Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – 70

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The sound was short, but it came through clearly.

As that short note rang through the cold cellar, everyone’s faces lifted as one to look at its source.

“Wow…! A sound! A sound came out properly!!”

It was Finne, the girl holding the flute, who raised a cry in happiness.

Her face was a mixture of shock and pure, unbridled joy. It was as if she really couldn’t believe that she had made that sound herself.

“That’s amazing, Finne! I always knew you could do it!”

Otto was the first to give praise as Finne yelled in excitement. Otto, just like Finne, was practicing with a wind instrument. The sound Finne had made was like a beacon of hope to him, since he was still struggling with his oboe.

“Nice going. That flute really sounded nice, huh?”

Dieter clapped his drumsticks together instead of his hands. The sound they had just heard from Finne’s flute was nothing like what they had heard up until now, which were more like the sounds of a dying cat caught in a pipe.

“Congratulations, Finne.”

Verrat clapped her hands to match Dieter’s sticks. When she finished, the corners of her lips bent in a subtle smile that suited her perfectly.

“Finne, that was fantastic! Maybe you’re actually a musical genius!?”

Yet, even Verrat and Dieter’s applause was drowned out by Victor’s enthusiastic shout. Somehow, he seemed even happier about it than Finne.

Those young musicians kept excitedly praising Finne, even cheering her name. Finne hugged her flute tightly as she smiled bashfully, her cheeks a deep shade of pink. Still, the applause kept coming. The happy cheers echoing around the cellar.

And yet…

“All she did was play one note!”

Camilla yelled at the joyous young musicians who were close to rioting over a single little sound.

All that Finne did was blow correctly on the flute once. What’s more, it was little more than a short peep.

Though it’s true that they hadn’t been able to make a proper sound at all up until now, that everything that came out of their instruments had been akin to musical torture, but they had gathered to play music, songs. Despite that, they were going wild with joy over just one measly note.

Otto could barely make a sound, whilst Victor hadn’t figured out how to tune his violin. Dieter didn’t know how to adjust his power to hammer out notes on his drums and Verrat had no idea how to sing from her stomach. In fact, Finne was the only one who had made any progress at all, even if it was just a single sound. That might be the case, but…

“There is still a long way to go…”

Standing alone, Camilla rubbed her temples.

A few days prior. Ever since encountering Klaus on that snow swept balcony at night, Camilla had been making frequent trips to that underground cellar.

She had various reasons to go, but first and foremost amongst them was the same reason that Klaus also went there. He wanted to teach those five musical rebels just how to play properly.

“I’ve more or less got a feel for all the instruments.”

Just like Klaus himself had claimed, he was quick to learn anything. She wouldn’t go as far as to say he could play in a band straight away, but he was definitely already a decent musician. With his skills as they were, he would definitely be able to teach a complete amateur a thing or two.

According to him, another one of his ‘teachers’ in town had given him a crash course. It seemed like Victor’s group wasn’t the only gathering of musical rebels in this place. What a crazy town.

Klaus would constantly be out in town, so Alois would follow…likely for the purpose of monitoring him again. Since Camilla hated the idea of being left alone in the mansion, she decided to go along as well.

Therefore, the young musicians were getting used to Camilla’s presence as well.

“Now, now. Let them have their moment, they really did get a sound out after all.”

Klaus stayed his usual carefree self as he tried to settle Camilla down.

“They will have fun too, if they see they’re improving little by little. And if they’re having fun, they’ll only want to improve more, don’tcha think, Camilla?”

Without having much to refute him with, Camilla could only groan.

The faces of Alois and Nicole, who stood nearby,  went stiff with surprise.

Klaus had just called her ‘Camilla’ as if it were the most natural thing in the world. That was the first time the two of them had ever heard him speaking to her like that.

Recently, Klaus had come to call Camilla by name.

As for the cause of that, Camilla could probably guess. It was probably because she had heard Klaus’ story that night after meeting him on the balcony. Ever since then, he seemed to have become friendlier with Camilla, in his own way.

As a result, she had been upgraded from ‘you’ to ‘Camilla’.

In terms of nobility, Camilla still outranked Klaus. His attitude was still inherently rude if she thought about it, but at least it was better than being called ‘you’. Besides, Camilla couldn’t imagine Klaus ever calling her a ‘Lady’. Even if he did call her ‘Lady Camilla’, she would suspect him of some kind of trick or biting sarcasm.

That’s why, even though she was a little dissatisfied with it, Camilla decided to leave it be…

Those two, however, had no idea.

“What are you doing, calling my Mistress by such a familiar name!?”

It was Nicole who shouted out first.

Stepping forward from behind Camilla’s back, she glared at Klaus.

“Even Lord Alois doesn’t address my Mistress so casually! You are so rude!!”

Nicole’s shout echoed through the underground cellar. Although Nicole’s voice wasn’t typically loud, her yell carried very well.

“Hmm,” Klaus crossed his arms as he looked at her. It didn’t seem like Nicole’s anger had done much to sway him. He just stared at Nicole, his face as cool as ever.

