Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – Extra 17

The Beginning of Therese’s Long, Long Letter (END)

My Dear Sister,

It has been a while, hasn’t it sister? It’s me. Your cute little sister, Therese.

I wonder just how long it has been since the last time we met? How are you doing? Well, I suppose I don’t even have to ask, do I? Even if I didn’t want to hear anything about you, sister, people just never stop talking about what you’re up to.

Things have been so busy here that I haven’t been able to take the time to write. I’ve always been writing letters to you, sister, but for some reason or another I haven’t actually sent you any for a long time. Isn’t it strange?

That’s why, I’m sure that this time it will be a long letter. There are so many things I want to write to you about. About our new house, about that strange old man who came from the swamp, about how my father began to play the piano again side by side with that swamp man?

I suppose that, from my sister’s point of view, you’re much more interested in an apology than any of that? Who knows, perhaps I wrote it at the very end of this letter? So, please make sure to read carefully and check, okay?

Ah, but, I should write the most important thing of all first.

Because, my sister really is ill-tempered and impatient, after all. I’m sure you’ll scan straight through this letter and throw it away if you don’t see an apology straight away.

So, with that said, sister…

Congratulations on your marriage.

I hope that you’ll be happy. That’s something I’ve always thought, from the bottom of my heart.

Because, I am your sister, after all.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading this far!
With this, we have reached the actual end! Thanks for keeping me company!
That being said, if anything good comes to mind then maybe I’ll do some more (makes a note on my palm)
To everyone who bought the two books currently on sale, thank you for the support.


Okay, we’re actually done. For now.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh- I can’t believe that we made it to the end! Thank you for translating this emotional rollercoaster of a story, I really enjoyed it.

      1. Oof my bad, it’s stated that it’s the beginning of the long letter, not really the whole letter.
        Thanks for the chapter and for completing this series ๐Ÿ˜€

          1. Yes. Whatever happened after these short stories is free for anybody to guess. They could say that the people got happy ending or otherwise. I guess that’s the charm of an open-ended ending?

  2. I’m enlightened…. So you can make this kind of epilogue too huh, it’s cool but boring at the same time…

    Well, thnaks author and especially you, translator-sama for bringing this nivel to us, freereaders… Much oblige…

  3. Therese reformed and her family condition improved, Camilla still the talk of the town
    Above all their marriage was mentioned in a single line

  4. I love the extra.
    Reading them in letters form shows the characters in a new interesting way.
    It make me want to know what happened between the letters.
    Thank for translating this wonderful series.

  5. Quite unsatisfying ending. You know what would have been a better ending? They find Lisolette and fake Julian, and execute them for treason. I don’t care about their sob story. It doesn’t change the fact that they committed a coup.

    They don’t deserve a “run away happily ever after ending”. They really don’t. I would have preferred them to be dead. Their sob story (which isn’t even a sob story), doesn’t change anything.

    On a side note, I think Theresa needs to see a therapist. She is probably the only “villain” that deserved redemption because she actually has mental problems. Serious identity and yandere syndrome. I guess she can get a happy ending.

  6. Ahhh can’t say I’m 100% statisfied with how Therese’s story goes, I still hope she’ll make up with her sister. But it’s good enough for me. Glad she had some modicum of happiness in the end there. Still think Julian and Lise’s ending is too good for them.

  7. I never though that there could be a decente ending through letters :0
    This time for sure,thanks for the translation ๐Ÿ˜€

    Therese,the actual villain of this novel,in a way of redemption .

  8. if i give an ending then it would be like
    8 years later, Camila and Alois couple has the crown prince, since his brother gave birth to 2 princess.
    The crown prince got tired of learning, sneaks out of the castle with his mother baked cookies. In a distant place, he meets a girl by chance( daughter of Liselotte) who doesn’t know her parent’s past. He befriends her and gives her a cookie while she gives a return present of a caterpillar., promising him that it will turn into a beautiful butterfly and the screen fades to black.
    Tying all the knots

  9. I understand that the author wanted to finish this plot point…. But I would’ve appreciated a lot more an epilogue with Alois and Camilla already married where they mentioned how they’ve adjusted to each other, describing what their dynamics became like while openly in love, and also a conclusion about what became of other characters: Klaus, the 1st prince, etc.

  10. I kinda hope that Therese apologized to her sister in the end but at the same time I don’t think she would. Not because she hasn’t grown up but, because she would feel that the apology is kind of pointless in a sense. “I shouldn’t apologize because I don’t want to be forgiven nor should I be forgiven” might be in her mindset now. She did want to get an important point across though that no matter what happened she will always love her big sister. Once again I feel that the ultimate villains here are the hypocritical Storm family. They were the ones who broke Therese from the start and because she was broken everything started from there.

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