Endo and Kobayashi’s Live Commentary on the Villainess – 14

The Summer Holidays

“The Marquis’ daughter, Liselotte Riefenstahl, is tormenting a poor common girl out in the courtyard, please help her!”

When asked to intervene, what would be the correct response to an impossibly absurd accusation like that?

Should I be angry at the insult to my fiancée? My fiancée might be easy to misunderstand, but I’ll have you know that she really is a good girl once you get to know her. Or did you just see her serious face and assume she was being a bully?

“I understand, thank you for telling me,” I decided to tell that to the slightly dimwitted looking girl in front of me with my usual smile.

As soon as I arrived in the courtyard, I began looking for my easily misunderstood fiancée.

“Finne, you are living in the staff lodgings presently, are you not?”

『Liselotte’s question is so roundabout that not even I know what her true meaning is anymooooore!』

『It seems that there is something she wishes to ask, but is it an issue of nobility or something unique to Liselotte? She’s asking so many questions that seem unrelated to each other that it really does feel like an interrogation now.』

Found her.

Liselotte and Finne were sitting side by side on a bench. It seemed like Liselotte was reciting a list of questions to Finne.

As I had gathered from the voices of the Gods as well as the fact that Finne’s head was cocked at a strange angle, it seemed like the questions she was asking were a bit too ambiguous.

“Umm, yes. They let me stay in the staff dormitory…”

For the most part, all of the students at the academy were sons and daughters of the nobility.

And being nobility, they typically owned an estate in the capital even if their land was elsewhere.

Therefore, all the students at this academy travelled to class from their family’s residence in the capital. All except one.

That one person was Finne.

So, what exactly were Liselotte’s intentions after finding that out?

“About that staff dormitory… They serve food in such a place, yes?”

『Oh, she was about to say something else but stopped herself, didn’t she? That seems to be a common pattern today.』

As the great Coebayashay had mentioned, Liselotte seemed to be troubled about saying what she actually wanted to say.

“Yes! It’s delicious, too! Maybe because of the budget or because we’re all women there, I don’t think there’s enough meat… But it’s not a problem since I can just get it myself!”

『That doesn’t seem to be what Liselotte wanted to hear…!』

『Finne-chan stays in the dormitory for female members of staff. I see, since she’s such a crazed warrior and still a growing girl, she might feel like she’s not being fed enough?』

Finne answered her cheerfully, but Liselotte seemed confused as she started to fidget bashfully. It seems like Endow’s sage knowledge was completely correct.

“Liselotte, is something wrong?”

I suddenly realized that I might be the source of some unwanted rumours if anyone saw me silently watching the two of them. As I called out to them, both Liselotte and Finne jumped in surprise but smiled in relief when they realized it was me.

“Ahh, Your Highness, I…”

Liselotte seemed to want to ask me something as well, but even though her voice trailed off as she tried to stammer it out, she still looked happy.

“Were you talking about the staff dormitories? Ah, now that I think about it, what are your plans for the summer break, Miss Finne? As I recall, the school cafeteria won’t be staffed for a period of time, will it?”

The fast-approaching summer holidays for the academy were only a week away. Although there would still be working staff over the month-long break, all of them were taking a one week break off during the holidays as well.


Of course, I had only mentioned it casually, but I didn’t miss the smile that suddenly illuminated Liselotte’s face.

『I see, this whole time, Liselotte was concerned about how Finne was going to be spending her summer vacation!』

『In the game, Finne would always go with a capture target, but… I don’t know how an unmarried man and woman actually spending time together alone like that would be viewed with the etiquette of this world.』

I found myself frowning at Coebayashay’s words. Of course, there would be deep implications if an unmarried man and woman took a long trip alone in such a way.

“Ah, summer vacation? If mama… Ah, sorry. If I can find out where my mother is staying, I’ll spend it with her; otherwise, I’ll just have to stay in the dormitory by myself.”

If I recalled correctly, Finne’s only family was her mother.

Isn’t it quite serious for her to be unaware of her own mother’s whereabouts?

Stepping forward without thinking, I called out to ask Finne.

“Miss Finne, what did you mean by that?”

“Ah it’s… Well, my mother angered some of the high ranking nobles in the capital, so they’re after her life. Because of that, she’s sort of on the run?”

I had asked her seriously, but Finne responded with something outrageous as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Thanks to that, I almost got killed as well, so for my sake, she doesn’t tell me where she is anymore. Honestly, mother, just what did you do in the first place?”

