Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 32

The Playboy Climbs and Slimes

The Heavenly Tower of Babel.

1st Floor.

After returning to Babel from the capital, we stocked up on equipment we needed and prepared to tackle the tower once again.

The person whose equipment changed the most was Tina.

Since her shield had been pierced through in the last battle, it needed to be repaired and strengthened as well.

The strengthening material we used was called Troll Slag, it was the item we received after defeating the 10th floor boss.

After Nyannyan processed it using her smithing skills, Tina’s shield was upgraded both in terms of defense as well as its destructive potential.

I kind of want to try it out myself…

“Woah, that’s freaking heavy! How have you not thrown out your back carrying this around all the time?”

“Because I’m a warrior, after all! Heh heh!”

Tina’s huge chest bounced as she boasted. Even if height wise she doesn’t even reach my chest. Well, I’m used to it by now.

But, really, holding Tina’s shield feels like lifting an entire block of iron. Even if my job level is pretty high and my strength is nothing to sneeze at, this would be genuinely difficult for me to wield at all.

The only reason Tina must be able to manage it is because of being blessed with the warrior job.

The shield still had the same design as before, with its rounded triangular shape and circular decoration in the middle.

Coming closer, Tina helped me lift the shield off the ground and pointed at the bottom tip.

“Please take a look here! This part has been made even heavier!”

“Oho? Why’s that?”

“So that it has even more crushing power!!”

She said something so dangerous with a big smile on her face.

Well, uh, I’m glad she’s on our side.

“If the tip is heavier, then when I use it as a weapon it’ll be even more deadly! What do you think, Dylan!? Isn’t it amazing!?”

“Oh… Oh yeah, it’s really amazing, it’s amazing…”

“Right!? I asked Nyannyan to make it for me like that, and she really did!”

Tina bounced up and down happily as she talked about her favourite shield. And there was a certain part of her that was bouncing more than anything else…

As I tried to avert my eyes slightly, I only caught sight of Nyannyan instead.


That catgirl animasmith, whose chest wouldn’t lose to Tina’s at all had a smugly proud grin on her face as she looked at me.

I sighed. Being that easy to understand, she’s pretty cute, huh?

“You’re pretty amazing too, Nyannyan.”

“Nfufufu! Really, nya? Reaaaally, nya? Are you saying I’m the best smith ever, nya!?”

“You’re the best, Nyannyan.”

“The best!”


That catgirl bent backward as she laughed at our praise. Well, honestly, she is pretty amazing.

She also strengthened her own weapon, the Dancing Twins.

The same was true for my own sword, Night Watch.

“Well then, let’s start climbing the Tower. I’m already too high of a level, so there’s not much point in me trying to get experience this low down. I’ll give out instructions and act as back up, so I’ll leave the fighting to the both of you.”

“Roger that!” “Nya!”

As the shortstacks gave a passionate cheer, raising a fist in the air, we proceeded up the stairs.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

10th Floor.

Even though the layout of the dungeon floors is always shifting, we managed to make it up this far in less than two hours thanks to Nyannyan’s map-making abilities, as well as our party’s increased fighting strength.

And now, we found ourselves before the boss once again.

As we hid in the bushes, watching the troll who guarded the staircase to the next floor, I called out to the two of them.

“Just like last time, we’ll keep the tactics simple. Tina stays on the defensive, Nyannyan you need to press the attack.”

“Got it!” “Nya!”

“Alright, get to it!”

With a nod, the two of them burst out of the bushes.

The troll noticed the intrusion straight away. The huge monster turned around, slowly raising its club above its head.

I began to count the seconds in my mind.

With the speed of a runaway carriage, Tina rushed towards it with her shield raised. That small body of hers was completely obscured by the shield, the monster wouldn’t be able to see anything behind it.

Following right in her footsteps was Nyannyan. Considering how small she was as well, the troll shouldn’t be able to see either.

But… the troll didn’t seem to care.

With a grunt, the troll brought the club barrelling down towards them.



As Tina parried the entire brunt of the troll’s attack with her shield, Nyannyan tore through its neck in a sudden burst of speed.

Using Tina’s shoulders as a springboard, Nyannyan tore an ugly gash in the troll’s neck with her swords, and in perfect harmony Tina also used one of her 【Arts of War】, Charge, to launch a shuddering blow with her shield straight into the troll’s chest.

I had barely counted a second in my head.

Even faster than the last time we were here, the two of them had defeated the tenth floor boss.

As Tina and Nyannyan landed on the ground at the same time, they both turned around in unison to grin at me.

“That was amazing, you two!”

Flicking my hat off my head, a burst of fireworks soared out from its depths.


Tina and Nyannyan rushed over and embraced me in a hug. There, there. That being said, they jumped up quite high, and right now I’m suffocating between their chests. Can you guys have a little more self-awareness of those weapons of yours, please? I can’t breathe, you know?

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

After that, we cleared the latter floors with the speed and strength of a violent gale.

The floors between the 10th and 20th are covered in forest.

Although the landscapes all look similar, each floor gradually increases in sizes compared to the previous.

Just like the labyrinthine mazes that ran up until the 9th floor, these dense forest dungeons were just easy to lose your way in.

At the very edge of each of the floors between the 10th and 20th is a ludicrously tall mountain, that must have some mysterious force acting on it since, as far as I know, no one has ever reached the top of it. One time, I tried climbing it to be the first one to make it to the summit, but after three days and nights I gave up.

Without a map, you’d definitely get lost, but thankfully we have our very own thief now.

“Master, take a right at the tree over there, nya. After that, there’s a little creek, but once we get over that the staircase should be right there, nya.”

“Got it.”

