Endo and Kobayashi’s Live Commentary on the Villainess – 32

『Get It Off Your Chest!』

After seeing Siegward and Liselotte finally come to terms with each other’s feelings, Kobayashi-san let out a shout of joy. Or, to be more accurate, a strange scream that I could barely understand.



She jumped up and down like a mad woman, but there was no mistaking the big grin on her face.

At any rate, it was obvious how happy she was. That being said, I still couldn’t understand her incoherent screaming.

“I’m really glad as well, but… for the time being, maybe you should calm down just a little bit…?”

Even though I said that she kept didn’t stop yelling and running about at all. She probably didn’t even hear me.

As things began to progress nicely in the game just now, she had managed to keep her cool, and we even exchanged a high five and a ‘yay!’.

But now, it seems as if Kobayashi-san has finally reached her limit, as she stepped away from the screen and completely abandoned her commentary, and is now doing some sort of strange interpretive dance.

Even after I saved the game and turned off the console, she didn’t calm down at all. Just… just how long is this going to go on, I wonder?

Well, today is a Saturday and we’re the only ones in Kobayashi-san’s house, so no matter how many completely unintelligible songs she bellows out it’s not as if we’ll get into any trouble, but… well, it’s a little lonely, I guess.


Just as Kobayashi-san was about to lose her balance attempting some kind of spin, I managed to catch her just in time.

“Oh, oops…”

I managed to catch her just before I toppled over, but she was spinning around with such force that I couldn’t actually stay upright, as we toppled over together. My elbows and knees that smacked onto the floor really ached.


Kobayashi-san quickly wiggled out of my arms as she said that, sitting on the floor next to me.

It was just for the briefest of moments, but… she was so soft.

“I’m really sorry, Endo-kun, I got carried away! Thanks for catching me like that! Are you hurt anywhere!?”

Kobayashi-san quickly looked between my arms, shoulders and face to see if there were any cuts or bruises, not realizing it was only my joints that took the brunt of the fall. Obviously, I didn’t say anything.

Kobayashi-san was so close though it feels like my heart is going to jump out of my throat.

“Ah, I’m fine. Are you alright, Kobayashi-san? Calmed down yet?”

As I raised both my hands, trying to convince her I was fine, Kobayashi-san nodded gently with a cute smile.

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy seeing that energetic side of her jumping around just a moment ago, but after all, I really do prefer seeing her like this.

“Yep, I calmed down a little! Not completely though! I’m too happy to do that!

‘Liselotte and Siegward! The ship finally sailed!!’, I want to shout out something like that to the whole world! At least, I want to broadcast it through the school! Maybe as part of the 【Get It Off Your Chest!】event at the school festival!!”

The thing that Kobayashi-san was talking about with a beaming smile on her face was the event that the Broadcasting Club runs at every school festival, the next one coming up in about a month halfway through November, called 【Get It Off Your Chest!】.

On the day of the festival, the club members will gather any of the students or visitors who felt like they had something they wanted to shout out. After an interview, we’ll record what they want to yell. So long as it’s all above board, it’s broadcast to the entire school during the festival.

Of course, a lot of clubs and circles use it to advertise, but there’s no shortage of confessions either.

“No no, I mean, apart from us nobody knows who Liselotte or Siegward are. They’ll have no idea what you’re going on about.”

Of course, you could say whatever you wanted, but I’m not so sure shouting through a school about video game characters was a great idea.

Then again, there was one guy who yelled about his ‘waifu’ last year. So, maybe there’s a precedent.

“Mmmm, then, I’ll turn it into a radio drama! I just need to make a script!”

However, after swiftly giving up on the 【Get It Off Your Chest!】event, Kobayashi-san cracked onto another idea.

The other portion of the Broadcasting Club’s school festival activities was decided on being a radio drama, but there wasn’t a script yet.

Even with November fast approaching, it seemed like everyone has been procrastinating on it.

“Eh? Wait, hold up. You’re really going to…? Seriously?”

Just how was she going to perform in a radio drama about it when just the idea of those two together had her bouncing off the walls?

When I thought that, Kobayashi-san suddenly turned around as if she’d finally calmed down properly, and looked at me.

“…Wait a minute, that might actually be a little embarrassing, right?”

Not just a little.

“Well, I mean, putting aside that I’m not sure you’d be able to calm down for the whole thing, there’s also the problem that if anyone was going to have to play the heroine, Liselotte, it would have to be you, Kobayashi-san…”

When I pointed that out to her as calmly as I could, Kobayashi-san suddenly seemed like she’d thought of something.

“Mmm… Then, does that mean Endo-kun would have to play Sieg?”

“Well… if Kobayashi-san was playing the part of Liselotte… then, I’d do it.”

