Endo and Kobayashi’s Live Commentary on the Villainess – 33

『An Avalanche of Sugar』

Kobayashi-san really did end up proposing a radio show based around MagiKoi.

Of course, every single other member of the committee stood opposed and rejected it with everything they had.

‘There are only two main characters though, so it would be hard for everyone to be involved, wouldn’t it?’ was the understandable reason used to oppose the proposal of Kobayashi, the most talkative person in the club who had become something of its idol lately, but for some reason everyone else’s annoyances were vented towards me instead.

“Stop using the cultural festival to flirt in public!”

“She’s hyped up on ‘sugar’ right now, so please give me a break about it.”

“I was wondering why the atmosphere in the club room has gotten so sickly sweet lately…”

“Oi, you sure you’re really not dating?”

“Die in a fire, you idiot couple. No, rather, Shihonon can live and be my bride instead.”

I’m still not really sure why the third years decided to pile on me like that.

In particular, the club president said that I should die in a fire alone, whilst ‘Shihonon’ went with her instead.

“Seriously, we aren’t dating…

Anyways, senpai, if you look at it rationally, do you really think Kobayashi-san sees me like that?”

When I asked them that, those senpai couldn’t look me in the eye.

“Well, I mean, I don’t think she hates you, at least? Ah, not like Shihonon hates anybody, but… y’know…”

I agreed with the club president. She doesn’t hate me. At least, that’s what I think.

The problem is going further than that. What did everyone else think?

As I tried to look each of my senpai in the eye, they desperately tried to avoid my glance, until the club president finally got flustered, then she shouted at me.

“Uuu…. I’m not gonna tell you! Hurry up and confess! Then get dumped! You jeeeeerk!!”

With that, the president ran away with tears in her eyes.


Eventually, with the help of the teacher managing the club, it was decided that the radio drama would be about a murder mystery taking place on a remote island in two parts, giving people the opportunity to make their guesses on who the culprit was and potentially win a prize if they were right.

By the way, the part I played was the murder victim who died a few minutes in. I was fine with only having a few lines, but I could feel the murderous intent from the president when she assigned me to that role.

Meanwhile, Kobayashi-san played as the serious and diligent heroine and assistant to the detective.

The role felt like a bit of a departure from what she’s usually like, but at least she didn’t die like I did.




The day of the cultural festival eventually arrived.

The duties for the broadcasting club over the school festival were split between two different rooms; the usual club room being used to broadcast the radio drama, as well as a classroom we were leant to accept entries for the ‘Get it Off Your Chest!’ program. However…

Whilst the radio drama was being done in private, this part of the festival involved being face to face with the public, which not everyone was comfortable with doing. ‘Since the two of you are basically celebrities already, it should be fine for you guys’ was the reasoning Kobayashi-san and I were given for why it was hoisted on us in the end.

Of course, we’d get someone to replace us around lunchtime, but I was beginning to get slightly irritated because of a mixture of hunger and impatience with having to interfere every time someone started trying to hit on Kobayashi-san. Well, not to say I wouldn’t do that all day if I had to, but that’s another story.

After seeing off one guest, there would be another and then another, it seemed like an endless stream. It was then I noticed that the next guest who entered the classroom was a young woman.

I couldn’t help but stare a little bit as I watched that beautiful woman with the long and slender legs emerging from her fashionable culotte skirt gaze around the room as if she were looking for something in particular, as her lightly coloured hair that was loosely curled bobbed slightly on her head.


Then, she suddenly burst into a big smile as she called out to Kobayashi-san with a happy voice.

Kobayashi-san, who was talking to a couple of junior-high girls who were talking about their plans for high school next year, turned to look at the woman who had suddenly called out her name.


Kobayashi-san looked gobsmacked as that young woman flashed her a mischevious grin.

“Here I am~”

As Kobayashi-san stared at her in astonishment, I realized that this must be her sister who had come to visit.

“What do you mean ‘here I am’!? You didn’t have to come at all… Ah, sorry!”

Kobayashi-san apologized to the junior high students who looked a little taken aback at the interruption.

“Ah… I’ll tap in. Kobayashi-san, you can go and talk to your sister if you like?”

As I got up and intervened, the junior-high girls looked relieved, but for some reason, Kobayashi-san looked sulky.

“Hmm… hey, you, are you Shihono’s boyfriend?”

Her sister suddenly asked me such a thing with an unreadable expression on her face.

“Uh, no, my name is Endo Aoto, I’m a member of the broadcasting club. I’m indebted to your sister… for showing me the ropes in the club.”

As I bowed my head, Kobayashi-san’s sister rubbed her chin as if she were thinking about something.

“Endo-kun…? Ah, that’s right, the Endo from back during summer vacat-”

With a sudden burst of energy, Kobayashi-san leapt forward and clamped her hand over her sister’s mouth.

“Uhh… um, yeah. During the summer vacation, I was a guest at the Kobayashi home a few times…”

Or, rather, I spent half the summer break there.

As I thought about how I’d never actually met this older sister of hers in all the time I spent there, Kobayashi-san gave me a strange smile as she kept her hand plastered over her sister’s mouth.

“Now now, let’s not get too stuffy with greetings, okay? Thanks, Endo-kun. I’ll just have a quick chat with Onee-chan for a moment. Ah, no matter how cute those two are, don’t try any funny business, okay?”

