Since I’ve Reincarnated as the Villainess’ Father, I’ll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love – 23

Laurier’s Birthday

Today is Laurier’s birthday. But, since Sasha is still unfortunately not feeling well, she’s resting in her room. The truth is, I really do want to be by her side, but… I also can’t afford to miss Laurier’s birthday.

What’s more, if I spend too much time with Sasha now, I might end up troubling her.

If my wolf switch is suddenly flicked on and I can’t hold myself back, and something happens to the baby, I’d never be able to live with myself, so I’ll have to endure. Stay strong, my sense of reason…! As I felt those dangerous thoughts flicker through my mind, I tried to suppress them as I waited for Laurier’s classes for the day to end so we could celebrate her birthday. A party that I had been keeping the preparations for secret from her.


After waiting for Laurier out in the hallway for a while, when she finally came out of her room with class finished, she looked at me confused as I smiled and beckoned her with my hand.

“This way, Laurier.”


As she beamed at me and obediently ran over to my side, I ruffled my hand through her hair.


Laurier closed her eyes as she smiled. As I beheld that kitten like cuteness of hers, I barely managed to hold back the goofy grin that almost leapt to my face.

“Are today’s classes over?”

“Yep! Father, works done?”

“I finished early today, since there’s something I wanted to do with you, Laurier. Can you follow me?”


If you answer me back so bright and honestly like that, it really is heartwarming, but… I can’t help but worry she might get deceived by someone someday if she’s so pure-hearted. Well, that being said, Laurier has a good head on her shoulders for someone her age, so she should be fine…

Once again, the uncomfortable feeling arose in my chest as the thought of giving her hand away to some other man someday flitted across my mind, but… well, so long as my daughter is happy, my feelings aren’t worth a penny.

Hand in hand, I lead Laurier down the hallway. As we passed by, the servants turned and smiled at us… I was beginning to realize just how much the atmosphere in this house had changed as of late, as I walked Laurier towards the room that I had been preparing.

“Here we are.”

“Father? This room?”

“Yeah. Can you open the door?”

As I said that, Laurier did her best to open the slightly heavy door with her small body, and as it creaked open inwards… her face suddenly lit up.

We’d decorated the room with everything we had, and across the wall, a big banner with the words Happy 3rd Birthday, Laurier! had been draped.

“Father… what’s this?”

“It’s just as you can see. I had this room prepared specially to celebrate your birthday, Laurier. The truth is, Sasha… your mother wanted to celebrate with you as well, Laurier, but she’s not feeling to well right now, so we’ll go and visit her later.”


Laurier looked confused. Well, especially since there wasn’t any celebration last year, she probably didn’t even remember the date, or even why we were celebrating it now… with a smile, I explained it to Laurier as simply as I could.

“A birthday is a day to celebrate someone we’re glad was born… a day to say thank you. Today is the anniversary of the day that Laurier was born, so we’re having a celebration.”

“Celebrayshun… because I was born, father and mother are happy?”

“Of course we are. Sasha and I are so thankful that you were born to us. We’re so grateful to you for being our daughter, Laurier.”

As I pet her head again, a big smile returned to Laurier’s face.

Of course, I wanted to pamper my cute daughter even more, but… it wouldn’t do to just stand at the door like this, so I took Laurier’s hand and lead her inside.

When Laurier saw her attendant maid and nanny in their casual clothes waiting for her inside, she looked at them in surprise. Well, since she’d only ever seen them in their work uniforms before, I guess that makes sense.

“Next year onwards, I’ll make sure to invite all of Laurier’s friends… especially if Princess Serena comes next year, I’ll have to make it a very grand occasion, but this time I thought it would be nice to have a smaller party.”

“Mia, and Lele too, their clothes are different…”

“I asked both of them to wear their favourite clothes today. It’s for Laurier’s birthday, after all?”

After that, I turned to look at Laurier’s maid, Mia, as well as her nanny Lele… and as I did, they both smiled at Laurier.

“It’s an amazing honour to be able to celebrate the young miss’ birthday like this! Congratulations, milady!”

“The young miss has already grown up so fast… Congratulations.”

The maid, Mia, spoke cheerfully with a bright voice. Her nanny, Lele, spoke like she was deeply moved.

After being caught a little off guard by her words, Laurier was stunned… then, after a moment, she returned their smile.

“Thank you!”

Both Mia and Lele’s faces seemed to turn to putty when faced with that angelic smile. Of course, no mere mortals can stand against my daughter’s smile when she gets serious. As expected of Laurier!



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  1. ‘No mere mortal can withstand that smile’, that line nearly killed me, I need some insulin.
    Thanks for the sweet and sugary chapter! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!


    Somehow i read until the end and i was like : Wait whaaaa… it ended !? WTFFFFFF !
    I felt really disappointed, totally expected the chapter to cover the full birthday…

  3. Maybe he will “Challenge” his Lil daughter’s suitor in the future?
    Like “Defeat me first if you want to take my Cute Laurier’s Hand! You mongrel!”

  4. “Celebrayshun… because I was born, father and mother are happy?”

    Thanks so much for this translation . I keep being amazed how the author does so much with little gem like this one

  5. This chapter pretty much flat out told us that the villainess Laurier in the game… NEVER had ever experienced having her birthday celebrated…!

  6. “No mere mortal…”

    Does that mean that he isn’t mortal?
    I’m probably just reading something wrong.

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