Endo and Kobayashi’s Live Commentary on the Villainess – 09

Liselotte’s Side (Part 1)


Recently the Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Siegward, has been acting strangely.

Although the two of us are engaged, neither of us had the opportunity to meet with the other often before attending the academy, so we’re still not very close to one another.

His Highness is calm in mind and spirit while I’m strong willed and not cute at all. It’s difficult to say we suit one another.

I don’t want to believe it, but I know he doesn’t like me.

We have never called each other by nicknames, and unlike Artur Richter, I have never held a casual conversation with His Highness.

There has always been a sense of distance between us.



Even so…


“Finne. It is unbecoming to be so familiar with a gentleman who already has a fiancée. Putting the case of Artur and Bard aside… His Highness is officially engaged to me. Even if you do not care about what people think, there might still be trouble if you are gossiped about in vulgar rumours related to His Highness and me. Do I make myself clear?”

Just why is it that I can only speak in such a curt and uptight way?

Even though I hate how I sound, my words don’t stop.

The cute girl on the other end of my venomous words looked like she was on the verge of tears.

“Liselotte, are you jealous?”

Yet despite that, His Highness boldly cut into the heavy atmosphere between myself and the poor Finne with an effortlessly elegant smile on his face.

“W-What, that is… I…”

Ah, it really is strange after all.

Why was His Highness looking at me with such a heartwarming smile?

A mixture of shame for having been so easily read and a desire to cry at the stare of those tender amber eyes washed over me.

All I could do was foolishly stand there with my mouth agape, struggling to find any words.

My cheeks were getting warmer.

“During the practice match before, I didn’t call out to you because I didn’t know if a lady would be interested in seeing such things. I never had any intention of shunning you or leaving you out.”

It really is strange after all.

Lately, it feels as if His Highness can read me perfectly.

And what’s more, his eyes… Was he really looking at me with eyes like I was someone dear to him?

“So I apologize if I made you feel lonely.”

I was lonely.

It was as if he had laid my heart bare for all to see… I’m embarrassed, I’m happy, and I’m embarrassed for being so happy… Basically, jeez, I don’t know what to think.

“I… It’s nothing like that, however, ah, my pride and honour won’t allow… Ah! …Uu!!”

Those hateful words began to tumble out of my mouth without permission once again, but I angrily tried to bite them back.

Feeling like I couldn’t stay around them any longer, even though it was rude and unbecoming, I tried to escape without offering a proper parting.

“Where are you going, my adorable lady? Isn’t it important that you’re here as well, to prevent any vulgar rumours from starting?”

But before I could, His Highness caught my hand.

As I looked back with teary eyes, I saw His Highness, Bard, Artur Richter and even Finne with warm smiles on their faces even though I had just done something incredibly rude.


Just why was it so?


Lost in confusion, a small sound escaped from my lips like a whistle.

“What on earth? That’s too cute.”

His Highness said that with a completely straight face.


What? Too cute?

He was calling me cute? Like Finne?

“Heey, earth to Sieeeg, have you forgotten that we’re here too?”

In amazement, Artur Richter called out to His Highness.

“Don’t you think you’re too mean too, princess…? Even though you smacked my hand away, you let Sieg take it so easily.”

Despite how embarrassing it was to hear those frivolous words behind his smile… I couldn’t shake off His Highness’ hand. It goes without saying that I couldn’t smack it away either.

“Well that’s because she’s my fiancée, right?”

His Highness, saying that with a calm smile, slowly bent down to place his lips on my hand just like Artur had attempted to before.


His lips touched it.

I needn’t even say it.

And when he looked up at me, I… Ah…


As of late, the thumping of my heart wakes me before the sun rises and I open my eyes.

Horrible, horrible dreams. Terrible nightmares that swallow me whole in a dark abyss of envy as I sleep are enough to shake me awake in a cold sweat.

I don’t sleep well anymore, and I’m constantly irritated and wondering what is wrong with me. I’m ashamed by it. To put it simply…

I feel like I am losing my mind.

The last thing I saw was that bright blonde hair and those amber eyes.

Prince Siegward’s colours.

My light.

My love.

I love him so much that the word love doesn’t do my overwhelming feelings justice.

I love Prince Siegward.

As I lost consciousness, that was the only thing that was clear in my clouded mind.



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  1. Wow. I did not need this chapter. This actually kills her tsundere character for me.

    We don’t really need to know how she thinks, unless it was to develop her character away from what we know (or what is cliche). We learned nothing new about her character and (imo of course) it made her more boring. I find that idea that a character that can’t control its mouth, (when they were raised in such an environment that shouldn’t have developed that), way to forceful.

    You know what would have been great? If she was strong, confident, and prideful, but had a rude awakening to love, and that’s why she’s embarrassed and shows tsundere nature.

    What if it was her pride in being noble that makes her talk in that way?
    What if she meant everything she said, but they just mistake it as pompous and mean?
    What if she misunderstood and actually took the other characters as her friends (obviously they aren’t) and she ended up being lonely because she believe they betrayed her?
    What if she wanted to be best friends with the commoner finne, but talks like that because she needs to keep her prideful image? The internal monologue made it seem like instead of really wanting to be friends, she is just doing it out of guilt.

    Well, if these things are put into the story later, it wouldn’t mesh well with this chapter.


    1. Yeah it’d be nice to have more of an internal clash between her good nature and nobility. Like struggling to express affection because of her raising so the only way she can interact is by scolding/helping. But she gets flustered when they respond unexpectedly kind.

      A bit of mystery can be more fun than getting a pov chapter. But I guess the fluff is fine.

  2. Really romantic chapter. GJ author (that can’t hear me).

    Nice to see her fainting, that is a really nice touch.
    I wonder about this nightmares though.

    There is a plothole though. Didn’t the prince said before that Liselotte is a childhood friend/acquaintance or something ?

  3. She’s too cute<33 I love this story! Thanks for the translation.

    So she has been getting nightmares about being possessed and being turned into the villain/last boss? Hopefully she can be saved by the overpowered heroine & her fiance X'DD She doesn't deserve to suffer so much.

  4. Thanks for the Chapter!

    This chapter proves that Her Tsun-Tsun lvl is not that high than as I expected.

  5. couldn’t control her words, its remind me of a tsundere boy that tried broke his endless death flag.

  6. She’s down! start the count! better yet, use CPR! hurry!

    thanks for the chapter~!! kyaa!

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