Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – Extra 08

The Letters Left in the Wastepaper Basket


To my dearest sister,

It has been some time, hasn’t it sister? It’s Therese. Your cute little sister, Therese.

Are you keeping well? It has already been three months since then. You’re still the talk of the town back in the capital.

I wonder just how that feels? I’m sure it must feel nice. Because it really feels like everything has been turned on its head after what happened before, hasn’t it?

From an infamous villainess to the fated heroine who overcame her tragic circumstances! I’m sure that you’re still smiling about it even now. I wonder if you’re having a fun time out in the swamps. Are you still getting along with that ugly toad of a man? You were so reluctant to marry him, but now that he doesn’t have too repulsive of a face you fell right into his arms. As expected of my dear sister, you can forget about the past so easily. And I’m sure you’ll soon forget all about me as well.



To my dearest sister,

Big sister, it’s me. Therese. Do you still remember me?

No, I’m sure that I’m not someone worth remembering in your eyes, sister.

Your true sister, I’m sure you don’t even recall I exist. That’s how you always carry on, isn’t it sister? You always chose other people over your own family. Not even knowing just how heartless you can be, you’ll carry on with a happy face like there’s nothing wrong at all.

I’m sure you won’t even remember this letter after reading it.



To my dearest sister,

Do you know just what has happened to the Storm and Neumann families?

Now that you’re gone, sister

Please spare a thought for us

My dear sister…

What are you doing now?

How are you doing?

Do you still remember me?


Sister, back then, why did you…

Why did this happen?

Why didn’t you stay by my side?

How can I go on living by myself?

Big sister, I don’t know what to do anymore


My beloved sister…

Please, help me.



The author pulled a sneaky on me and released this as soon as I declared the series ‘complete’.

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  1. And the chapter just came out yesterday too!
    Wonder if the author intends on adding more side story chapters later on.

    Btw, does LN Vol 2 contain any major novel-original content/differences from the WN worth talking about?

  2. Her parents can’t admit their mistakes, but maybe Therese can. Still, I think she burned her bridges already. Having them be sisters again would be strange but offering her help might not be too much.

  3. Thank you so much for bringing this beautiful story. I hope this is not the extra that was rumored lol

  4. I mean, it’s sorta not really a chapter? More like a really sad epilogue. We *know* not everyone gets to live happily ever after, author, stop hitting us over the head with it… 😔

  5. Ah Therese is much more sympathetic than Julian/Lise. I hope she’ll get some modicum of happiness with her sister.

  6. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.
    —- Congratulations for the completion of this series~!!!
    —– Thank you for everything so far! And the completion of the series~!!! 🙂

  7. I love that her passage could have multiple interpretation, but reading it in face value can be pretty depressing.
    And I love/hate it so.

  8. Muchas gracias por el arduo trabajo. Estoy muy feliz y agradecida. La serie entera me fascinó desde el principio y realmente pasé 2 noches en vela para leer todo de un tirón!

    Estaré al pendiente de cualquier capitulo extra. Muchas gracias! 😍🤩😭

  9. Ah… What a time to be alive. I’m so lucky that this series was completely translated when I read it. Amazing! Fantastic! Translator, you chose a great story to translate and your translation is Off The Wall! My problem with japanese novels is that they’re usually cliche, no suspense, no surprise, every step is measured and the protag is OP. I. LOVE THIS NOVEL. This is like a regular old novel. The writing is fantastic. It’s slow and slowburn romance. I love that Camilla isn’t perfect, when she had no answer when Gerda was smacking her down to keep her inside in front of the other servants, and I love her prideful attitude. It’s a thing; it’s her characteristic. By Jove, she’s perfect. The story is great; perfect pacing, unexpected turns. I would love to see the illustrations with this. Will do so after this comment. Fantastic job, translator. Really. For picking up this story and conveying all the mood and words so perfectly that this native English reader can just dive in and feel the story.

  10. I know this is selfish of me but there are few more extra stories were released and the final extra was also declared. If possible please translate till the end of this extra

  11. Tbh I kind of feel for Therese the most in this novel because she was probably the most twisted individual and the thing she wanted was true familial love.

    All the things she did are pretty unforgivable but still ….. She has the saddest story probably fuck all that other trash that jumped into harms way she truly is just a little girl that just wanted love.

    Sigh she’s the most human character here I am hoping for a happy ending for her.

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