Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – 115

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Camilla’s parents were, by all accounts, good people.

They were well educated and came from a good lineage. They were crafty, but not malicious, and truly believed in human kindness. Even if they admitted that there was evil in the world, they never believed that it would truly point its wicked barbs at them. So long as they saw no evil, heard no evil or spoke no evil, then evil would not visit itself upon them.

The running of Count Storm’s fief, in the southestern corner of the Kingdom, was left to his retainers. Taking up residence in the capital, the shipping businesses that he had started as a hobby had eventually turned into a thriving asset for the family. He was well liked by the people around him because of his wealth of kindness and, alongside his healthy and astute wife, he had deep relationships with others in high society. Because of the scandal that emerged surrounding their only daughter, the other noble families were sympathetic to the Count and his wife. Helped by those kind nobles, they managed to survive the year without falling into hardship.

They never even felt the anguish of losing their daughter. Thanks to the adorable girl that came to take Camilla’s place.

Good things come to good people. Damnation shall always befall those who beget it.

Swindlers were low, but to be a common fool sucked in by their tricks was to be even lower. Because of that, they were adamant that they would never be deceived – those were the kind of people they were.



“Camilla, you idiot! Why the hell did you come back!?”

Camilla’s old bedroom had been given to Therese now, so she had been told to stay in one of the guest rooms.

As soon as she entered that room, Camilla was buffeted by that angry shout.

You could be forgiven for not believing that this was a scarcely used guest room. The bed sheets were brand new, there were fresh flowers on the windowsill and there wasn’t a speck of dust to be seen. Camilla felt a wave of nostalgia as she saw the racks of clothes and her favourite chair, looking just like they had the day she had left the capital.

“Did you seriously have no idea what was going to happen!? You shouldn’t have ever returned!!”

But, despite the shouts, that voice made Camilla feel relieved.

Standing opposite her in the room, her face scrunched up in an angry frown, was Camilla’s bad mannered maid. She had taught Camilla how to cook and sneak out to go to the orphanage together with her, and when she was to be exiled from the capital, she had begged to be allowed to go with her. She was the closest thing Camilla ever had to a sister, perhaps.


As soon as she called out her name, Diana sprinted towards her. Without giving Camilla a moment to react, she drew her into a strong hug.

“You know, you really are stupid! You should have just laid low back in the swamps! You should have known this was all a trap!”

“I knew.”

Wrapping her arms around Diana’s back, Camilla spoke softly. That tender and warm hug Diana gave her made her want to cry. But, because of the curse ingrained into her by her parents, she bit her lip and held back the tears.

Shutting her eyes tight, Camilla breathed out. She couldn’t cry. No matter what happens from now on, she wouldn’t have any regrets. She had already come to terms with that.

“I knew, but I still came back.”

“…I guess you still can’t help but be a fool sometimes?”

Her face streaked with tears, Diana sighed in exasperation.

“Mohnton was… it was right for you in the end, wasn’t it? It was right…”

Diana did her best to smile through her tears as she stroked Camilla’s hair. As her gentle hand passed over her ear, it tickled. Just a little bit.



After unpacking her luggage and changing out of her travelling dress, Diana began to comb and braid Camilla’s hair like she used to. Her skilled hands didn’t pull at a single knot or leave a single tangle in Camilla’s hair. It was a big difference to Nicole, who she always ended up snapping at.

– Nicole, are you alright…?

Despite that, she still missed that clumsy maid of hers. Realizing how downcast she must have suddenly looked, Camilla raised her face quickly.

When she raised her head, she saw the view outside the window. The sky was still bright outside, lighting up the sprawling cityscape. The town was awash in flowers, as sure a sign as any that Liselotte and Julian were soon to be wed.

“You’re being used to boost Prince Julian’s popularity.”

Diana spoke in a voice barely louder than a whisper as she ran the comb gently through Camilla’s hair.

She felt a slight throb in her chest when she heard Prince Julian’s name. Even if she had decided to give up on him, he was still the person that she had loved for more than half her life. She had loved him with everything she had, but he had never returned those feelings of hers, and now he actively sought to cast her down.

“That’s why I told you to stop going after him. I always thought he was a snake of a man. I never thought you could be happy with someone like that.”

Camilla bit her lip at her words, but Diana didn’t care. She was the same now as she had been for a long time, never caring to bite her tongue for the sake of others. A bad habit that had well and truly rubbed off on Camilla.

“Hey, about the current situation in the capital, have you heard about it? They say that His Majesty has fallen sick, and they say a war of succession might be brewing.”

“…War of succession?”

Camilla frowned at those words, since she hadn’t heard anything like that at all.

The heir apparent to the throne should have been set in stone a long time ago. Prince Eckhart was the Crown Prince, other than him no one should be in line for succession. Although Prince Julian was certainly the son of the king, he was the Second Prince, born to the Second Queen, thus not considered a serious contender for the throne compared to his brother. There shouldn’t even be a trace of him in a conflict for the throne.

