The Earl’s Daughter was Suddenly Employed as the Crown Prince’s Fiancée – 04

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    1. I like how you’re implying he did something wrong.

      I also like how you’re impliying that having his own mother not be able to get close to him without falling sick wasn’t painful.

      1. That is that and this is this. I understand that he has never been able to socialize with a girl without them getting sick.

        Maybe you forget that this poor girl was basically kidnapped and her only options were to do what they asked or die.

        The prince is constantly making physical contact with her (he says that only to pretend they are a couple) ….. and constantly remind her that she is only there to pretend that she is his fiancee and that when the time comes she will stop being Useful. If that is not cruel to you …….. I mean she has her own circumstances, not just the prince.

  1. Thanks so much for the chapter! This was a really cute one, those scenes where she was like a baby bird and he acted like an excited puppy were the best 😀

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