Since I’ve Reincarnated as the Villainess’ Father, I’ll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love – Side Story 01

Sasha Fall’s Happiness

Even a political marriage was fine.

In the eyes of Sasha Fall, the important thing was to be connected with someone. Yet her husband, Callis Fall, seemed to always be avoiding everyone.

No… to be more precise, wasn’t it only Sasha that he avoided? Ever since they were first engaged, Callis seemed to be uncomfortable even being around Sasha. He may not have wanted much to do with her but, compared to her always enraged parents, Sasha preferred Callis’ coldness to the company of her own family or the ‘friends’ only interested in her position.

She knew that she would never be rewarded for that preference. Callis would never truly look Sasha’s way. But all the same, she did her best to stay by his side, as a Duchess should.

Yet even after having a daughter, the anxiety in her heart didn’t go away… in the end, she grew distant to her child, in the same way she had distanced herself to those parents she so disliked.

But, two years after her daughter was born, something changed.

After a particularly busy day of work, Callis collapsed, striking his head on the floor.

She was desperately worried and, even though she knew that he would find her being near him a nuisance, decided to watch over the sleeping Callis, staying by his bedside.

When he awoke, it was as if something indispensable to his character had been lost in the fall… no, rather, just by the way he smiled at Sasha, it really was as if his whole personality had changed.

Of course, she was confused at first… she even worried if he had become strange after hitting his head. However…


Sasha had felt like she could lose herself to those eyes that looked at her so gently.

And like that, Callis had told Sasha that he loved her. To be told something like that after such a long time, she was speechless. But, all the same… hearing that made her happier than she had ever been.

What had really happened to Callis… she did not know. But, somehow, even if his personality had changed somewhat, she still loved him all the same.

Even if he may seem like another person… this was the first time that she had ever heard him say he loved her.



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  1. …holy crap, what kind of life did the mother lead that she preferred a cold fish of a husband?

    1. Well, actually callis is there he simply remembered his memories of another life which caused him a change in how he views the matters

  2. If he was so distant to her, then how the hell did the even have a child?

    1. Just because they’re distant, didn’t mean they couldn’t have a child for the sake of the political marriage. It’s probably the reason why it took them so long though compared to other married couples.

  3. Wait did I miss something, two years after her daughter’s birth was the day when he ‘woke’ up but that also means his daughter was 2 years old. Laurier was taking lessons at 2 years old? This seems like a type and author probably meant 7 years or something

    1. Well, to be fair, this is a strict 1700 era setting where kids (especially less valued girls) were raised not to bring shame unto the family. Also kids go to preschool and learn stuff there at two nowadays. In some countries kids start school at three in the twenty first century, who knows what it was like in the eighteenth century

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