Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – Extra 12

Letters Between Camilla and Her Aunt

Dear Camilla Storm,

It has been a long time since we last spoke, this is Anne Neumann.

The reason I wrote is that I have a favour to ask of you, Lady Camilla. This is a secret from my husband, Philip, as I wrote to you on my own discretion.

There is only one thing I can ask of you. It’s about our daughter, Therese.

I am very much aware of what our Therese did to you, Lady Camilla.

My daughter’s actions aren’t something that can ever be forgiven. I am willing to stand side by side with my daughter to make amends in whichever way is possible.

But, despite that, I still wish to make a request of you, Lady Camilla.

Please, could you visit Therese, just once? Even if it’s for but a brief moment. I would be eternally grateful.

Therese has shut herself away in her room, and doesn’t want to meet with anyone. She doesn’t answer us when we call out to her, and we haven’t seen her face in so long. The only time we enter her room is to leave her meals, otherwise she would starve.

But, it was during one of these times that I found letters addressed to you, Lady Camilla, in Therese’s room. Most of them were torn and blotted and I couldn’t make them out, but from what I could read they all seemed to be calling out to you constantly, time and time again.

Perhaps, if it’s Lady Camilla, Therese may finally answer.

I feel we don’t have any choice now but to rely on your strength.

I am very sorry for this sudden and selfish request.

But, please, I implore you to consider it in your reply.

Please, I implore you.

Yours Sincerely,
Anne Neumann


Dear Aunt Neumann,

I’m sorry for the belated reply, this is Camilla.

I’ve received several letters from Uncle about Therese, but I’ve never sought an apology from the two of you. As I’ve said before, the one who needs to apologize isn’t Aunt or Uncle, but Therese herself.

I have also heard about Therese’s current situation. That she’s become withdrawn, and doesn’t speak to anyone, is that it? She has never acted that way before, so I can understand why my Aunt and Uncle are so worried.

However, it would be rude of me to be untruthful to you, so I’ll be blunt. I have no desire to meet Therese. Even if Aunt and Uncle have apologized to me profusely, I have never received a single word from Therese. Just why should I meet with such a girl?

I have no intention of blaming you for Therese’s behaviour, Aunt Neumann. But, I can’t help but think that your request goes too far. You know the history Therese and I have, yet despite that you still asked me to help. This may be rude of me to say, but I feel that you are asking for too much. If she wants to meet with me, then Therese should send word herself.

In the first place, this is a problem between Aunt, Uncle and Therese, it has nothing to do with me. I don’t feel as if there is anything I could do. What’s more, if Aunt and Uncle aren’t able to solve this problem with their own power, then what is the meaning in it?

I’ve been indebted to Aunt and Uncle many times in the past, and I would like to help if possible.

But, this sort of request is something that I simply cannot do.

I am sorry, but please ask someone else.

Camilla Storm


Dear Lady Camilla,

It’s Anne Neumann. Thank you for replying to my letter.

Although I hesitate since I was refused once already, I can’t give up, so I have taken up my pen once again.

I cannot go against the words that you wrote in your last letter. It is completely reasonable for you to have no desire or interest to help Therese, considering everything that has happened.

Even if you came, Lady Camilla, there’s no guarantee it would solve anything. We are also well aware that such issues should be solved within the Neumann family.

However… However, all the same, I wish to ask once more for your aid, Lady Camilla.

No matter how meaningless, fruitless or selfish this request may be. Please meet with Therese and speak with her.

We can’t get Therese to leave her room. I am sure that the reason that Therese cannot meet our eyes or respond to our words anymore is because she considers herself a Storm. Once we were forced to let her go, I am sure that the trust between us was gone, and our words couldn’t reach her.

I am sure that, to her, Camilla is the only one who had never lied to her. Our Therese… we’ve been with her since the beginning, and raised her with all the love and care we can offer, but it pains me to have to put you in such a position as this, Lady Camilla. But, no matter what, she is my daughter. She is the daughter of Phillip and myself.

We would do anything for that child’s sake. Even if it risks upsetting you, Lady Camilla, no matter how much you refuse, hate or scorn me, I cannot give up.

Please, meet with our daughter. Please, save our daughter.

Please, I beg of you.

Yours Sincerely,
Anne Neumann


Dear Aunt Neumann,

I have read your letter.

I understand your strong feelings, Aunt Neumann, but, even so, I remain unconvinced.

You know what Therese has done to me, you know full well just what I think of Therese, yet you still insist on telling me to meet with her?

