Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – 107

5 – Final

The male servants that the senior maid had brought with her to apprehend Camilla, eventually ended up taking Gerda and the others into custody instead.

Although the senior maid and manservant were stunned and angered, protesting their innocence, Gerda remained calm.

But, the gaze she fixed on Alois made her feelings clear. It was the same way she sometimes stared at Camilla, full of cold hatred and virulent disgust.

“How foolish… you’ve made a truly foolish choice.”

Gerda spoke those words softly. The fact that she didn’t offer any resistance as she was lead away either was strange in of itself.

“Just how faithful I truly am to the Montchat family, you will soon come to know it.”

There were a group of servants who had overheard the noise standing outside the office. When Gerda and the other two senior servants, some of the most influential in the house, were led away, their eyes were opened wide in shock.

With her arm being held by a manservant, Gerda left Alois’ office without another word. She was to be placed under house arrest at another location near the capital. But, that was only a temporary measure until she was fully convicted. After evidence and witness testimony was collected, she would be put on trial in Mohnton’s capital. From that point on, she was at the mercy of the court.

Despite not admitting any guilt, she accepted that fate and didn’t protest.

Gerda didn’t pay any attention to the gawking spectators as she emerged into the hallway either. Except for just one of them, who she stopped next to for just a moment.

“I leave the rest to you.”

The only person whose tenure in this house and serving this family could rival Gerda’s own was that man’s; Vilmer. After giving him a brief look, she kept walking without saying another word, never once stopping or turning back around.



After that, for a few days, the mansion was in quite an uproar.

The head maid, as well as her most senior assistant, had been arrested. Since those two people were the ones who managed all the female servants in the house, the chaos left in their wake was immense. A lot of people who didn’t know the full story gossiped about whether Alois had suddenly lost his mind.

But, no one would complain if Alois quickly plugged up the holes he had left in removing those two. It seems that he was also reviewing the servants in his employ generally now.

“It’s probably necessary to reconsider everyone who works in the mansion.”

The day after the commotion in his office, Alois had told Camilla as much during their first meal together in what had felt like a while.

“Especially the people who were employed here when my father was Duke. It will be a painful splinter to pull out, but it will only get worse the longer I leave it in.”

The fatigue in Alois’ eyes was obvious. He was always the type to put work before rest and considering recent events that was even truer than before.

Although she wanted to do what she could to help, Camilla’s status was still technically just a guest of the House of Montchat. It would be a breach of propriety for a guest to interfere in the internal running of the house.

If that was the case, then what could she do?

She had known the answer to that question for quite some time already.

The only problem is, just how would she go about telling him?



“This ain’t gonna do at all.”

Although the rest of the house had been in an uproar following the arrests, the kitchen hadn’t changed much as Günter shook his head at Camilla’s latest batch of cookies.

“I like them though! They taste sort of homely.”

Nicole, who had become something of a regular taster for Camilla’s cookies, said that between bites. Still, she didn’t exactly have the biggest appetite in the world so Nicole had been giving some out to the maids in the house she had become friends with, but they had been received well with them also.

– But…

“There’s no point if they taste this simple.”

Despite Nicole’s compliments, Camilla still looked irritated. A simple taste. In other words, something that tasted amateurish.

Alois overcame his past. What’s more, it seemed like just as he had lifted those burdensome memories from himself, so too had he shed away weight. He almost seemed to be getting thinner and thinner by the day. The way the people in the mansion addressed him had changed as well. He was no longer the ‘Master’s son’, but the ‘Master’ instead. There had initially been some disgruntlement over the servants being reviewed, but it had also done a lot to solidify Alois’ newfound status with them all.

So, with that being the case, Camilla too had to show that she could leave the past behind.

– I’m certain that I can make these cookies for Lord Alois.

She would make him something delicious and show that she had left that part of her past behind as well. Then, Camilla felt like she could finally give him the reply he had been waiting for.

She still felt she had to stick to her principles, after all.

– But, I cannot afford to let him eat anything so ordinary…!

Camilla took as much pride as she could in her cooking. The fact that she was still virtually a layman when it came to making sweets was like a black stain on her honour.

“I need to bake something delicious! Please do a better job of teaching me from now on!”

“Y’know, I really have never seen someone ask for favours with so much damned attitude before.”

“If that’s the case, you should be honoured to see me do such a thing for the first time!”

Camilla laughed haughtily as Günter scratched at his hair. Nicole giggled softly with a bright smile. In contrast to the ever-busy Alois, the kitchen was peaceful.

In the first place, the kitchen had always been Günter’s domain, and he had always been someone Alois could rely on. So when the news came through about Gerda’s arrest, both Günter and the kitchen staff accepted it without much of any fuss.

Thanks to that, Camilla spent even more time in the kitchen than ever before, leaving untold piles of cookie dough and failed prototypes in her wake.

But, peaceful days never truly last.



It had been barely half a month since Gerda had been arrested. The news spread fast, by the hoofbeats of the messengers’ horses.

Dissatisfied with Alois’ rule, the people finally rose up.

The Meyerheim family raised the banner to which the others flocked. Houses Lörrich and Ende followed suit, and soon all the major towns except the territory’s capital and Grenze had risen in rebellion, rallying to the Meyerheims’ cause.

It was a full-scale revolt.



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    1. Problem with Klaus is that he is not yet the head of the house – that position belongs to his father who is enamored with and blindly loyal to his sister Gerda. Klaus was estranged from politics for quite some time and now he’d have to first wrest the reins of the house from his father’s hands? Easier said than done. Although I can imagine that it might actually work out if he actually manages to get his little brother on his side – that guy had been groomed to be the successor and has quite a bit of backing as well. If they were to work together, rising up against their father that tries to rebel against the duke might actually work.

      With their support it might just be possible to oppose the other two houses and in that case, the rebellion might end up just what was needed to clean the house. The king might have mixed feelings (considering the second prince’s fiancee) but it’s hard to imagine them siding with an unsuccessful rebellion against what’s a branch of the royal family after all. If the duke holds out and starts pushing back (or even perhaps in the case of stalemate), the kingdom would probably intervene on the side of the duke, just to restore order (and, more importantly, the supply of mana stones).

  1. Why would Klaus’s family also join the rebellion if he’s on Alois’s side? …Unless he is trying to ruin the rebels’ plan from the inside? But wouldn’t they suspect him? Who doesn’t know he became head of his family with Alois’s support?

  2. So then, I almost from the very beginning suspected that Gerda conceived something. True, I thought that she had arranged an accident for his parents.
    It would only be strange if one believed in her version, then in the end it would have turned out that Klaus had given her these flowers. And then her whole family would be guilty.
    P.S. Sori for my English, I can read, but write …

  3. INB4 Alois is goddamn Kaguya and summons a meteorite against the noble houses.
    To quote the Mad Dog
    I come in peace, I didn’t bring artillery, but I am pleading with you, with ters on my eyes.
    If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.

  4. It is certainly possible, albeit a bit out there, that Alois is the real prince and the reason he felt relief when the old master and his wife died was because they had tried to brainwash him.

    Possibly their family had always replaced the royal family when needed too as was lauded too, but this time things went awry due to the magic of the prince. Also this would mean that Lisselot really did love the real Alois as he was masquerading as hia cousin.

    Question though… Is the king and queen aware of it or are they being tricked as well?

  5. …. Cue going scorched earth. As usual, when manipulations don’t work, they go for war. Then they will play victim when they get their asses handed to them.

    Best to kill them all and let the gods sort them out

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