Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? 01 (Manga) (NSFW)

Alternative reader: https://mangadex.org/chapter/637492




I regret nothing

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  1. I actually liked the novel when it wasnt being translated anymore I was sad but this is great

    1. Censored HQ raws, though :V. I ripped from the Book Live tank, specifically. I don’t think the raws were too low quality, although I know I could have gotten better through seiga I did want to use the tank version.

  2. Seems like lots of details has been omitted, the pacing is quite fast too but hey, Short Stack FTW!

  3. I commend you for the many manga translation bounties, Amarrez! Thanks so much for translating this!

    Side note – it seems another scanlation group, Not A Scans Scans Group, has also done their own translation of Chp 1 of the manga for May I Please Ask You Just One Last Thing. Do you intend to hand over future translation duties to them, keep on doing your own, or co-operate with them with doing future translation works?

    Here’s their translation, https://mangadex.org/chapter/636605

    Did hear some commenters say the quality of their scans are not as nice as yours though.

    1. if you read the credits pages of not a scans release, you can see I handed it over to them 🙂

      My current manga projects are Endo and Kobayashi, Playboy and MotoMusu whenever it decides to come out

        1. When they release the epub version, they’ve only release physical copies so far. I don’t know if this will even happen, though.

  4. Did you ever felt tempted to photoshopped W rider belt to page 8?

    Anyway, many thanks from this particular fellow degenerate!

  5. Really enjoyed the Novel, but seeing the size of those breasts in manga form, it really feels over the top.

    That and they haven’t gone into very detail on the other heroes (my favorite part of the story is them screwing up after the playboy leaves :P)

    Thanks for the translations 🙂

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