You say that, since Therese is your daughter, you’re fine with upsetting me, despite me being your niece?

Aunt, I can’t help but be upset with you, now.

Talking about Therese like this, you must know just how it makes me feel. You cannot pretend to not know, Aunt Neumann.

And yet, still, you ask me this? You know, yet you still do so.

I think this is all far too much. I had always looked up to you as a kind and gentle aunt.

But, with this kind of treatment, I can’t help but feel disillusioned.

…But, it seems that my Aunt doesn’t mind how much I am disillusioned with her if it’s for Therese’s sake, is that correct? No matter how much you upset me, or caused me to think ill of you, you don’t mind so long as it’s to help Therese, is that it? You really would do anything for your daughter, wouldn’t you?

I suppose that’s what a mother really is meant to be like.

I will talk to Lord Alois about going to the capital.

Even though Mohnton is still very busy right now, I am sure that I should be able to spend a day or two in the capital if I ask.

Camilla Storm


It seems that I will be able to visit the royal capital soon.

However, you shouldn’t expect too much, since I expect there’s not much I can do.

The person that Therese needs right now is definitely not me.



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  1. Thanks. I really dislike this letter format, but i though its building a future story..this guy zztop ruined it

      1. Well, it’s not as if she has any obligation to be warm towards Therese considering everything that’s happened, or anyone insisting she should be.

        1. She does though as a sister. Besides, she brought things on herself when she committed those crimes. All Therese did was rat her out.

          1. she already said she didn’t do most things she’s rumored to do. She already stated that she never hurt people. You’re actually worse than the characters in this story

    1. I don’t blame her for being unhappy about it. Think about it. Do you know how hateful someone who wrongs you and then puts you in a position where you have to be the one to make the first move to reconcile or else you’ll be scorned or at least inconvenienced is? That’s exactly Therese. And even then, you can’t say she’s cold since she’s still the bigger person who chose to go to the capital at a busy time anyway to help in the end, though she has nothing to gain. She definitely doesn’t want a sister relationship with Therese after everything that happened, thought she might be able to tell that’s what Therese wants… Would you want her if you were in her shoes?

    2. Well, she is well within her rights to be. Her reaction is completely justified. Plus, it’s not like Therese has actually communicated with her after all this either (all her letters were torn and never sent), so it doesn’t seem like she regrets it or is remorseful in regards to her actions towards Camilla, at least, not from Camilla’s standpoint.

      1. Does it matter what Camilla wants though? They are sisters and by treating her own sister like this she is just as bad as her parents.

        Yes Camilla is upset that her sister tattled on her, but in the end she brought the banishment on herself. Nobody forced her to commit those crimes.

        1. Enough already. Camilla never sent goons after liselotte. It was vaguely mentioned the first time and clearly said the second time the story talked about it. She didn’t even start the rumor to imply she was a loose woman. She just told people she saw liselotte walking at night with another man (who turned out to be the real alois). All she’s really guilty of is bullying her way to all the parties and being his dance partner due to her status.

          And if terese wants to be treated like a sister she should have treated camilla as a sister. She was the one who started pushing camilla away with her actions ever since she found out about her parentage.

  2. Thank you author, I know I’ve been saying I feel for Therese but this novel would have turned into trash if Camilla had just rushed out to help her (I mean yeah she is still going so yeah trash) but still I kind of get why and I like Therese in a weird way like liking a fish that can’t swim.

    Damn aunt Anne you truly are trash I hope you bow and scrape after acting in such a trashy manner.

  3. Thanks for the extras, the letters really are a great epilogue.

    It does raise the question, what is wrong these people ?

    Please visit a sociopath that tried to destroy your life alone in their crazy place ?
    (sounds like a plan)

    I do feel sorry for the Neumans they were about the only good parents in the whole story.

    1. Therese never tried to do that though. She just Trieste create a situation that she could help her get closer to her sister.

  4. Again, proof that Camilla is a selfish and spiteful person.

    1. What her sister didn’t her was tattle on her. In the end, Camilla might actually have deserved being banished that first time.

    2. She knows that her aunt can’t solve the problem herself yet has the gall to say that if the aunt couldn’t solve it herself, what was the point of another person solving the problem. Wtf?

    3. She demands an apology from Therese even though she should be fully aware that she would have gotten one had she not shunned her. She knows her sister is fragile but expects this anyway just because she herself is strong.

    4. Depressingly she proves that Theresa was right… Camilla did NOT remember that her sister had locked.herself away when younger.

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