Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – Extra 14

Therese’s Scrawl

Sister, sister, sister.

Why did you come? Just how could you step in like that, sister?

Sister, I really didn’t know… not at all.

I was in my room for so long I didn’t notice at all!

There aren’t any servants in the house anymore. There’s nothing in the house at all!

The precious piano that father loved so much was gone, all the books that were a memento of my grandfather were gone, and mother’s health has gotten worse.

Because of our cut ties with the Storm family, there’s no way the debts could be repaid, so everything in the house was sold, and soon even the peerage and the house itself will be gone.

I didn’t know at all.

Sister, what should I do?

Sister, because of me, father and mother are going to lose everything.

…I wonder if I should go to the Storm family, after all?

So long as I’m gone, father’s work will go well, and money will start to come in. Then, I’m sure that my mother will be able to afford to see a doctor as well.

I know father and mother won’t like it, but they’ll be better off if I’m gone.




Ahh, ahh… so that’s it.

So that’s how it is, sister.

In the end, I really just want the same thing that father and mother wanted, don’t I?

Even though we went through hardships and struggled, they wanted to stay together as a family.

If I leave now, wouldn’t it just be me trying to get away from father and mother?




Hey, sister, will they be alright?

Can they really carry this kind of burden?

Can I say what I really want to say?

That, even if I’m not their real daughter, even if people hate, can I really stay with them?



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  1. Therese finally understood the meaning of family. And saw the condition of her house and wants to save them.

  2. And camilla will save them …. Whatever I guess even if they’re trash towards Camilla this guys seem like good parents.

    Does Therese deserve that ? Who knows man really who fucking knows ……..

  3. And of course camilla will bail them out ? Sigh this neuman guys seem like decent guys and now they’re trying to be good parents they truly are still they’re still trash how they pushed Camilla into it.

    Anyways well does Therese deserve salvation ? Who knows man, truly who fucking knows …….

    1. So you call them trash because they are trying to save their adopted daughter? How edgy, be careful you don’t cut somebody with your sharp words.

      1. That last line was pretty gay lol.

        But yeah I do go overboard with some of the stuff I say, just playing up what the author is giving us dude, don’t worry I’m not really a killer irl or anything.

  4. I ship Therese and Klaus!

    Think about it.
    1. Blume loves music now so it would be perfect for her adoptive father to move there.
    2. This allows Therese to be closer to her sister.
    3. Klaus really did like Camilla and considered her an amazingly beautiful woman. Therese looks like a younger less fierce looking version of her sister so as far as looks go she would be perfect.
    4. Personality wise they would match each other very well!

  5. I feel bad for Therese and her parents. They seemed to be the only light in Camilla’s life growing up. It would have been much better for everyone if the Storm couple gave up both of the children and let them be raised in a livng and caring home.

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