Since I’ve Reincarnated as the Villainess’ Father, I’ll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love – 07

Concerning my Criminally Cute Wife

“My deepest apologies… the young miss is currently at her dance class…”

Asking one of Laurier’s maids about her whereabouts, that was the answer I got. Well, learning to dance is important for noble girls… I suppose there’s no helping it?

“I understand. Then, she should be free this afternoon?”

“Yes. Once her dance class is over for the day…”

“Then, please tell Laurier that once her class is over that she should come to the courtyard. I’d like to take tea with my wife and daughter.”

“Right away! I’m sure that the young miss will be delighted!”

The maid’s face lit up happily… Mm, I’m happy that Laurier has such an earnest lady in waiting to rely upon.

After firing that old hag who was in charge of Laurier’s etiquette training, I made a concerted effort to make sure that there were no other such people around Laurier or Sasha… in that way, it seems to me that their personal servants now were both talented and also had high opinions of their masters.

“Is that so… please keep taking care of Laurier from now on.”

As I said that, Laurier’s maid bowed her head and I left to look for Sasha.


“Sasha-sama is currently practicing embroidery in her room.”

Sasha’s own lady in waiting said that, so I quietly knocked on her door and entered Sasha’s room.

Sasha looked calmly engrossed in her embroidery as she sat in the sun, but… she had a serious expression on her face as she worked. Sasha’s erstwhile eyes, paired with her silver hair that shone as the light reflected off of it, left me transfixed by the spectacle for a while. Looking at her like this, Sasha truly was a beauty… it was like staring at a portrait painted by a master.


After watching her in silence for a while, I finally called out to her… Sasha really must not have noticed me, as her shoulders jumped in surprise as she turned to look.

“M-my lord… I’m sorry. I was so focused that I didn’t notice you entering…”

“No, it was my fault for suddenly interrupting you, right? I was just so captivated looking at you that I couldn’t call out to you earlier.”

“C-captivated, that can’t…”

Sasha said that as she tried to hide her embarrassment… just what is it with my wife? She’s way too cute!

Approaching her, I smiled as I looked at the embroidery she held in her hand.

“It’s a really beautiful design, isn’t it?”

“Um… I was hoping to give it to you, my Lord… b-but that would be a bother to you, wouldn’t it?”

Hearing my wife say something that adorable… I couldn’t stop myself from resting my hand on Sasha’s head as she looked up at me in surprise.

“I’d be glad… If it’s a gift from Sasha, I’d be glad to receive anything. It’s a gift from my beloved wife, after all?”


Sasha’s face turned bright red at those words… it was hard to believe she was a thirty-year-old mother as my self-restraint was being strenuously tested.

Yeah, as cute as my wife is… I really have to question the sanity of the man Callis used to be for neglecting her all this time… Meanwhile, I was fighting an internal battle just to keep a cool head.

“B-but, in any case… what brings my Lord here?”

After praising how adorable Sasha was in my mind for a while, the words of Sasha herself managed to bring me back down to earth as I remembered the main subject.

“That’s right… I was hoping that the three of us could take tea together once Laurier was finished with her dance classes for the day… what do you think?”

As I said that, Sasha’s face lit up for just an instant… then she tried to hide it.

“Of course… I would be happy to…”

“I… I see? Then, once Laurier is finished, the three of us can spend some time together… would that be alright?”

“Yes… if it’s by your side…”

Even though she said that so happily, I meanwhile… had more turbulent feelings.

(…Just who is this angel!? She’s way too cute for her age!?)

I don’t think I’d be able to hold myself back tonight… honestly, at this rate, I do wonder if Laurier will have a new baby brother or sister before long… Yeah.



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    1. Yep somehow i also wish for that to happen. Kinda want a confirmation of them doing the *deed*. I wonder what will happen to adopted brother of Laurier though. WIll be forgotten ?

  1. Thank you for the chapter! My man, push her down already…… i’m sure she’s also waiting for you to do it…… the past’s concern of the household seemed ti be the lack of childern…….. but now it would be an overflow of childern lol

  2. This chapter (and others in this novel) should come with a warning, and an insulin dose. Seems that, Laurier might not get a step brother, but a real brother.
    Thanks for the translation! God bless you, good luck, and stay healthy!

  3. Thanks for the chapter
    Isn’t the daughter 2 years old? How she can do dancing lessons? 2 years old can barely run

  4. Thanks for the chapter, ‘… honestly, at this rate, I do wonder if Laurier will have a new baby brother or sister before long’ now you are talking MC.

  5. I think I’m missing something. Is the daughter two or twelve? How is a 2 year old having dance and etiquette lessons? Everything would fit if it was twelve, but they keep saying she’s two.

  6. Thanks for the chapter Amarrez! Wonder if he’ll be able to steer clear of all the troubles and live this happy life using his future knowledge.

  7. Maybe the previous Duke was gay? It would explain the staying away from her after doing the bare minimum of trying to produce an heir. He wouldn’t have had much of an option not to marry her in that time period, either. That could be something to bring about enough dissatisfaction in their relationship to have him forget about his daughter too. Just something that keeps popping into my head.

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