“As expected of Nyannyan!”

Whilst collecting the loot from the treasure chests we found along the way, we kept climbing up the floors efficiently and reached the 20th floor on the same day we set out.

We were met with the sight of a massive lake.

There was a small island in the middle of a lake with a towering rock formation on it, and a gap at its base. That being the staircase to the 21st floor.

And, of course, the boss of the 20th floor guards it…

“An Aqua Serpent.”

As we hid in the bushes once again, I confirmed our foe.

Just like the name would suggest, it was a white snake. However, it was quite enormous. It would be able to swallow a human being whole without any trouble.

“You two, what are your levels right now?”

“I’m Level 20!”

“21, nya.”

“Hmm… Usually, I’d say that you’d need four adventurers around level 20 to do this, but I think the two of you can beat it.”

“Let’s do it!”

“Will it really be alright, nya?”

Although Tina puffed out her chest in confidence, Nyannyan looked a little less convinced.

Although the source of Tina’s boundless confidence lately is a bit of a mystery to me, I couldn’t help but notice how cute it was that the tip of Nyannyan’s tail had somehow curled into a question mark.

“Of course, I’ve got a plan in mind. You might think I’m joking, but it’ll seriously work. Well, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, but…”

I told the two of them my strategy.

Somehow, even though my plan must have sounded ridiculous, their expressions were completely serious as they listened…

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

After confirming their tactics, the battle against the boss of the 20th floor began.

The first one to go in was Tina.

As Tina charged in, the Aqua Serpents neck arose from the lake, turning to look in her direction.


Tina rushed forward, her shield raised.

The huge mouth of the Aqua Serpent shot towards her.

Tina held up her shield as she drew her sword, but…


She was swallowed whole in a single bite.

Straight after that, Nyannyan who had been hiding behind Tina once again jumped forward.


Whilst spinning on her side, those twin daggers flashed around her in a deadly arc.

Those blades lit up as she spun, and she was surrounded by a ring of light. It was the special effect of those weapons, in coordination with the dance, that enhanced Nyannyan’s physical abilities.

The serpent lashed out with its tail. Quick as a flash, it moved to wrap itself around the short form of Nyannyan. Something so massive constricting around such a tiny girl, it would have crushed her to death in seconds.

But, of course, that didn’t happen.


As the tail shot towards her, Nyannyan spun with even more intensity, her blades striking the incoming tail viciously.


The serpent hissed in painful anger. The tip of its tail spun through the air, landing in a deeper part of the lake. As it spun, you could see the muscles still pulsating around pure white bones, it really was an impressively beautiful cross-section.

But, just as Nyannyan was ready to follow up on her momentum with a second strike, the snake stopped moving completely. From the crown of its head, right where the brain should be… a sword emerged, cutting a path out like a carpenter sawing a block of wood.

Then, as the serpent fell lifeless to the ground, someone emerged from the hole they had cut in the top of the serpent’s head.

It was Tina.

“Uwahahaaa! I really got eateeen!!”

She seemed happy, though.

Nyannyan was watching her as well.

“Nyaa… I wanted to get eaten as well…”

She looked jealous.

This strategy relied on the serpent’s weak point.

The fact is that, after gulping down something as large as a human, its movements slow down a lot. And that makes it vulnerable.

“Uwahh, it’s so slimy…! And stinkyyy!”

“It must’ve been fun, nya… Warriors sure do have high defense, must be nice, nya…”

Tina played around in the goop like a child, whilst Nyannyan watched on wistfully.

Well, it’s true that, after I finished explaining the strategy, both of them had passionately volunteered to be the one who got eaten with sparkling eyes.

Yeah, you know, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but those two really do fall quite hard in the M range, don’t they?

“Ahahaha! That was fuuuuun!”

“It looked fun, nyaa… Maybe I should change my job to a warrior…?”

“Hey, Nyannyan, come and play in the slime as well!”

“Funyaaa! It’s so sticky!”

As the serpents bodily fluids fused together into a pink goopy substance, the two shortstacks began to play fight together in it.

This is because of the fact that any prey this serpent swallows is slowly dissolved inside of them.

Basically, its remains should be considered similarly acidic…



And, just as I thought it, their equipment and clothing began to melt off their body.



The two of them quickly used their hands (and tail) to try and cover up their breasts and privates, but there’s no way they could hide so much with so little.

Thankfully, their job’s defense stats seemed to be high enough, so they weren’t hurt at all. The armour must have diffused a lot of the acid’s power in exchange for its durability.

But, their slimy skin had become completely exposed.

The sticky pink liquid that covered their asses and huge breasts slowly pooled to the ground around their feet.

Tina and Nyannyan suddenly stopped panicking, looking at each other, their surroundings, and finally at me.



“Apart from Dylan-san, there’s no one else here, right?”

“It’s just master, nya?”

“Since it’s just Dylan-san, it’s fine, right?”

“It’s just master, so it’s fine, nya.”

Even if I could see them, they didn’t seem to mind.

“…For now, wipe yourselves down and at least put something down.”


After applying healing magic to the two of them, just in case, I took out a couple of towels using magic tricks and handed them over.

“Thank you very much!” “Thanks, nya!”

Ah, good grief.

Whilst keeping a calm face, I used a Priest ability to inert the dissolving properties of the snake’s leftovers and quietly collected some of it in a jar.

That night…

“Ehehe, Dylan-san, do you really like this slimy feeling too~?”

“Nyahaha! Master, I’ll make you slimy from head to toe, nya~☆”

In the bed of that cottage tent of mine, I enjoyed a naked wrestling match with two slimed up shortstacks.

Amazing. My entire body felt amazing.

This type of play might just be the best yet.

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