Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – Extra 10

A Letter Between Brothers


My Dear Brother, Philip,

How are you doing, Philip? It has been over a week since I last sent a letter, but I’ve heard that things have gotten worse for you. I am sure you’ve been having trouble making your payments on time as well. In that case, would it not be better to accept my offer of support?

I know full well just how badly your family was hurt because of the incident with Camilla. And I am sure that you are still blaming us for that. But, don’t you think it’s unbecoming of a man your age to simply ignore the letters that I send you?

I understand that you must be feeling angry right now. Certainly, Camilla is the daughter of myself and Katarina. You may even think that it is the turmoil brought about by Camilla is in part our fault as well.

But, you should know that you weren’t the only ones who are hurting as a result. The truth of the matter is that Camilla really may well be innocent. And in the situation she found herself in, it’s no small wonder she wanted to overturn the impending result and reverse her circumstances. However, that being said… Camilla really was thinking very selfishly. In order to clear away her crimes, she didn’t spare a thought to anyone around her.

Whether that be Therese, or whether that be you. Or, even our Storm family for that matter. Both of our families are in a precarious situation because of how everyone praises Camilla, but what does she do? She hardly ever leaves the Duchy of Mohnton, and on the rare occasions that she does visit the capital, she doesn’t even bother to visit her parents.

The only ones who Camilla deigns to greet are the Royal Family themselves. Just what on earth could they be holding onto her? She was never the type of girl to grovel at the foot of authority.

Fortunately, I still enjoy the trust of my friends and colleagues, so my business has been steady. Of course, there were some who abandoned me without even attempting to understand my situation, but I am sure that problem of mine is nothing compared to what you must be facing.

So, as your brother by blood and Therese’s true father, let me support you now.

You must understand what you have to do.

Right now, you cannot be near Therese.

As Therese’s father, please forgive me if the following words sound harsh.

But, I want you to read them carefully, for they are important for you to understand.

I’ve heard about everything regarding Therese.

Three months has passed since Camilla’s trial, but she hasn’t left her room the entire time, has she not? No matter how people call through the door, I’ve heard that Therese won’t open the door, nor even reply. Simply putting food in front of the door and collecting the empty dishes will do nothing to save Therese.

The person most hurt by what has happened these past months is Therese herself. Of course, that does not absolve her of anything. She still commited a crime. She needs to admit and repent.

But, what was the cause of all this? Therese was obsessed with the ideal of ‘family’, and clung to Camilla in an attempt to find it. She believes that Camilla is her real family.

Now that Camilla has rebuked her, the void in Therese’s heart needs to be filled by someone else that can truly become her family. I’m well aware that the two of you must have given Therese your love as she grew up, but that is undoubtedly different to a parent’s love. Of course, this isn’t your fault, but it is inevitable. That’s because a parent’s love isn’t bound to any logic or reason.

As a father, I still love Camilla and Therese. No matter what Camilla has done to us, she’s still our daughter.

Of course, the same is true for Therese. I entrusted her to your care because you were without child, and she has lived most of her life away from us, but she is still a daughter I love dearly. Even if everyone in the world hates her, this feeling of mine hasn’t changed. Now that Camilla has abandoned us, Therese is my only daughter still here.

Therefore, Katarina and I will make sure that she gets the love that has been denied to her up until now. I am sure that, in our care, Therese will return to being a proper person.

It pains me to say this, but it has become a popular rumour that Therese’s misguided ways are a result of her poor upbringing. Of course, this view too will fade if she returns to our side.

Do you understand? Therese needs to start fresh. She needs to be with her real family, receiving proper love and care. That way, Therese can have a future.

If she stays with the two of you, then she will be lost. This is for Therese’s sake. You can’t honestly intend to let things stand the way they are, where you simply feed Therese in her room for the rest of her life? Nothing will change for Therese, nor for you, if that continues on.

At any rate, let me at least see Therese once.

I will also bring over funds to support you with at that time. For the time being, let me settle your debts, and when Therese comes back into our care I shall also help rejuvenate your business.

Be sure to think about this very carefully, for the sake of Therese and for the sake of your family.

I expect a positive response.



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  1. Bullsh**!
    Its been a while,but i cant forget how shitty parents the Storms were.Something Is wrong he

  2. “The person most hurt by what has happened these past months is Therese herself. ”
    What about Camilla, they never thought about her once.

    “It pains me to say this, but it has become a popular rumor that Therese’s misguided ways are a result of her poor upbringing”
    They might have been the one who started the rumor to wash away their name clean.

  3. Good lord the Storms are two faced lunatics. The poor Neumanns at least are genuinely caring for Therese. I do actually hope the Neumanns can find some peace and success since they’re getting tossed under the bus by the Storms and everyone else.

    As for Patrick Storm-so much for that “brotherly love” he had for his “dear brother”. To call the Storms fair weather seekers is a huge understatement. And he still blames Camilla for everything and thinks she “might” be innocent.

    1. To be fair Camilla wasn’t innocent of the crimes that Therese revealed. Not only is this admitted to multiple times in the story in Camilla’s mind, but when she confronted her sister in the hallway and find out she had told Lisselot about those things, her thoughts are not “She lied about me”, no her thoughts are “of course this makes.sense since only someone close would have known what I did”.

      So the “crime” that Therese commit waa nor slander… Ut was tattling.

      1. I disagree, it is common for people to badmouth someone behind their back. At the very least complaint about others.
        Therese took mental note of everything Camilla said and gave it to Lisselot which were later twisted to make it look like camilla as a villaniness So rather than “she lied about me”, it is fitting “She sold me out to my enemies”.
        So in a way it is a crime.

      2. You forget that one of the major crimes against Camilla was the she hired goons to attack Liselotte. And supposedly they had an unimpeachable witness, most likely Therese, which we latter found to be untrue. Camilla’s “crime” was simply talking bad and wanted to love of her life back.

  4. He clearly has a Messiah complex because he is the only one that can save the brokenhearted Therese. But in my humble opinion, it was he and his wives decision to send her off and separate her and Camilla over and over again; clearly choosing one over the other that finally drove her bonkers. And now he wants to separate her from the only parents that fully loved her. The gall of that man.

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