“Prince Julian has become exceptionally popular amongst the people. I hate it, but I can’t deny that people are always talking about him. Prince Eckhart is too rigid, people aren’t really that fond of him.”

“…You’re right.”

From what Camilla had seen of Eckhart, he was an excellent and handsome Prince, but he was also dour and humourless. When Prince Julian sought to banish Camilla and marry Liselotte instead, it was Eckhart who was adamantly against it until the very end. But, the way the world saw it, he was too rooted in custom and pragmatism, not in tune with things like fated love and a good story.

In order to become the King of a nation, it was necessary to win the hearts and minds of the people. In that respect, the chasm between the all-too-serious Eckhart and Julian, whose love story with Liselotte was still an incredibly popular tale, was vast.

“His Highness plans to humiliate you in public, marry Liselotte and then ride a wave of popular support. Apparently His Majesty’s condition is only getting worse, so something really might happen soon, huh?”

“His Majesty is truly so ill?”

“I’ve only heard the rumours going around, but apparently it’s really serious. There’s even a story about someone seeing the reaper himself lurking over His Majesty’s shoulder. That’s just a tall tale though, obviously. But it seems like those sorts of stories are popular, like that old rumour of the ghost haunting the royal palace.”

With that, Diana clapped Camilla on the shoulders.

“Alright, done! Make sure to keep up your keen, Camilla.”

Until the day of the trial, Camilla was forbidden to leave the mansion. That’s what her parents had told her. But, the way Diana talked to her, it was like she was daring her to go on another escapade into town, just like the old days.

Running a final hand through her hair, Diana turned Camilla around to face her with a sharp expression.

“Listen, Therese will be back in the evening. That evil little lout, she hasn’t changed at all. Don’t you dare lose to her!”





I think this chapter explains a lot about Camilla

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  1. Binged since yesterday! And daaaaaamn camila you are too precious. Tbh all of these seems like a losing battle on Camilla side, so I’m really curious of how everything will unfold.

    And damn that newspaper company! They are probably under Liselotte and her betrothed order!

  2. I don’t think it’s right for parents to tell their child that they shouldn’t cry, but maybe tears of happiness will be shed after all this succession drama and trial are held?! Kinda wanna see Camilla slap someone though lmao

  3. It’s really frustrating to read. I mean, even if the whole truth could be revealed now, would the public accept it? Alois won’t be trusted, Camille won’t be trusted, and even the crown prince doesn’t have any trust.

    The conspiracy has pretty much won, hasn’t it? 😟

    1. Nah, the point the story is making is that the people love a good romantic story. What’s better than a conniving noble trying to seize the throne from an honorable young man and the beautiful woman who saw through the scheme (Not that Camilla did, but the new propaga… story… will pretend she did) and restored the rightful king to the throne. The usurper is banished after his disguise is revealed. Liselotte and the fake Julian end up banished if they’re LUCKY, Camilla marries Julian and then just dispense some rewards and punishments as necessary to the likes of Klaus and Camilla’s parents.

      The fake Julian’s position is more fragile than it appears. It’s implied that Camilla has done a very good job of salvaging her reputation, enough to so that Julian feels threatened by her not being a suitable villain for his narrative.

      1. NOOOOOOO! Julian doesn’t deserve Camilla. o-o I’ll be very bummed if he gets to marry her. But you do have a point about people liking a good romantic story. If only Alois would ride up to the Capital and plead for Camilla during her trial, people would see how much Camilla changed him from being the Toad in the Swamp to being a Bishie Duke and you’ve a got a classic Beauty and the Beast Love Story to beat Julian and Lisolette’s stale overblown and fake “bullied by an evil villianess” romance.

        1. Alois is the real Julian, which is what I meant. The current Julian just about has to be a fake. So Camilla marries him, happily ever after.

          I bet she gets to use that dispel magic on him in public and shame him utterly.

          1. But why the deception thou? Why they have to swap the prince with the son of the duke?

          2. Yeah it seems so likely that after his name became known and he became more popular because if the “otome plot” thing, suddenly the king gotten ill. You sure he’s not poisoned?

  4. They used the conventional otome isekai trope as a political move?
    Damn that’s nasty.

  5. Aw, looks like tsundere Therese will just have to remain a dream of mine.

    I keep forgetting that Julian is the second prince. I wonder if Eckhart or Alois will be the one to take the throne? Eckhart seems like a good guy so I suppose it’s unlikely that Alois will replace him unless Julian has him assassinated or Eckhart isn’t even interested in the throne.

    Also yeah even more evidence for Alois/Julian swap. Julian has a bad reputation due to being a snake and has for years even though we know for a fact that the Julian Camilla met as a kid was quite sincere.

