Even Though I’m a Former Noble and a Single Mother, My Daughters are too Cute and Working as an Adventurer Isn’t Too Much of a Hassle – v3 Illustrations

motomusu v3 1

motomusu v3 2

motomusu v3 3

motomusu v3 4

motomusu v3 5

motomusu v3 6

motomusu v3 7

motomusu v3 8

motomusu v3 9

motomusu v3 10

motomusu v3 11

motomusu v3 12



  1. Of course the picture with the most plot is repeating several times, that’s how important this plot is.
    Anyway, thanks for posting them!

  2. Its been 6 months. Will you tl chapters again? According to NU there’s only like 20 left before you catch up to author. Who probably stopped working on the wn.


    Nice, volume 3 is coming, may I assume?

    Still, thanks for posting Vol. 3 pics.

  4. Ok guys stop shipping Kyle and the Shirley it’s never going to happen this isn’t a romance series it doesn’t have a romance tag or romance subtext tag there is no ML it’s literally about a woman raising their child nothing more so if your reading this because you want a young naive idiot to ship with Shirley then stop because it’s never going to happen. There is no maybe they won’t get together: I’m sick and tired of hearing idiotic fans ship those two so I’m going to be real with everyone Shirley will be single deal with it.

    1. we can still dream about it even if it isn’t gonna happen not all ships sail but we will never stop shipping

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