Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – 108

5.5 – 1: Therese’s Letter


To my dear sister,


Big sister Camilla, how are you faring? It is your one and only Therese. Because I never received a reply to all of the letters I sent you, I’m still sick with worry.

Do you still have your health? Are you living comfortably? Have you run into any troubles? Because I do not know what kind of things you’re going through, my sister, I can’t help but be anxious.

It may be unthinkable, but perhaps you’ve gotten too comfortable living in the depths of the swamp, and don’t want to talk to me anymore? Becoming the wife of a toad, not returning any of my letters and leaving behind your family… that’s far too cruel.

Ah, well, perhaps that’s not beyond you, dear sister. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that my sister would leave her family out in the cold, would it?

But, I am different from you, my sister.

Therefore, I shall properly warn you.

Soon, you really will face a deep crisis. And with your power alone, it is not something you can hope to overcome. No matter how much you selfishly scream like you always do, or rail against others in anger, no one will come to protect you. Father and mother are not on your side any longer. Everyone will become your enemy.

But, I am different. If you call me sister as well and take my hand, then I will be the only one that can help you.

Because that’s what family is for, right? Isn’t it true that you discover who your real family are when times are tough?

Miss Liselotte and I are very close, so I am in a position to help you, dear sister.

In the past, you once refused to take my hand.

But that same hand is the only thing you can rely on now, sister.

Please make sure to remember that in the times to come.


From your cute little sister,



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  1. Well it seems the ‘heroine’ can’t leave her much alone huh…
    Can’t wait she curb stomp them when Camilla back to the capital.

  2. Why is Therese so obnoxious. my lord. does she like Camilla and wants her attention or something?
    Many thanks

    1. I suspect she both greatly admired and envied Camilla. All of her letters are written intended to needle and get a rise out of the reader, so it’s obvious she held Camilla as a benchmark and wants to gloat with the intention of putting her final down. It’s unlikely that she likes Camilla, though she obviously acknowledged and respected her strength and absolutely wants her attention.

      1. I wouldn’t say benchmark more like speed bump. Then I’d go a little further. These letters are clearly meant to play with the readers head and make them do stupid things so it’s just a way to get her out of the picture once and for all.

    2. Seems like she wants to put herself on a pedestal higher than Camilla and by helping her be the better woman of the two or something like that

  3. I expected it from the title of the chapter, but i can’t believe i read through that without any rinse to ease the foul flavor of disgust right after.

    I was also just disappointed with Gerda. I was honestly keeping positive that maybe she was just too cautious for Alois’ sake. Haa~…

    Seriously!! Thanks for the great work!!

  4. I immediately thought of the ending of Time Bandits when I saw Therese’s offer.


    Or as we used to say “With friends like that who needs enemas”

  5. Therese amd Camilla have a rough relationship. Camilla always treated her cousin poorly but if you read all the letters you will notice that she always relay information to her cousin. The letters might come off ass mean-spirited but that is a good thing if anyone else were to read them. Therese is clearly telling her cousin that she has tricked Lisselot into trusting her and that she will help Camilla. All Camilla has to do is to believe what Therese is telling her. Since this is dangerous for Therese as well, she actually needs some sort of confirmation that Camilla will actually listen to her… because if she doesn’t then Theresa’s attempt to help her cousin could blow up in all of their faces.

    But yeah, I am also disappointed with this novel. It really was all to straightforward. Gerda instead of being a reherring really was a villain and it seems the heroine instead of just being a normal person might be involved with something predictable instead. Only thing we really have left is Therese. If she isn’t on Camilla’s side… then this novel will just ending as a true disappointment IMHO.

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