“Just what is with your attitude!? Please fix it at once!”

As he heard that resounding voice once again echo out from that little body of hers, Klaus scratched his chin as if he was thinking about something.

“Little girl.”

“Don’t call me a little girl!”

“You’re voice ain’t half bad, is it? You cry out from your stomach and it doesn’t look like you’re straining your throat, either. You have good elocution, too.”

“…Excuse me?”

As Klaus spoke in a completely unexpected way, Nicole’s stood dumbfounded. Her anger faded away as she blinked in confusion.

Klaus didn’t seem to pay any heed to the stunned maid. Walking over to Nicole, he took her arm in his.

“Have you ever sung before? Come on, you should set an example for Verrat.”

“Eh, w-wait, me singing is a bit…!? P-Please listen to what I’m telling you!”

Ignoring Nicole’s embarrassed cries, Klaus pulled her to Verrat’s side. As Klaus dragged her away, Nicole looked back at Camilla, the one person who could save her.


“Isn’t it fine? Have a good time.”


Camilla saw the kidnapped Nicole off with a smile. She felt a little sorry for Nicole, considering how serious she was, but hopefully she’d learn to enjoy some singing.

“Camilla. You seem to have gotten pretty close with Klaus, haven’t you?”

As Camilla waved to her poor maid, she heard a calm voice from behind her. That ever soft voice could only be Alois’.

As soon as she heard it, Camilla’s smile felt awkward on her face. Even if she was fine when Nicole or Klaus were around, it was still hard for her to stay calm around Alois when it was only the two of them.

“Lord Alois, I never gave Klaus permission to talk to me like that…”

“Ah, no, I’m not trying to blame you. I was just a little surprised, that’s all.”

As Camilla tried to explain herself, as if she had done something wrong, Alois quickly shook his head.

“I think it’s a good thing to have more people you can consider close, Camilla. Especially if you can talk to them like equals.”

The words he spoke to her were even softer than his voice. More and more, Camilla felt herself sinking back into those feelings.

Alois’ words weighed on her heavily. Alois’ kindness felt painful. Even though it was Alois speaking, in Camilla’s mind, those thoughts of Prince Julian remained.

As Camilla couldn’t meet his eyes, Alois grimaced. Although Alois’ expression looked gentle, there was something other than mere kindness in it.

“That said, I am a little jealous.”

Camilla didn’t raise her head to look at him. Because…she didn’t know just what kind of face she was making herself.

She’d forgiven Verrat and the rest.

Alongside Nicole or Klaus, she was able to keep calm.

She was even able to walk through a town where practiced hymns dedicated to the Prince’s imminent marriage filled the streets.

But whenever she found herself alone with Alois, the feelings of guilt were overwhelming.

– Why?

Why had she fallen in love with Prince Julian?

In her mind, Camilla asked herself that.

Why had she fallen into a hopeless love? Why couldn’t she respond to Alois’ feelings? Why couldn’t she reciprocate what he felt for her?

Just why couldn’t she have met him first?

A question that she couldn’t answer wrapped itself around her head. Those dark feelings of guilt coupled with a suffocating rhetoric left Camilla’s expression frozen.

For the time being, Camilla found it hard to smile in front of Alois.


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    1. Nah, I still think the Prince passively charm magicked her, and she’s magically afflicted. her love is far too intense to be over the events and interactions described.

    1. I like Camilla. Camilla is loud, short-temper, stubborn, impulsive, naive, bad with words and not very honest, arrogant, kind, bashful. In other words, Camilla is flawed, Camilla is human. And that’s more relatable than a protagonist that is so perfect that she is inhuman.

      For those who wishes for a quick romance, this is obviously not the right light novel for that. Camilla had an unrequited love that lasted for a decade so to expect her to magically fall for Alois upon a few weeks of interactions is unrealistic. Beside, love at first sight is more about the chemical reaction in the brain than making the decision to love someone. So while Camilla is trying to slowly let go of her naive expectation for a future with Julian, she is slowly looking at and understanding who Alois the person is. But the act of letting go is terribly difficult because she has crafted an identity of “Camilla love Prince Julian” for a long time and to let go of that identity after a decade mean letting go of a part of herself. Though it may be past tense, it was still a part of her. Her first love, her first hope for love. Camilla is a human character and for any human, to let go of hope is difficult, if not impossible.

      1. I agree that her flaws make her an interesting character and a quaint choice of a protagonist.

        The issue here, though, is that her love for Julian is off. There have been plenty of hints about it, especially in the last few chapters. It is likely her OBSESSION with the prince, not love, was almost like a spell rather than natural feelings. Think about it, this proud woman actually had no issue making herself unsightly and spared no thought to reputation or decorum in any way when pursuing him, even though she clearly isn’t like that with anyone else or in ANYTHING else. Even if that was truly her own desire, by now she understands well the Prince doesn’t care about her at all, yet she can’t let go and find a chance for herself to be happy. While I do like her, she does have moments when she frustrates me.

