easier to lance a single boil than let conflicts continue since if powerful parents were dragged into the fray, things could very quickly move beyond a mere schoolyard dispute.

Now then, today happened to be a particularly important day for the academy. The final exams of the students in their graduation year were over, and a big party was being thrown to celebrate all their efforts.

As the students who had been putting in the hard yards these last few months mingled and socialized, elegant classical music was played by a small orchestra on the stage. Despite the rumours that had been floating about, it was a wonderfully pleasant and gorgeously decorated party… Or, at least, it was supposed to be.

“I hereby declare in front of all of you as my witnesses, that my engagement with Euphilia Magneta is henceforth annulled!”

The First Prince of the Kingdom of Palletia and the heir apparent to the throne, Algard von Palletia, proudly proclaimed his declaration.

With just those words that spelt out the cancelling of his engagement, that glittering party turned into what was essentially a courtroom.

As she heard those words, Euphilia Magneta’s eyes opened wide, but she bit her lip, not saying a word. She glared intensely at Algard, who stood above her.

Euphilia was the daughter of Duke Magneta, who most considered to be the foremost amongst all the Kingdom’s nobility. She was an exceedingly elegant and beautiful girl.

Her long silvery hair hung down her waist, and those pink eyes contained an unmistakably strong will. It’s often said of people with a strong gaze like hers that they can seem hard to approach, but that wasn’t the case with her.

If anything, that sharp gaze was part of her charm. As the fiancee of the Crown Prince, as the future Queen of the country, no one could dispute that she was more than dignified enough in appearance for the role.

But, such a future was crumbling before her eyes. That said, this isn’t something that had just happened out of the blue. The ongoing conflict between Algard and Euphilia was the #1 topic for gossip amongst all the academy’s students.

Algard von Palletia, as the next in line to the throne, was enrolled in the academy to establish life-long connections with other young nobles, as well as to receive an education in the liberal arts.

At his side stood the daughter of Duke Magneta, Euphilia. Everyone gazed at them with a mixture of admiration and envy, the ideal couple to rule over the next chapter in the Kingdom’s history.

But, that ideal began to become murky the moment a daughter of a baron inserted herself between them. Speaking of said Baron’s daughter, there she was, leaning on Algard’s arm.

“…Prince Algard, just why do you want to break off our engagement?”

Speaking slowly but firmly, her voice never trembling, Euphilia asked him that question. But, her fists were curled so tightly that it wouldn’t be a surprise if her nails drew blood.

In response to her question, Algard glared coldly back at Euphilia.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that you aren’t worthy of being my fiancee. What’s more, I shall not let you escape justice for all the outrages you’ve committed against Ryeini Cyan!

Ryeini Cyan, the name of the girl who stood by Algard’s side. She had a mature body but a cute face, and those big tear-stained eyes tickled one’s urge to protect her.

revolution 01

She had the look of someone who might collapse to the floor in a faint at any moment, the exact opposite of Euphilia who stood strong with a sharp glare. In a way, that was the root of all this.

Originally, the relationship between Algard and Euphilia, who had been brought together as part of a political marriage, was one of shared solidarity in their duties to the country. In terms of true feelings towards one another, however, their relationship had not progressed much.

That’s why Ryeini, whose charms were the polar opposite of Euphilia’s, very quickly found her way into Algard’s heart. That said, Algard wasn’t the only man who had his eyes on Ryeini, but that’s a matter for another time.

However, Ryeini was a baron’s daughter. She wasn’t fit to be by Algard’s side, therefore Euphilia felt socially obligated to point that out.

It was because of this that the relationship between the two, which had never been truly warm, began to fall into true discord. From the beginning, Algard had things he disliked about Euphilia, so that also became a factor.

In any case, as Euphilia, a person who holds both herself and others to high standards, began to take a hard attitude towards Ryeini, Algard, in turn, began to look upon her more and more disfavourably.

What’s more, the rumours that began to swirl amongst the noble sons and daughters who attended the academy added fuel to the fire, helping to sour their relationship so much that it wasn’t something that could be easily mended. And so, the house of cards that had been precariously wobbling up until now came crashing down.

But, whilst Algard’s feelings towards Euphilia had become decidedly cold, what of Euphilia’s thoughts for Algard?

