Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – Extra 16

Alois Montchat’s Business Letter

Dear Aunt Neumann and Uncle Neumann,

Uncle, Aunt, I received the news.

That, after all, you really have moved out of your house. Well, I’m glad that you managed to get Therese to leave her room. She won’t have her own room in your new house, right? I’m sure it will be good medicine. If she doesn’t take time to reflect on all of this, then she won’t be able to heal.

Of course, I’m sure that Aunt and Uncle are reflecting as well… though, you don’t need me to say something like that. You’ve already apologized more than enough times. But, words are cheap, actions speak much louder.

The details of what I mean by that are enclosed in Alois’ accompanying letter. So, please read through it carefully.

So… I suppose this is already the postscript.

Please don’t worry so much. I suppose I’ve been… how should I put it, bearing a grudge? After getting mad like that… I want to move past this.

So, please don’t think about it too deeply. It also hurts when I read your apologies. I understand that, for Aunt and Uncle, Therese really is your only daughter, right? If you had put my feelings above hers, then you wouldn’t really be her parents, would you?

…Then, that was my letter.

Next time, please tell Therese to write me an apology. Even if she doesn’t mean it.

Camilla Storm


Dear Viscount Philip Neumann,

My apologies for the sudden letter. My name is Alois Montchat.

I’m writing to you now after Miss Camilla introduced me.

I have never met you in person, but I have heard all sorts of things about you.

That you have a deep and comprehensive knowledge of art and music, and that your piano skills are good enough to match the maestros. I would love to listen to you play.

You’ve worked hard to establish a business that makes full use of your gifts, helping aspiring artists to compile their works and selling sheet music. If you’d allow me, I would like to take the time to discuss your rich tapestry of knowledge of the arts.

The truth is, there is a musician in Mohnton I’ve had my eye on for some time now.

Although he is a very stubbornly wilful person, from my perspective he is an older gentleman with a great wealth of talent. Of course, he isn’t young anymore, but considering the stunning amount of work he has created over the years that is nearly unknown to all, it would be a shame to let him fade into obscurity now.

I would like you to help me let the world know about his genius by creating and distributing musical scores based upon his work, but there is hardly anyone here with any experience in such a matter, and I have no connections in the royal capital to move such works. I was at a complete loss as to what to do, that was until Miss Camilla told me about your current predicament.

The preface to my request has been quite long, but I’m sure that if you’ve read this far, then you will understand.

This is the only thing that I would ask of you.

I wish to sell that old man’s music in the royal capital.

I would like to leave the introduction of his pieces to the orchestras and operas, as well as the sales of his sheet music, entirely in your hands.

Of course, this is being done under the patronage of the House of Montchat. So, I would like the sales to be made under the Montchat name as well.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but with the way the reporters write about me, I feel like my name holds a lot more currency than it used to. Since I am asking you to sell the music of a completely unknown musician, I hope that you can use the momentary popularity of my name to your advantage. Part of my reasons for doing this is to establish a high opinion in the value of Mohnton as a land of art and culture.

You may resent me for not allowing you to use your name, but please understand that this is a business decision. However, even if you cannot make a name for that old man in the royal capital, I promise that I will still offer you a reward that would make your efforts worthwhile.

If you are interested, let us discuss the specifics in person. At that time, I can introduce the old man to you as well. He really is a stubborn one, however… if half of what I’ve heard from Miss Camilla about you is true, I am sure you will be up to the challenge.

I am sure that our talk will be fruitful for the both of us.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind Regards,
Alois Montchat



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  1. Been a while since I read this series. Can someone remind me who this old talented person is? Much thanks.

    1. I think it’s the old beggar in Mohnton, who Klaus called his teacher. Y’know, the guy who told the gang to investigate the dinner basement for its noise, and bought some skewers from Camilla for free, etc?

  2. Good, it seems like the Neumanns will be able to make a fresh new start. Still a pity that karma isn’t hitting the Storms though. They did lose both their daughters, but it’s not like they really cared about them to call that loss their karma. That was more like a blessing for the girls instead.

    1. I like to imagine them taking in a nice unassuming young noble that could benefit from their adoption. And once he has power and the title out they go into the streets. They are horribly biased and only look at face value so it would be nice if they too were duped by such a lovely young man.

  3. Sigh

    Still don’t know how to feel about this, personally I’d let them rot and laugh about it, that’s what I like to believe I’d do but I’d still probably help them I’m a dumbass like that I couldn’t see good people get fucked up and Therese someone that practically only wanted my love but went about it in the most twisted of ways I probably couldn’t hate her as well …..

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