        Also, Alois has a cunning side and is not perfect either. But he has been very good to her. When he fell for her, he decided to do his best so she could also like him. He has steeled his resolve and lost weight for her, added a skincare routine to his already busy schedule, and he has been kind and very understanding towards her.

        Of course, liking a person does not oblige that person to like you back, and putting in effort for this guarantees nothing. Still, it’s not fair for him that Camilla doesn’t openly acknowledge his effort and deliberately keeps him in an ambiguous position where she has gotten closer to him but still blocks him with her idealized image of Julian.

        Truthfully, we still need to learn more about Alois to know if he really “is too good for her”, but, at the very least, it is evident that he deserves much better treatment from her part at present. Someone who is so earnest towards her deserves to be acknowledged and given a proper response. It has not been a few weeks but MONTHS since they formally met, and also months since Alois told her his intentions and feelings directly, but she has kept mum! She needs to pull herself together and be honest with her feelings, make a choice, and inform him! He earned at least this much.

      2. Having flaws makes a character relatable, but Camilla doesn’t have a single thing that that make her protagonist material. She has literally no skills and no inherant talent. As if to stress this fact, in this chapter they reveal that her maid aside from having super strong magic, also have a talent for singing. Camilla is becoming more and more the most useless protagonist ever.

        1. You mean, she’s like a normal human being? Not everyone has inherent talent. And you’re so forgetting she’s good at cooking. She’s also good at getting people to become sincere with themselves. And if you think she’s the most useless protagonist ever, then you really haven’t read/seen many other series.

        2. An interesting protagonist absolutely does not ever need to be ‘special’ in any way and doesn’t need to have any skills or inherent talent. An interesting protagonist purely depends on how you write them, even the most ‘boring’ person on earth has their own story and that story could definitely be turned into an interesting book by a skilled author. There’s no such thing as ‘protagonist material’.

  1. my boy needs someone who loves him honestly ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚ I know Camilla is getting there but reading this hurt lol

  2. Thanks for the multiple chapters! I hope she sorts out her feelings before it’s too late

  3. If it ever gets found out that it was Alois that time in the castle with the cookie, Camilla is going to bash her head into the wall and curse the past 10 years and the prince.

  4. Next chapter button on chapter 70 loops back to 70, instead of proceeding to 71.

    Much thanks.

  5. Camilla is probably the most human character that has ever existed in any Japanese series ever.

    Why? Because she is literally the most human character I have read so far (and I have read plenty of romance series.)

  6. People here think that they can easily switch to another person. But that just goes to show how shallow your “love” is. It takes time for people to “let go” of their feelings and sometimes you never do let go.

    Though Camila’s love is borderline obsession more than love (since we haven’t ever heard her explain why she loves him… besides the cookie eating thing… and continuously lists things she probably disliked about him as a person), she still can’t get over her obsession. We’ve all seen this before, and maybe some of you have experienced it.

    Say that crush you had in highschool, and you still think back on it and still feel that you “love” them, etc.

    You might say it’s been months, since then, but that’s nothing compared to her obsession. She’s been in “love” for much longer than that, so ergo, it would still take her much longer to get over it.

    You can’t simply let go willy nilly. If you can, well, you weren’t really in love or obsessed. They were just shallow emotions.

    So I can understand her. And she is the most realistic protagonist we’ve seen. No OP powers. No reincarnated memories. She is practically a normal girl. And that’s why she is relate able, understandable, and interesting.

    If you think any different, you probably have a shallow understanding of human nature/behavior and human relations. This series probably isn’t for you, and you should go back to reading stories about OP villainesses with reincarnated memories getting their boyfriends/harem without any real struggle (emotional or otherwise).

    1. Completely fucking agree!! She’s a great protagonist and a well developed character, her flaws are so real and her inner turmoils whether you can relate or not, are so realistic!

  7. Don’t worry girl its easy to see it was lord fatass you met back then its just stupid we have to go through all this so that someday in the future you realize it.

    When you do it’ll probably be pointless anyways since you already love him but whatever.

  8. Camilla is in no way useless. In the previous arc, she managed to convince the einst (is that correct? I forgot the actual name) to move from the danger zone, basically saving their lives. She even has helped others too. So in no way is she useless. So what if she doesn’t have any skill or talents (tho I think her cooking skill is still a skill, might not be superb, but still useful). It’s not like all protagonist need to have “oh-so-amazing” talents or skills. That’s what makes her relatable. She knows she doesn’t have much going and even acknowledge her own flaws. That, alone, is amazing enough because most people, definitely don’t want to even admit to themselves that they have flaws. A person doesn’t need to have skills nor talents to be a protagonist. There’s so much more from just that to be a protagonist.

  9. Wait, I just realized that the initials of the musician members corresponds to their respective instruments! Victor plays violin, Otto plays oboe, Dieter plays drum, Finne plays flute, and Verrat is the vocalist! It doesn’t matter but I just think it’s interesting😂

  10. I think i have a like and dislike to camilla or is it love and hate relationship instead????? I have the same name as her and annoyingly almost the same temper i am quite sensitive to all critisism directed at me and hopeless too in a love.

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