Whilst she certainly had no real fondness for him, she had felt a certain kinship with him in the shared responsibilities they held and planned to support him as a pillar of the country. In a sense, feelings of camaraderie. Those were the feelings she had held towards him as she supported and lived with him these past two years.

She’d also not thrown away the possibility that her feelings might one day blossom into love. Euphilia believed that the best thing she could do in order to best carry out her duty was to work on herself, whilst supporting Algard in any way she could…

So, in a sense, the breaking off of the engagement wasn’t the thing that shocked her the most. What was truly shocking to her was Algard’s behaviour.

“I’m not really sure what I should say about these ‘outrages’ you speak of, however, Prince Algard, have you received His Majesty’s permission for this?”

“I’ll have my father approve it later.”

“Why… Just why are you trying to dissolve the engagement our parents decided by yourself…?! Do you understand just what you’re doing?!”

It would be a national embarrassment, simply put. Euphilia shouted out those words in complete disbelief.

If he had told her that he wanted to end their engagement, she wouldn’t have fought against it. This was a political marriage decided on when they were both just children, after all.

But, she couldn’t believe that Algard would just declare the engagement null and void on his own, without even informing anyone.

What’s more, this engagement had been a request from the royal family to the Duke of Magneta, in other words, it was Algard’s side that had come to her parents to make it happen, not the other way around. There were so many problems with Algard’s sudden declaration it was hard to know where to begin.

“I won’t listen to any objections from father or mother, regardless! I will be the one to forge my own path in life!”

“There’s still a certain way of doing these things that have to be followed! Please reconsider this, Prince Algard! Just when did you become so blind?!”

“Blind you say?! The only blind one here is you, Euphilia! You’re not qualified to become Queen, blinded by your ambitions as you are, turning a blind eye to all those acts…!”

“Again, I don’t know what you mean by…?!”

“Excessively abusing and harassing Ryeini, theft and damage of her personal belongings, and even attempted assassination! And all with you being the one pulling the strings!”

“We can all testify to that. The number of misdeeds we’ve seen her bring to bear against Miss Ryeini are too many to count!”

A group of men stepped forward to line up behind Algard. All of them were the sons of renowned noble families that together held large amounts of power in this country. What’s more, Euphilia instantly recognized them as the other men that she had seen Ryeini clinging to at one time or another.

Honestly speaking, Euphilia was someone who was seen as a nuisance by men, not least of all because of her excellent grades. Academic studies, magic, and even with the sword, none of them were a match for her.

Euphilia, who had always enjoyed practising her combat skills as a form of self-defence, was also famous for her proficiency for magic, so when she combined these skills she could be counted amongst the strongest people in the Kingdom. This, along with her critical attitude and sharp looks, left her both envied by and alienated from many.

Raised to be a model Queen-in-waiting, Euphilia sought to overcome any situation she found herself facing with strength, thus she sometimes was quite out of tune with the feelings of those around her. Therefore, it should be said that she lacked a certain consideration for the views of others.

That’s why Euphilia was so caught off guard when, besides Algard, those others lined up to accuse her as well. Justice should be on my side, so just why are they doing this? Those were her thoughts.

“Repent for your crimes and apologize to Miss Ryeini, Euphilia Magneta!”

Just what did she have to apologize for? She didn’t understand, Euphilia didn’t know just what she had done wrong. She had never experienced anything like this before.

She had to speak up and correct them, protest that everything about this was wrong. But, for some reason, the words stuck in her throat.

Nobody was believing her, and she couldn’t bring the words to her lips. If you know you are in the right and speak correctly, then everything should fall into place… But, it seems that reality was working against that principle.

This wasn’t the first time something similar had happened, in that someone had sought to entrap her with malicious intent. But, this time was different. They weren’t acting out of malice. Instead, they were acting out of their own beliefs, their own values.

She couldn’t understand it at all. That’s why Euphilia, who had always stood so strong, felt her knees begin to buckle as she faced the reality that was unfolding before her. Yes, as if she really were about to fall to her knees, as if she was about to truly ask for forgiveness.

…But, just before she fell, Euphilia heard a strange sound.


Euphilia wasn’t the only one who noticed it. Algard also perked his ears up at the suspicious sound, as all the eyes in the room turned towards one of the banquet hall’s huge windows.