Or rather, if Kobayashi-san decided to go ahead with this and play Liselotte, there’s no chance in hell I’d let anyone play Sieg.

It would be ridiculously embarrassing, but that’s beside the point.

“…Kuu… That’d be a problem…!”

“What’s the problem now!?”

Kobayashi-san was suddenly holding her hands in her head like she was troubled as I played the straight man.

Just as I was fearing that maybe she wanted someone else to play the Sieg to her Liselotte, Kobayashi-san finally raised her head and spoke.

“No, I really do like your voice, Endo-kun. It’s low, but gentle. Soft, but it carries weight. Even before you were in the broadcasting club I was hoping to get you to say some sickly sweet lines into a recorder so I could play them on an endless loop or something like that~. Actually, I’m still thinking about that.

Kobayashi-san’s expression was deadly serious.

No, well, if you just want me to say that I love you, Kobayashi-san, I can say that whenever you want. Is what I thought, but obviously I was still too much of a wuss to say it.

The Prince and the Villainess made it look so easy just now, though. Once again, those guys really are something.

“Well, y’know, remember the sports tournament recently, Endo-kun? All the girls were telling you that you had such a good voice, right? It made me realize that I’m not the only fan of Endo-kun’s voice out there… seriously just how much demand is there…?”

At Kobayashi-san’s straight ball, I could only glance awkwardly to the side as I mumbled back an answer.

“Kobayashi-san, everyone said that your voice was really beautiful as well…”

As she picked up my mutter, Kobayashi-san let out a slightly embarrassed laughed.

Of course, Kobayashi-san was someone who was truly popular, since she had such a great personality on top of being pretty. Meanwhile, the only thing I had going for me was my voice.

“It was fun, huh~? The sports tournament.”

As Kobayashi-san smiled at me, I remembered that sports tournament from just a couple of weeks ago.




Half a month ago, at the end of September, Kobayashi-san and I provided the commentary for the final of the men’s basketball tournament.

That said, it wasn’t something decided long in advance.

Apparently, the club advisor suddenly decided ‘you two are good, take over the final’ after watching the two of us always taking and joking about something, though he had no idea it was an otome game, so we found ourselves in the box seat at the gymnasium on really short notice.

“Welcome welcome welcome! It’s finally begun, the long awaited final of the men’s basketball! With class 1-3 up against 2-5, there’s been a shock with all the senior classes going out early! Who will claim supremacy now!? With the Play-By-Play, I… my name is Endo, and…”

“I, Kobayashi, will be handling the colour commentary.”

Our chaotic off-the-cuff commentary that started from that point on actually turned out to be surprisingly popular.

We’re only amateurs and didn’t have much time to prepare, so there were a few times where I fell behind, but when that happened Kobayashi-san would always chime in to help me get back on track.

“Wow, you two were really good! You both really got into it, huh!?

It was like I was listening to a married couple’s comedy routine at times!”

That was just what one of my classmates said to me, but apparently that was the impression a lot of people got.

Since we were so lively in our commentary for a finals match that half the school had come to see, the two of us as well as the broadcasting club got a lot of attention.

At around the same time, the rumour that ‘Endo and Kobayashi in the broadcasting club are an item’ started spreading through the school so fast it seemed like even the teachers knew about it.

Apparently that was because we sounded so ‘perfect’ together during the commentary but, sadly, it wasn’t the truth at all.

In fact, I’m worried that things might get awkward between us because of that annoying rumour, and the other members of the broadcasting club who know how I feel have been getting pushy, saying ‘What? You haven’t confessed yet?’ constantly.

I’d hate it if Kobayashi-san suddenly started acting differently around me because of that rumour, but thankfully she seems the same. In fact, she didn’t even seem embarrassed at all when we fell over together like that…

Our current relationship is good, and I don’t want a rumour or something stupid I do or say to ruin it… Ah, jeez, I really do envy that Prince’s courage.



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  1. Yes, confess in character but meet her eyes and have your real feelings conveyed, then kiss.

  2. Yea, I know how that feels. Taken from me who fail evey confession for the last 10 years. They change a lot after that point, the worst would be I was treated like a stranger. So whoever said it would be better to confess, no it didn’t.

    1. Not really… At the very least, you know they’re still immature in handling emotions or what kind of person they are.

      In my case, I was rejected same as you, but we said we’d keep the friendship. Problem was though, they were never the one to reach out to me. Ever again. So, well, I just dropped that friendship. It wasn’t easy. I could count my friends in college with one hand, and even that was further reduced after college, but even if I ended up mostly alone, I didn’t want to keep trying to build a relationship when the other party wasn’t even putting effort in it.

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    1. Yeah, she’s been giving hints on how attractive she thinks he is, so, it’s not as hopeless as it seems for him.

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    Kobayashi is one of Eifa descendants or the witch is Eifa

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