    1. Julian doesn’t have a reputation as a snake, that’s just what Diana thinks about him (literally she calls him ‘dishonest’ but I took a liberty). Sorry if I didn’t make that clear

      1. I know his reputation OVERALL is good, but to certain individuals who have met him he comes across poorly. Diana and Eckhart would seem to be two prominent examples. Having anyone say he comes across as dishonest makes little sense given his POV chapter about a dozen chapters ago. He was a very sincere kid.

        If I’m right about this, though, then Camilla comes across as a bit dumb for not realizing it.

  6. Thanks for the chapter! The prince is turning out to be scummier. Wonder how will her faceoff with Camilla go.

  7. “Swindlers were low, but to be a common fool sucked in by their tricks was to be even lower. Because of that, they were adamant that they would never be deceived – those were the kind of people they were.”

    So they were fools which believed that they are never in the wrong and will never be deceived. And to make a child can never cry smh..

  8. Arggghhh I’m really mad at Prince Julian and Lisolette. Q-Q I’m guessing the War in Mohnton is brewed by the Ende Family in order to raise their rank by overthrowing Alois and therefore making Prince Julian’s backing stronger. Prince Eckhart seems to be a sensible character that actually has enough power to overturn this situation and I’m praying he’ll be the Deus Ex Machina we’ve been waiting for.

  9. hhhhmmmmmm this chapter did explain so much of how camilla lived before and how she admired DIana, thus she started to emulate her. those two friends are so endearing T^T
    Many thanks

  10. All right the novel almost done and i just want to write my theory about the story so far.

    1. Alois

    I still believe that alois is the true prince(julian). Why?
    Iirc the 1st duke of monchat is banished because of a sin he did with 4 of his faithful follower, the Lorrich, Brantz(is this correct?), Mayerheim,and Ende that believe he is innocent. And because of that they harbored hatred to the royal family and waiting while planning their plan to revolt.

    When Alois and Julian born with age that doesnt differ much(or maybe the same) they swaped them and raise Alois(Julian) to be fat like toad so no one recognize him. Not only that but they even try to seal his memory by magic which clash with Alois monstrous mana and make manastone explosion.

    – Here is the prove of my theory:

    *in the past chapter(which i dont remember much) Liselotte always come to monchat and always calling Alois(the now prince julian) name, in which we can imply that she loves him. And why she goes to the capital to support and be with Julian (the real alois).

    *remember rumor about ghost in the royal castle? I guess that is prince Julian that got his disguise broken due to insufficient mana. Even for Alois who got monstrous mana can only last half a day. And maybe thats why Ende who researched about magic send Liselotte to be with him as mana tank for Julian.

    *Gerda and co. Who is a faithfull servant of the former duke launch a revolt to monchat territory because they knew that Alois is the real julian and want to fasten their plan because of camilla meddling with their plan by changing Alois and the people of monchat fearing that alois will remembere his identity and ruining their long life plan.

    2. Therese.

    I guess Therese is just like a yandere(or something). From her letters that full of sarcasm and mocking camilla, we know that she cares for her. How she going to lent her hand to Camilla if she ask for it in her last letter. About why she takes her parents? I guess she just want to take Camilla to herself. Which she got no ally to help her
    and her parents taken away by Therese, if Camilla ask for Therese help save by her, Camilla would solely trust and depend on her which will make Camilla belong to Therese alone.Which maybe the one that spread and adding legs to the rumor is Therese?

    Thats it. This is only a guess, we can only awaits our translator to translate and see the story unfold. Sorry for the bad english. And thanks for the chapter.

    1. Well, that would just be really boring writing. A yandere wouldn’t talk down like that to a person that they wanted to possess though.

      No as somebody else said, she seems more like a tsundere.

      I really dislike the type of character that Diana is though. The sort of person thst sucks up to their mistress and bad-talks people that she knows the mistress hates.

      Also, why would Theresa say that Camilla only truly had her left? Surely she would have been aware of Diana and if Camilla came back to the capital, the maid would interact with her… so if it was a lie, it would be seen through immediately.

      Thus the conclusion is that Diana is the person that was always spreading those rumors.

      Think about it, Camilla was rumored to be a loose woman… and who was the person had helped Camilla sneak out of the house (which would create even more rumors?) it was Diana.

      So right now Diana is just there to keep Camilla in check and make sure she keeps on having a bad relationship with her cousin!

  11. Thank you for the translations. I already know what happens, which just make me more anxious. XD

    1. I’ve just caught up, that was a ride! It’s such a well written story, when does it typically update? I’ve binged the whole thing so I don’t know! 😅🙏

    1. Theresa yes. Diana is a snake in the grass. Also, if you didn’t catch it… the little reflection about being scammed was not referring to Camilla’s parents but rather to how Camilla herself has been tricked but her maid.

  12. Diana can tongue lash me anytime, so sharp. Also Camilla’s parents are so infuriating because I’ve seen that exact attitude in real life. Such deluded fools.

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