How would one describe it, exactly…? It was a sound like rushing wind, mixed in with what sounded like… screaming?


Eventually, that sound became solely a scream. And, the massive window was completely shattered.

Huh? That was the singular thought that swept through the room. Whatever had just smashed through the window continued to travel, hitting the ground hard and eventually rolling to a stop that positioned it perfectly between Euphilia and Algard.

That trial-like atmosphere had completely dispersed in an instant, filled with the panicked footsteps of those people fleeing the shattered glass and everyone else staring in disbelief at what had just come flying in.

“Ow ow ow… I still don’t have enough control, I guess I need to do some more research, huh?”

That flying object turned out to be a beautiful girl, who stood up and brushed a few errant shards of glass off her clothes.

Wearing a leather jacket and trousers that were easy to move around in, she couldn’t look more out of place in this banquet hall full of elegant gowns and neat dinner jackets.

But, despite standing out like a sore thumb, she had her own sense of charm. Even though she didn’t wear a lick of makeup, she still drew eyes wherever she went. Maybe the best way to put it was that she was… energetic? A diamond in the rough that would shine brighter than all the rest with a bit of polish.

Even the patches of soot on her face couldn’t cover up that eye-catching face. Bending over, the girl picked up what looked at first glance to be an ordinary broomstick, but on closer inspection was anything but.

Those deep green eyes of hers had their own sort of adorable charm to them, but it was the colour of her hair that was the most breathtaking of all. That platinum blonde hair, just like Algard’s, that one could call her proof of royalty.

“Ah… ah… ah…!!”

Someone pointed a finger at her, with a trembling voice. It was none other than Algard himself, whose pale expression was slowly changing from astonishment to anger.

Once she turned to notice him, the girl raised a familiar hand in a wave.

“Oh? Ohh, Allie! Did I interrupt something?”


The girl who couldn’t look more out of place in this showy venue, who was none other than the ‘Problem Princess’ of the Kingdom of Palletia Anne-Sophia von Palletia, gave a toothy grin.

There is a certain ‘princess’ in the Kingdom of Palletia.

“The Strongest Prodigal Child in Palletian History”, “The Kingdom’s #1 Maverick”, “The Pure Distillation of Royal Palletian Madness”, this Princess went by many names.

Though, her official name was Anne-Sophia von Palletia. Her eccentricities seemed to multiply day by day, and the disturbances she caused were so numerous that “Oh, is that Princess Anne-Sophia again?” had become one of the most common phrases in the capital.

It is said that she attempted to harness the power of the wind, and went flying headfirst through a wall.

It is said that she attempted to harness the power of fire to boil water to try and make a ‘bath’, and ended up with burns all over her body.

It is said that she was the one who had defeated a group of monsters who were interfering with the new road-building project all by herself.

It is said that the reason she acted out so much that it eventually broke the poor King’s heart was that she didn’t want to get married.

There are so many stories about all the things she has gotten up to, that if you named it, Anne-Sophia had probably done it.

She really was the Peculiar Princess, in a sense proving that lunatic idiocy and pioneering genius were two sides of the same coin.

What’s more, there was a certain popular phrase that was used to describe her.

“The genius who loved magic more than anyone, but whom magic hated above all else.”

She was a princess who couldn’t use the types of magic that royalty and nobility took for granted in this world.

That was who Anne-Sophia von Palletia was.

And since she was unable to use magic in the same way as everyone else, she became the trailblazing progenitor of ‘Magical Science’, which she dubbed ‘Magicology’.



(…Did I come in at a bad time?)

I, Anne-Sophia von Palletia, thought that.

All sorts of young men and women are stood around, and judging by their suits and dresses they’re probably sons and daughters of the nobility. What’s more, all of them were staring at me weirdly.

This might be my biggest blunder in a while, huh? I was just taking a test night flight with my flying magical tool, and when I was dreaming romantically about reaching out and grabbing a star, I ended up plummeting through that window back there.

Looking down, I quickly checked on the condition of the ‘Witch’s Broom’, the name I gave my flying magical tool. If it’s broken, I’d seriously burst into tears. Doesn’t seem like anything is damaged other than my reputation! Alright, then there’s no problems!

