Since I’ve Reincarnated as the Villainess’ Father, I’ll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love – 28

Discussion Over Dinner

“Father-in-law and mother-in-law are coming?”

At dinner that night, I told both of them of my parents’ arrival, to which Sasha reacted with astonishment. Noting how cute that surprised expression of hers was, I went on.

“It’s probably because they’ve heard we’re expecting a second… Laurier, the last time you met them was after you were born, so you probably don’t remember, do you?”

“Father’s father?”

“…Yeah. That’s right. Well, you should call them ‘grandparents’, Laurier… they are your grandfather and grandmother.”

It took more willpower than I realized I had not to reach over the table and ruffle her hair as she nodded at me with a big smile. ‘Father’s father’, what kind of expression is that!? It’s too cute! But as my mind raced, I didn’t notice that Sasha looked slightly worried.

“I would like to help prepare for their arrival, but…”

“Sasha, you shouldn’t do anything that would put your body at risk. This is a really important time, after all?”

“My apologies…”

Sasha looked remorseful as she sat up in bed. I know it’s not exactly good manners, especially for a noble, but… until Sasha’s health had improved, I’d organized to have a low table brought up to her room so that we could still all enjoy having meals together. Well, of course, if Sasha wasn’t feeling well I’d just eat together in the dining room with Laurier, but… I want to be by Sasha’s side as much as I can without burdening her, and it seems like the servants in the mansion are kindly turning a blind eye to our little breach of etiquette.

I brought my self closer to Sasha’s bed and gently brushed my hand through her hair.

“You don’t have to work yourself up so much… is what I would like to say, but I know how hard you’re working for our new family member. So, I’ll do whatever I can for you, Sasha, as well as Laurier… and of course, our new child. It’s only natural to rely on your family when you need to, right?”

“But… I’m always causing you so much trouble, my Lord…”

Mmm… Sasha still looks pretty depressed about this. She even looks beautiful with a solemn expression like that, but… I really can’t afford to let her feel down, especially if she isn’t in the best of health. I gave Sasha my warmest smile as I responded.

“There’s no such thing as trouble when it comes to my dear wife and daughter. If it’s for the sake of my family, I’m willing to do anything after all, so this much is nothing.”

“But… if I’m always relying on you like this, my Lord, I’ll be a burden…”

If everything was normal, words like that would be enough to put Sasha at ease, but… probably because of the pregnancy, it seems like she’s slightly more anxious than usual.

Well now, my daughter is sitting right there and Sasha is in the early stages of pregnancy, so I can’t do anything too flashy… what to do…

‘Let me embrace all your troubles away’ is something I’d usually say, and whisk her away to my bed, but that’s not something I could do even if Laurier wasn’t here, because I don’t want to put the baby or Sasha’s health at risk.

If that’s the case… then, I only have one option.

Cupping her cheek with my hand, I gently leaned in and kissed Sasha on the forehead.

“M-my Lord…”

She mustn’t have expected me to do this in front of our daughter. That look of anxiety from just a few moments ago was blown away as Sasha’s eyes opened wide, her cheeks flushing crimson. As Sasha sat speechlessly, I flashed her an ever so slightly mischievous grin.

“Sorry about that. But Sasha, it’s your fault for being too cute, right…?”

“C-cute? That’s…”

“You know… I really love your cute side, Sasha. No matter what, through thick and thin, I’ll always love you, Sasha. That’s why, if you say something as cute as that again… perhaps I’ll have to seal those lips with a more adult kiss?”

Sasha had no more words as her entire face went red. As relieved as I was that Sasha seemed to finally be calming down a little bit, the moment I let my guard down I felt a soft tug on my sleeve, as I looked down to see Laurier staring up at me with confused eyes.

“Father… what’s an adult kiss?”

…I slipped up. To think that the day has already come where my pure and innocent daughter would ask me such a thing…

Well, I suppose education is also part of a parent’s job. Eventually, Sasha or I will have to teach her about things like this, but… unlike Sasha, who I could simply teach practically, that wasn’t exactly something I could do with Laurier, so… after a bit of thought, I made up something safe on the spot, and thankfully she seemed to believe me.



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    1. Only in the short term, I guarantee there will be an embarrassing misunderstanding later. Trying to trick kids never works out in the end XD

  1. I really like this story but I don’t like Sasha much. I don’t care how innocent she is or about any childlike shyness she has, the point is that there was an actual child around that she gave birth to & then neglected! Even if I stretch it & go okay, maybe she didn’t want to overstep & was pinning over not getting love from get husband but there’s flaws even in that theory. But even if I decide to forget that saying plot point yo, let’s close our eyes a bit, fact remains that she competes with her child for her husband’s affection! Like say what lady! You’re a grown woman! That’s YOUR child! You should be spoiling her alongside papa rather than asking to be spoiled equally! 😬 All that aside, I’ll still stick to the story because I’m a sucker for cute children & I love seeing them spoiled like they deserve^^

    Thank you for your hard work translator-san!💜

    1. Reread Sasha’s chapter, you’ll find that she actually preferred her old husband’s cold fish act over her parents’…well, while not confirmed, but it was heavily hinted at constant abuse. Given that, any surprise why she’d be eating up the affection that the new model Husband has been showering her? Ignoring her daughter was due to her old insecurities and Callis’ own distance from Laurier both contributing to that.

      Basically, Sasha’s damaged and needs to rebuild herself, but she and Laurier are interacting as mother and daughter when Epic MC Dad is busy with one thing or another as per his narrations. We reading the main story from the MC’s POV so we’ll be missing scenes where he isn’t there.

  2. Quite a dangerous situation, but at least he didn’t suggest or do something more, erm, adult-ish. Next time Sasha gets depressed he should use the secret weapon, tiny Laurier, and just have her hug the depression away.
    Thanks for the chapter, awesome translation as always! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

  3. “I made up something safe on the spot and she seemed to believe me.” Yes, but what exactly did he tell her? What is the point of creating a scene that can cause the protagonist some trouble, only to gloss over it? Such an incredibly lazy writing.

  4. Doesn’t matter if she is emotionally damaged or not, don’t forget that she realized how much she had neglected her daughter and apologized to her. Granted, perhaps Sasha is dotting on Laurier and the author simply isn’t showing this to us, but this us just speculation… What isn’t just speculation though is what we are being shown… And what we are shown is a mother that is more concerned with pleasing her husband than she is about caring for her daughter… And this despite that this behavior was what she apologized to her daughter about. In short, Sasha is still behaving pretty much the same way she was before. She is greatly neglecting her daughter.

    1. I feel like it needs to be said that post childbirth depression exist and can commonly happen to women who just gave birth for the first time, especially when she did so in an unfriendly environment.

      Although I don’t agree with what Sasha did, it still makes sense, she has been hinted of abuse by her family, and her husband, although she doesn’t mind, is cold to her and barely gave her any support, so when you give birth in that condition it can seriously burden you and can lead to child neglect. But even then she fully realise her mistake and quickly corrected it before it’s too late

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