Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – Extra 15

Letters Therese Didn’t Know About

Dear Patrick Storm,

Brother, no matter how many letters you send me, my feelings on this matter will not change.

I do not need your help. I will never give Therese to you. I will make sure to return all the money that you’ve lent to me over the years. It is impossible for me right now, but I will make sure to do it, even if it takes me the rest of my life.

So, please do not send me any more letters. We will solve this as a family, both Therese’s situation and my own.

Up until now, I have always been indebted to you, brother. You have helped me many times. I truly am grateful for that. I owe where I am today to your help, brother. I will never forget that.

However, brother… I can’t forgive you for trying to take Therese away when I was away from home. Since then, she hasn’t eaten any food, and has been crying in her room all this time.

I know that you took this action for Therese’s sake.

Therefore, I will not hate you for what you’ve done. I am sure that you consider your ideas to be a kindness.

That being said, brother, allow me to be blunt.

It is none of your business.

We will solve our own problems as a family.

Neither Therese’s guilt or remorse have anything to do with you, brother. It is something for us to bear on our own. So, please accept that this is the current situation.

I will manage both my current work and the debts I owe by myself. I will also be leaving this home in the near future, so I will not be receiving anymore of your letters. I will make sure to send the money I owe you through a middle man.

Never involve yourself with our daughter ever again.

Up until now, I have been in your care, brother. So, I am very sorry that things have come to this.

I won’t ask you to forgive this heartless brother of yours.

However, in the future, I sincerely hope that you will someday find happiness, brother.

Philip Neumann


To my friend, Philip Neumann,

Hey, what was with that letter the other day?

Closing down your business, attaching some money, telling me about finding some new job and then just telling me to take care of your place? What is going on?

You do know I’m not some sort of massive operation, right? Even if we’re friends, you could’ve been at least a little more reserved about all this? This is why I can’t stand nobles.

God damn it. After all, you couldn’t give up on Therese, huh? I heard you even cut off connections with your own brother. Just what do you plan on doing for money?

I’m sorry I cut you off so suddenly before as well. I’m regretting it. But, you had to understand just what kind of position I was in, right?

If you ask me, I’ll lend you some money. But, it won’t be me as a friend lending it, it would be the Joachim Kean Company.

Don’t deal with merchants naively. We’re always after profit, after all.

First, we’ll discuss interest rates. Then we can talk about just what you plan on doing in the future.

Don’t quit your work. You’re the only one with such a talented ear around here, if you just change up your practice a little but I am certain you’ll turn a tidy profit. Use this loan as the first rung on the ladder to starting again.

Then, we will definitely display the products that you recommend at my store. Of course, labelling them with ‘Neumann’ is completely out. We’ll find you a proper pseudonym to use.

Of course, we’ll have a chat about contracts as well. If I leave you to handle clients on your own again, you’ll stay destitute. Whenever you find someone, make sure to let me handle the negotiations. You’ll make money, so I won’t let you object.

If you don’t meet these conditions, I can’t lend you money or offer you a place to live.

Make sure to get back to me soon. We don’t want the Storm family to find out about this, do we? When you flee in the night, make sure not to leave a trail.

Your friend,
Joachim Kean


To be honest, I’m still a little pissed.

I don’t want to bad mouth your brother too much, but… From the outside looking in, I always felt like you were the one getting lowballed.

I’m sure that, right now, you’re feeling responsible for everything. It must be tough to go from nobility to this, I’m sure.

But, anyway, make sure to reply to me quickly. We’re gonna be busy from now on.



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  1. SO many hints,
    Therese wants to stay with Neumann
    The storm family tried to take Therese away but failed and made her cry.
    Neumann knows of storm family’s thinking of doing good which is always skin deep.
    Neumann flee the place and use pseudo-name for business
    Neumann falls from nobility but doesn’t care as long as they have Therese

  2. I like Therese’s parents. They aren’t perfect, but they are trying to do their best to maintain their family without losing their self-worth. I hope the Neumanns are able to find their own peace. I’m glad it seems that Therese is finally seeing that she does belong somewhere too.

  3. Ah! I just realized! Back when Camilla was saying she wanted to cash in the favor it was her actually using it as a pretext to have her uncle find work in Blume!

    Seriously that tsundere woman needs to be more honest. She complains about her sister not being able to say talk too much but never being able to say anything when it really mattered… And then she can’t do it herself and has to do it in a roundabout way instead.

    Actually come to think about it, wasn’t Camilla shown to think this very same thing about herself in the earlier chapters? How she always talked a lot but simply clammed up and was unable to say what she really wanted when it really mattered.

    1. Wiem że nie zrozumieś bez tłumacza możesz nawet nie przeczytać ,ale powinaść/powineść przeprosić za nazywanie Camili zimna mściwą bezduszną idiotką prawda mówi .Pomaga Teresie i jej rodzinie nawet po tym jak jej siostra ją traktowała . Teresa po tym jak poznała prawdę zaczęła ją bez końca ubliżać,wyzywać i krytykować.Można powiedzieć że Teresa znęcała się nad Camilą.Diana nie jest typowym pochlebca jak określiłeś ,bo nazwę MC idiota jak wraca. Diana naprawdę kocha Camilie jak siostrę i zgadzam się skometarzami że jest super dziewczyną.Teraz wybacz że wkurzę cię .Sądze że po prostu lubisz wizerunek Teresa jaki miałaś na Je temat na podstawie listów, która były strasznie wredne. Niestety Teresa nie jest ta zwaną najlepszą dziewczyna ,ale skrzywdzona postacią która zrobiła porąbane i nieprzyjemne rzeczy i jest prawda ciekawa na swój sposób jako postać. Według mnie Camilie jest
      urocza,miła,odważna,twarda,silna,lojalna, szczera, tsundere, niezłomną ,wstydliwa,często arogancka i wyniosła też dość naiwna ,ale nie nazwałam byka idiotką.Choć jest ostra swoich słowach ma też bardzo miękki serce.

  4. Ten komentarz nie może nie zrozumieć bez tłumacza .Może nawet go nie przeczytać ,ale powinaść Truthspeaker przeprosić Camilie za nazywanie zimna ,okratną mściwą idiotką.Pomaga swojej siostrze pomimo tego jak ją traktowała.Kiedy Teresa domyśliła się swojego pochodzenie zaczęła ubliżać, krytykować wytykać Mc.Można powiedział że się znęcała nad Camilie.Diana nie jest typowym pochlebcą jak ją określiłeś bo nazwała MC idiotką jak wróciła i naprawdę kocha MC jak siostrę zgadzam się z komentarzami że jest super dziewczyną.Wybacz teraz ,ale Teresa nie jest wcale tak zwana najlepszą dziewczyną ,ale skrzywdzona postacią która skrzywdziła inna osobę i jest owszem ciekawa, ale myślę że ty miałeś swój obraz Teressy na podstawie jej wrednych listą i nie stety twoja wizja się nie spełniła.
    Według mnie Camilie jest
    Urocza ,słodka ,miła,silna ,twarda,lojalna,dumna ,tsundere,często wyniosła i arogadzcka, szczera,dość naiwna ,ale nie nazwałam by ją idiotką i ma miekię serce

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