As I looked back around at the venue properly, I spied my brother, Algard! That kid must be angry with me about one thing or another though, because he’s glaring daggers at me.

(Hm? But, just who is that kid hugging like he’s trying to protect her? I’ve never seen that girl before.)

That girl is where Allie’s fiancee should be standing, but why’s she over there instead? Hmm? Just what’s going on here?

“Hey, Allie. You already have Miss Euphilia, but now you have another girl as well?”

“…T-This has nothing to do with you!!”

Oh, he is mad. No, well, I guess he would be mad, huh? But, he also shrunk back a step, and seemed like he was a little terrified as well. Mm, well, I guess that makes sense. There may have been a few accidental traumas I inflicted here and there as we grew up.

But, that’s not important right now. I might be the black sheep of the royal family, but even I think it’s a little weird for the future king to not be standing next to the future queen. I’m not wrong, right?

“Umm, Miss Euphilia? What’s going on? Oh, is she going to be something like a concubine?”

I turned from Allie and switched my glance to Miss Euphilia, who looked taken aback at the question. But, I had barely looked at her before she dropped her gaze to the floor.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

“No, I…”

Huh? What happened to Miss Euphilia? I always thought that she was a strong girl who’d always speak her mind, even to adults, so she’d be a really good queen in the future.

But, right now she looks like she’s about to cry… wait, is she actually crying? Is she upset because I broke the window? No, wait, that’s not quite it. Wait, this situation, the way everyone is standing around, just why does it seem familiar…?

“Ahh, I got it. You’re getting accused of things and having your engagement broken off, right?”


How do you…? Euphilia’s eyes seemed to say, as she looked back up at me. That usually iron cast expression of hers was gone as she stared at me, her pupils shaking in surprise.

…Ehh, seriously? In my ‘previous life’, I remember a few ‘stories’ that had this at a plot point, but it’s seriously something that happens for real? The world sure is a strange place, isn’t it? Well, not that I can say that.

“Just taking a look at the situation, it feels like Miss Euphilia is being backed into a corner?”

“Eh, um, why…?”

“Hmm… Okay! I’ve decided!”

You really shouldn’t bully girls.

I don’t really know who is in the right here, but for now, let’s just assume that everyone’s in the wrong somehow. And, if that’s the case, I’ll protect Miss Euphilia, who doesn’t have anyone by her side. I’ll figure out who was in the right later.

“Let’s go, Miss Euphilia. I’ll get you out of here.”


revolution 02

“I’m kidnapping Miss Euphilia, so you can’t blame her for this! Now, let’s go, let’s get out of here! Oh yeah, Allie, I’ll tell mother and father about this for you, so we can have a family sit down about it later, okay?!”

Walking over to Miss Euphilia’s side, I threw an arm around her shoulder. Hahaha, sorry about this. It really feels like the type of situation where I should carry her out like a princess, but I only have one hand to spare.

“Uh, umm…!”

“Wait, elder sist-!”

“…Later, Allie!”

I feel like some kind of phantom thief. With a flashy grin, I pulled Miss Euphilia to my waist and poured magical energy into one of the seals I’d engraved onto my body.

Kicking off the floor hard with my lightened body, I leapt through the window I’d broken on my way in. That said, if I kept flying on this momentum alone, I’d soon be having an unpleasant meeting with the ground. Miss Euphilia must have realized this, as she let out quite the scream.


“Aha ha ha ha ha! Think of it as a fun bungee jump! Now, welcome to first-class air travel, my Lady!”

Hooking the ‘Witch’s Broom’ under my feet, I poured the magical power from my body into it. Just before we hit the ground, we suddenly started gaining altitude at exactly the same amount of speed that we’d been falling with before.

Now then, let’s go and visit father!


* *  *


The Princess unloved by magic. Despite the fact that royalty and aristocracy in this world go hand in hand with magical talent, she was told that she didn’t have the aptitude for casting even simple magic with success.

And yet, the Princess still loved magic. So, the conclusion she hatched upon was to ‘create magical tools that could recreate or even transcend ordinary magic’.

Thus, the legend of the Princess who left her mark on history for all sorts of eccentric and odd reasons began, as the curtains raised on Act I.



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