Kobayashi-san kept talking as she forcibly started to push her older sister out of the classroom with her, not even giving her a single opportunity to talk.

Does she really think I’d hit on junior high students, though… Ah, well, I guess next year they’ll be first years whilst I’ll be a third-year, huh? But, still, I only have eyes for Kobayashi-san…

As I thought about that, I made a mental note to reassure Kobayashi-san that not all men were quite as bad as the guys who kept trying out pick up lines on her today.

Just before Kobayashi-san left the classroom with her sister, that sister of hers gave me a happy look with her eyes alone, as if she’d seen right through me.




“Heya, Endo-kuuun.”

Although Kobayashi-san had told me she’d driven her sister away, here she was suddenly calling out to me.

“Ah, hello… Kobayashi-san… umm, I mean, Shihono-san is in the club room right now.”

It was lunch break now. Since our shift was over and we’d been relieved, we were going to have lunch in the club room, although I had gone out alone to buy the food.

I told her that since I assumed she had something more to talk about with her sister, but she shook her head.

“Nah, if Shihono saw me right now, she’d just get mad again. Actually, if she found out I was still in the school at all, I don’t think I’d hear the end of it.”

Kobayashi-san’s big sister shrugged as she said that. I guess Kobayashi-san shows her strict side around her family?

Well, not like I’m one to say anything since I guess I have the same kind of relationship with my parents and sisters.

“Umm, then, did you have something to discuss with me?”

When I asked her that slightly nervously, big sister Kobayashi nodded.

“Yeah. All through summer vacation, Shihono told me not to be at home during the day on pain of death as she hung out with some guy, so as her big sis I sorta gotta be worried, ya know?”

Her sister suddenly asked me that. So I guess the very intentional way Kobayashi-san always said that ‘my sister won’t be coming home today’ whenever I came over and the fact she never did before I left wasn’t a coincidence at all.

But, the way she said it made it sound like something really dirty was going on, when in fact the only thing we were doing was trying to support the love of two other people with all our hearts. The only reason Kobayashi-san desperately wanted to keep it a secret was because of the strange nature of the game itself.

“Ah, well, it’s not what it looks like…?”

As I tried to think of a good excuse, her big sister stared me down.

“Hmmm? Endo-kun, are you saying you’re not interested in my little sis at all?”

As that scary expression on her face seemed to signal that she had seen right through me, I felt deeply uncomfortable by the fact that I was being read by an open book despite only just having met Kobayashi-san’s sister.

“It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s just that I wonder if she feels the same way…”

As I muttered that bitterly, Kobayashi-san’s sister evil grin just became wider as she prodded me to continue.

“Well, you’ve already guessed it, but I really do like her. She’s insanely cute, like she’s some kind of angel, both her looks and personality are totally my type. It’s like, I’m crazy in love with her, I really love her a lot.”

I heaved a sigh as I confessed it. But, if I’m going to be honest, I think Kobayashi-san loves Liselotte way more than she does me. If I was special to her in any way, then it’s just as a way to help Liselotte.

“Oho ho hooo… I see, I see, but y’know, that Shiho-” “ONEEEEEE-CHAAAAAAAAN!!”

Her words were cut off as she wheeled around in surprise to see Kobayashi-san charging down the hall towards us with a shout.

“Onee-chan… I, I told you to quit it, didn’t I!?”

Kobayashi-san hissed angrily at her sister.

“Ah, yeah. Sorry.”

Her sister replied with a slight trembling in her voice.

Kobayashi-san was quietly fuming as she glared at her sister. But, I guess she stayed quiet since there were a few people looking our way now.

Actually, hang on, just where did she come from…? She didn’t hear everything I said about love just then, right? Or about her being an angel…?

“Sorry about that, Endo-kun My sister didn’t say anything weird just now, did she?”

As I began to feel a cold sweat trickle down my back, Kobayashi-san suddenly turned to me.

“Ah, actually, we uh, we only just started talking. We didn’t really get a chance to speak, right?”

I sent a meaningful glance to her sister, who started nodding furiously.

“Yeah, honestly, I was actually just about to head back! Um, I, I just mentioned how I’m an alumni here… that’s all I said, didn’t I!?”

We were making up a lie on the spot, but I nodded just as furiously as she had at her words.

“Ah, now that you mention it… Onee-chan went to the same high school as us, but she also goes to the same university as Kuon Kirise!”

Kobayashi-san seemed quite proud as she said that with a big smile.

“Uh… that’s amazing! You’re amazing, big sis!”

Obviously, I would take any excuse to change the topic quickly, so I jumped on it full force.

“That’s right, I’m pretty amazin’! Nah, but really, our university is huge, so I’ve never really had the opportunity to meet him though?”

Seems like big sis wasn’t going to let the opportunity go either.

The truth was that our high school wasn’t particularly advanced, so for someone who went here to be able to attend one of the top three universities in Kanto is pretty amazing.

Now that they mention it, Kuon, a character based on Kuon Kirise’s likeness, appears during the autumn if the player is on the Siegward route, after Liselotte is possessed by the Ancient Witch and immediately after Baldur loses his life.

He doesn’t show up in the reverse harem route either, but since the scene where he’d show up normally shouldn’t come to pass, I wonder just what he’ll do?

As I watched the Kobayashi sisters get fired up, I found myself wondering.



Kept you waiting, huh?

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