Since I’ve Reincarnated as the Villainess’ Father, I’ll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love – 22

Thank You

“…My sincerest congratulations. Your wife is pregnant.”

That was what the doctor who I had sent for stood up and said to me after checking on Sasha’s condition.


“Yes. Her poor health lately was likely due to that.”

Even Sasha looked surprised by the doctor’s words. Then, after thanking the doctor and seeing him off, I gently pulled Sasha into an embrace.

“M-my Lord…?”

“I’m so glad… I’m so glad you’re alright, Sasha…”

“My Lord… thank you…”

Sasha trembled slightly as I held her in my arms. Ever since I’d heard Sasha had collapsed, just how much fear had gripped me…? If something happened to Sasha, would I have even have been able to go on…? Well, of course, I still had to look after Laurier, so I don’t think I could have let myself go before seeing the face of my grandchild, but… still, I was deathly worried.

So, for now, all I wanted to do was lose myself for a while in Sasha’s warmth, running my fingers through her hair as she sat up in bed.

“Thank you, Sasha… Thanks to you, our family is growing even more…”

“T-that’s… um… that’s because you’ve been giving me so much of your love lately, my Lord…”

Sasha stammered out those words bashfully. Well, after Laurier went to bed, we had definitely gotten up to quite a few things in private… so, I suppose this would have had to happen eventually, but even I was surprised by just how quickly we had managed to make a little brother or sister for Laurier.

I suddenly felt like I had the vigour of a man about ten years younger… but, well, it’s only natural for my passions as a man to be ignited if I have a wife this charming.

“Well, it’s Sasha’s fault for being too adorable, so I couldn’t hold myself back.”

“Uuu… please don’t tease me like that…”

Sasha hid her face behind her hands. I felt my heart skip a beat at such an adorable gesture, but… I had to endure, it would be dangerous to do anything so early in her pregnancy.

“B-but, well… I am sure that father and mother-in-law will be delighted to hear that they have another grandchild coming?”

“Well, I’m sure they’ll be surprised, at least…?”

Originally, Callis wasn’t exactly one who paid much attention to Sasha, especially at night… or rather, I don’t think Callis had much time for women in general? So, even if they were married, Callis had barely touched Sasha after their first night… the relationship between the two was so distant that, if it weren’t for the constant nagging of Callis’ parents after their marriage had gone on for so long without a child, Laurier probably wouldn’t have ever been born at all.

So, I’m sure they’d be surprised to hear that they had another grandchild on the way, considering Callis’ personality, but, well, how do I say this… I’m a bit disgusted with my own reasons behind having another child… it was all because I was drowning in Sasha’s cuteness… No! The Callis who completely disregarded Sasha is the weird one! I’m normal!

As I justified myself in my head, I stroked Sasha’s cheek softly.

“Well, anyways… for Sasha and I to have another precious child together… I’m sure that it will be like a bond… and we’ll become even closer now…”


Sasha looked confused at my words as I smiled at her.

“Yeah. Proof of just how deep the love between Sasha and myself is… something like that?”


“Yeah, a bond of love. A precious child that will only strengthen the ties between us.”

Sasha blushed furiously at my words… well, to be honest, I was pretty embarrassed by them myself, and I was the one saying them. But, I didn’t let that show on my face as I kept going.

“This is the result of just how much we love each other, Sasha.”

“M-my Lord… if you put it like that… it’s embarrassing…”

Once again, Sasha was adorable. As that intense wave of cuteness washed over me, it was hard to imagine that she was only the better part of a year away from becoming a second-time mother.

Laurier’s birthday preparations… so long as Sasha can get a good night’s rest, I should be able to finish in time. So, until Laurier came to check on her mother as well, I gently exchanged all sorts of embarrassing lines with Sasha as she lay in bed.

After all, my wife is just too damn cute!



Place your bets on whether Laurier will have a baby brother or sister below. Anyone who guesses correctly will win a smug sense of self-satisfaction.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I think brother so as to have a male heir to the Fall household but doing so might, if there is any, destroy the flag about the adopted brother of the villainess. Also it would be a good change of pace to see another type of sweet

  2. The template would always be a younger brother but alas I always find little sisters cuter so I will say little sister for laurier

    1. Callis probably wasn’t supposed to have a second child in the otome game though.

  3. I read this first thing coming into office and everyone passing by asked me what’s so fun. I guess one cannot escape smiling like an idiot while reading these chapters. They’re so so so damn sweet.

    1. noooo i wuz going to bet that… lol well hum…. …. …. can i call dibs on that bet? lol

  4. Thank you for the chapter!

    “T-that’s… um… that’s because you’ve been giving me so much of your love lately, my Lord…”
    Begone impure thoughts! What she meant by love is him loving his wife in a wholesome way!

    Bet it’s a brother….. that would be the one to break the adopted child love candidate flag, since it seems he already broke 2 flags……

    And yeah the old callis is not normal….. he got the position, skill to do his job, wealth, prestige, and a cute wife to boot…… he’s defenitely not normal…..

  5. Thanks for the chapters!
    Probably a brother? Wouldn’t mind another sister though! Cuteness overload!

  6. I’m really curious about how the parents are going to react to his change. Will they be uncomfortable with his complete personality change? Basically, he’s not the son they knew and loved.

  7. I hope for a cute little sister…but I already said last chapter that its probably going to be a brother, and I still find that to be the likely outcome.

    1. The opposite from ainz(observation record) setting then that will be quite interesting scene to watch

  8. One extra line at the end about a bet, and the whole comment section inflated so much, it looks octuplet pregnant. Rather than the gender (and maybe number) of the soon to come baby (or babies) I would rather think about what will MC do to ensure his wife won’t have issues, like any medical or hygienic revolution.
    Thanks for the second chapter! God bless you, take care, and I wish you a great day!

    P.S. I would prefer twin girls, since an adopted brother might join the family in the future.

  9. Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    hmm.. most likely a boy.! Well, I prefer the baby being a girl, but oh well.

  10. “T-that’s… um… that’s because you’ve been giving me so much of your love lately, my Lord…”

    lol I like this man he knows how to properly appreciate an isekai.

    Little sister cuz that’s cuter.

  11. It would be boring if it was a boy, so I will go without being a girl. Also this way Callis can still adopt that boy, but instead of Laurier being interested in him, he would grow close to the younger sister instead and be her Knight. Actually if he has multiple daughters they could all go after a capture target each which would be rather interesting.

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