Finne giggled as she said that, but I didn’t think it was a laughing matter at all.

“Well, since I can use magic, maybe my father was a nobleman or something like that? Apparently, my father died around the time of my birth, so uh, basically they think mama killed him? Was it an act of passion after being blinded by love? Is that why his family wants her dead? Or something like that, but I didn’t really ask…”

『What a dangerous story…! Hold on a minute… Isn’t the setting for this game a little too serious considering its title? There’s so much death in it.』

『Well, Magikoi actually ended up selling really well, you know? Although I feel like there’s a sense of malice in trying to traumatize young womenotome players like that?』

I kept silent as I listened to the venerable Endow and Coebayashay talk.

『Ah, about Finnemama, Finne-chan’s guess is a little off. The truth is actually more peaceful.』

Thank goodness. I breathed a sigh of relief as Coebayashay said that.

“…Is it not dangerous to be in the dorms alone by yourself? No matter how strong you may be, Finne, you are still a young girl.”

As Liselotte said that with a determined expression, I found myself agreeing with her.

The story of Finne’s mother had caught me off guard a little bit, so I had almost forgotten, but it wasn’t just an issue with meals. She’s still only a fifteen-year-old girl, so someone should look after her.

There’s no shortage of guest rooms at the royal palace so it wouldn’t be hard to have her taken care of there… No, if I did that, I would feel very sorry if bad rumours were spread about Finne.

『Why does Liselotte have such a stubborn look on her face…?』

『It seems like she’s concerned about Finne-chan’s living conditions but is finding it hard to just come out with it. Well, what else can you expect from a tsundere?』

As I was trying to figure out exactly what was wrong, I heard their voices again.

Ah, I see now.

“If that’s the case, Liselotte, why not take care of Miss Finne at your family’s house?”

When I suggested that, I saw the corners of Liselotte’s mouth being to tremble upwards.

“W-well, I suppose so?! I was on planning returning to our lands, but since I already have three sisters at the main house, I do not think there would be a great burden if there were one more!? House Riefenstahl is a family of proud warriors as well, so I do not think there shall be any problems if there are any complications that arise concerning your mother! What’s more, you should take this opportunity to learn many things from me, such as proper manners and etiquette!! I do not believe a house more suitable than ours exists? Ah, well, if it’s His Highness suggesting so… Then I suppose I do not mind having you stay.”

commentary 09

That’s so damned cute.

『Liselotte’s machine gun-like ranting can’t hide her joy! No matter how haughtily she might try to act, there’s no way you can hide that smile on your face, Liselotte!!』

『To even notice that she was getting too excited and managing to tone herself down at the end, what a high-grade performance, I give that tsundere routine a perfect 100 score.』

Both of them were right.

My fiancée is so cute that it’s painful. I quietly looked up at the sky.

“No, I couldn’t possibly, I would be causing you far too much trouble…”

Finne shook her head bashfully as she said that.

“Hmph, are you saying that our household cannot take care of a single guest? Or, perhaps, are you making light of the Marquisal House of Riefenstahl? Or are you accusing my house of being some shabby and run down thing that cannot even take care of a single girl for a month?”

Liselotte stared at Finne with half narrowed eyes as she said that, but, well, considering that she was doing it with a nearly identical expression as she had when giving Finne those presents of a wand and several sets school uniforms as well, I think it’s fair to say that Liselotte is acting ‘Soon d’Rey’, as the Gods put it.

As for the people who were wondering just why her fiancée was getting no such presents, there are more than a few.

Anyways, I understand why Finne seems to be hesitant about accepting such a sudden offer. Especially since she was offering to have her as a guest not just for the week that there was no staff at the school, but for the entire month of the holidays.

『The key to figuring out the peaceful truth about Finnemama is located at the Riefenstahl house, so Rize-tan absolutely has to win here.』

Such was the decree of Coebayashay.

It’s not just about Liselotte spending the summer holidays with her friend Finne, but there’s in fact a deeper meaning to all this. Something has to be done.

“…Miss Finne, the Riefenstahl territory is famed for breeding horses. There is also a growing horse based cuisine developing there.”

“I will be in your care over the summer, Lady Liselotte.”

As I added on a little joke, Finne suddenly discarded all of her hesitations.

As Finne bowed her head down low towards her, Liselotte looked amazed, but there was no mistaking the joyful smile on her face.

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