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In case you’re confused, in the Grimm version of the Princess and the Frog fairy tale, the Princess takes the frog to her room and chucks it against a wall. Somehow, this turns him into a Prince. Don’t ask.

Anyways, I found this and thought it was cute, so I TL’d it. I hope you enjoyed a bit of a break from how serious Yasesasetai usually is.

Original source
Artist: 神無月りこ


  1. This is fantastic. It does make Camilla look a little fluffy but being a viscount’s daughter, she would have a healthy figure. Makes her body look more romantic than opposing.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. Thanks! That was adorable. And I also thought the exact same about Alois’s appearance in the cover! But indeed, thinking about it more carefully, people wouldn’t buy the book if he looked like described in text. XD

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