Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – 81

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Günter said that he would run a grilled meat stall during the festival.

Apparently, he chose that because the strong smell would supposedly hook in passers-by. The other proposed stalls would have things such as bread and roasted potatoes. There were also going to be stalls that were selling baked sweets and fruits

Camilla would have liked to have helped out with the cooking, but it didn’t seem possible now. She didn’t want to jeopardize everything by antagonizing Günter, who was working to bring around the restaurants to their cause by using the Brandt name.

That said, Camilla couldn’t play an instrument and she wouldn’t be much use when it came to manual labour either. Up until the day and even during the festival itself, Camilla felt like a bystander.

– I can’t stand it.

After all, on the day itself, Klaus and Alois would be busy. Lately, the two of them were always talking to each other about something, and Camilla couldn’t help but feel they were keeping their business from her. Those two must be overthinking everything again… That’s what Camilla thought.

Putting aside those two busybodies, although it would be nice to walk around with Nicole, that felt like something she always did.

So, just what could she do?

– Perhaps I could make some garlands?

Perhaps because she had been so involved with getting the florists on board lately, that was the first thing that came to Camilla’s mind. Making wreaths and garlands of flowers to give to all the festival-goers didn’t seem like a bad idea at all. The work wouldn’t be too taxing, it would make the festival all the prettier, and above all else…

– It’s absolutely more fun to get involved, rather than just watching on!

Caught in the flow of the atmosphere, Camilla was looking forward to the New Year.



Despite winter not having come to a close, the first signs of spring were beginning to appear. As the snowfall gradually decreased, they met with the young vigilantes from the original group who had offered to help with the manual labour.

As the first buds began to appear on the snow covered trees dotting the footpaths, they began to gather wood with which to build the stands.

Despite being covered in snow, the first sprouts began to appear in the flower beds and potted plants around town.

The snow began to melt away.

When their breath didn’t turn to steam and they could feel the warm rays of the sun as they stepped outside, the end of the festival preparations were in sight.



“Don’t move. I still need to adjust it a little more.”

Mia’s voice was serious as she pulled on the hem of Victor’s clothes. As Mia once again wielded her needle, Victor tensed up.

What Victor was wearing was the band uniform that Mia had tailored. A white undershirt, with an eye catching jacket coloured a vivid shade of red. Its sleeves and collars were embroidered with threads of gold. The matching red trousers reached down to their knees. From the knees down were black boots with red laces.

“I guess fine feathers really can make fine birds.”

His friends poked fun at him as they joked with each other about their new clothes.

“Can’t you just say that it suits me? Mia made it, after all.”

Victor said that like he was upset. Of course, he wasn’t really angry. Even though they were making jokes at each others expense, the truth was that they truly thought the uniforms looked good.

“The day’s almost here, huh?”

As Finne looked over herself wearing her red dress, she said that a little restlessly. Unlike the boys, the girls were wearing dresses of a matching colour. They were made to give them the freest movement they could. They weren’t tight on the waist, whilst the sleeves covering both arms were loosely fitted.

“Will we be alright? I’m still a little nervous.”

“We’ll be fine, we practiced so much, after all.”

Victor reassured the worried Finne, despite his face staying tense as Mia worked with her needle. But still, he looked around at his friends.

“More than that, what do you guys want to do next once this is all over? I want to try out some new sheet music.”

“Already thinking about that!?”

Mia yelled that at him as she tried to focus on her needlework. They hadn’t even performed, yet it was as if he was already determined about what came next.

But still, Victor went on.

“I don’t want everything to be over after this. This time we were practicing for my wedding, but next time I’d like to do something different. I want to play a lot more. Don’t you guys think so too?”

Saying that, Victor looked at his friends one by one. Dieter, Otto, Finne and Verrat.

Everyone’s expressions were just as bright as their costumes.

– No, wait.

“Verrat? What’s wrong?”

There was one. Only Verrat looked down, squeezing the hem of her dress. When Victor called out to her in worry, she suddenly raised her head like he had startled her.

“T-That’s right? If there is… a next time…”

It was strange for her to speak so timidly, so Victor was a little concerned. But, before he could ask her anything further, her face changed back to her usually serious and impenetrable expression.

There were only a few more days until the festival and their public performance.

The doubts that Victor had quickly faded away as things got busier.



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