Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – Extra 13

Camilla’s Letter to Her Aunt and Uncle

Dear Aunt Neumann, Uncle Neumann.

I’m sorry for all the fuss I caused.

Because of what happened, I couldn’t say goodbye to you properly as I left, so I wrote this letter in the carriage.

I truly am sorry that I got into a fight with Therese. But, I had a hunch that something like this would happen. There was no way me meeting that girl would go smoothly.

Just thinking back on it makes me angry. Therese still wouldn’t apologize to me, and just what was with the attitude she had towards you, Aunt and Uncle!? She really is just a selfish little girl!

Seeing Therese like that, I remembered something from the past. When I was small, Therese had become withdrawn in a similar way. I was really young at the time, so it’s little wonder I had forgotten, but do Aunt and Uncle remember what Therese was like back then?

She was unhappy, but she never said anything, she just sulked. It really as if she hasn’t changed at all. Usually, she can’t stop talking, but when I tell her to talk about the really important things, she can’t say a word. If you just stay silent like that, how on earth is anyone supposed to understand you!?

Despite everything, even though I went into her room and she wouldn’t say a word at me, I apologize for getting so angry. I knew from the beginning, but there really isn’t anything I can do.

But, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

I’m only telling you now since I’m still angry, but I am under no obligation to help Therese. I really do think that Aunt Neumann’s request was asking far too much. What’s more, you didn’t tell me about what has been happening to Uncle either. If I do things like this and people find out, then Uncle’s position might end up worsening even further.

Uncle Neumann is still my Uncle. If you had both told me everything earnestly, I wouldn’t have been angry. When I came to the house, it was only then that I truly understood your situation. Even though you’re going through so much, you can’t bring yourselves to abandon Therese.

I don’t want to sound reproachful. No, rather, I suppose I am, but to Aunt and Uncle, I am only your niece. An outsider to your home. Even if I ask you to understand my feelings, I know that you have to consider them completely differently from your daughter’s. That’s why, no matter how angry you’d knew I would get, you still came to ask me for help, right?

I’m still furious with Therese. I really, really can’t seem to get along with her. No matter how much you ask me, I will never do this again.

Ah, and thank you for offering to return the favour somehow as I left. At the time, I told you I didn’t need anything, but I’ve changed my mind. I believe that I will ask for compensation in full.

Of course, I will not ask for money. I don’t think that Uncle is capable of paying right now, anyways. But, I don’t want to throw away the favour either.

So, I will make a request that I hope you will fulfill, even if it means going to great lengths. I have run into some trouble of my own, as well. So, I hope that it is something that my Aunt and Uncle can help me with. Well, I will speak with Lord Alois about it further.

When I return home to Mohnton, I will write to you both again.

I won’t let you say that you’ve forgotten the favour you owe, so please be prepared.

Camilla Storm


I suppose this isn’t something so important as to add in the postscript, but…

I once wished that I could have had parents like Aunt and Uncle.

So, please don’t think that I hate you. That’s not it at all.

Please make sure to take care of yourselves. I can’t say much, since I’m still not sure just what the future holds, but…

I am still your niece. When the time comes, you can rely on me.



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  1. So Camilla is still a tsundere.
    She still uses her surname “Storm”, Visited her uncle aunt and even Therese, And still wants them to acknowledge her as their niece.

    And here i thought her to be a cold person who holds grudge.

  2. Ah of course it will be different for everyone but I can’t relate to this at all my family was trash and the moment I could I left my house and never looked back and I can never understand people that feel obligated to their families and stuff like that …. Pretty stupid in my eyes but again that’s just me.

    I do fantasize about what it would have been like to have a loving family of my own but alas that’s not how it is and I know just leaving was the best desicion I made so its stupid to me when characters go out of their way for their shitty families just fucking leave.

    1. It’s a topsy turvy path. Families can make you mad and drive you crazy but ultimately you have to do whats best for your mental state. And no one other than family or one’s partner can challenge you like no other. I too have problems with my parents. I always hated my dad, he was verbally abusive to me growing up and continued on this path with my mom and younger sister, who couldn’t easily defend themselves. But now he is older and has dementia and he is not the same man from my youth. His personality changed either because of the disease or the medication he’s on. I actually love him now without any those complicated feelings.

  3. Camilla is an idiot. Therese is a brooding young teenage girl that locks herself in her bedroom and refuses to come out. That behavior IS dumb… But Camilla being so upset about it is just hilarious. Because her younger sister just sat in her room brooding Camilla now refuses to visit again?

    Camilla yelling at her sister and giving Her an earful was the right thing to do… But she should do so more often, because that is how siblings care.

    But Camilla was never allowed to cry and she always wished for a loving childhood…

    But looking at Julian and his brother she couldn’t imagine that they butted heads, hee own thoughts on the matter revealing that she had no concept of how close siblings usually act towards each other.


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