The Splendid Daily Life of the Mother Devouring Princess – 08

The Woman Devouring Beast II

After deciding that he would have Maria that night, Hayden spent the entire day in a state of restlessness.

Absorbed in his own thoughts, he was making more mistakes than usual, often passing right by the places his master had asked him to drive to. At the same time, he pulled on the reins roughly and unsteadily, causing the horses discomfort and making the carriage itself rollick and rumble.

“Hayden, for whatever reason, it seems to be quite an uncomfortable ride today.”

After the carriage pulled into the botanical gardens, Duke Wenschlee said that to Hayden as he stepped out.

“My deepest apologies, Master.”

“It wasn’t just today, you haven’t been quite right these past few days at all. My granddaughter is with me today, so please do try and take care.”


After sighing, the Duke reached his hand out to Maria, still sat in the carriage. After taking his hand gracefully, Maria elegantly stepped out of the carriage, paying Hayden a look as she did so.

And then, she gave him a pretty smile.


Just like Lilith, it was the smile of an angel.

(This girl… I’ll definitely take her…!)

Even if she smiled at him like this in the light of day, at night she didn’t say a word nor even look his way. A woman who disrespects a man like that definitely needed to be punished.

And tonight, he would make her realize that.

As he waited for his Master to finish his tour of the gardens, Hayden daydreamed as he napped on a nearby bench.

Because of that, he didn’t notice when the Duke called out to him on his return, being harshly rebuked as a result.

But, thinking about all the fun of the night to come, this was nothing.


Midnight, after the lamps that lit Duke Wenschlee’s study had been snuffed out.

Once he left the servants quarters, Hayden quickly made his way towards the stables.

At this time of night, surely Maria would be here, just like usual. As he bounded into the stables with such anticipation, sure enough, that girl stood there as she always had.

Once again, that golden hair curtained her face, hiding her expression.

As much as he wanted to see her face now, imagining the way her face was going to look underneath him soon made Hayden grin.

“Holding your tongue once again tonight, Princess Maria?”


Just as he expected, Maria didn’t respond to Hayden’s voice.

Just as always, she’s still staring at that old horse. He had no idea what her deal was with that horse, but right now Hayden didn’t really care.


He reached out towards Maria’s body, hoping to feel the skin on her back through that thin dress.

At that moment, Maria turned and knocked away Hayden’s hand.


It was the first time that Maria had even acknowledged Hayden’s existence through all the nights she had come here. In the daytime, she would look at him and smile prettily, at night, it was as if he were a ghost.

“Hmph,” Hayden blew air out of his nose, shaking and nursing his hand exaggeratedly.

“Oh, that’s so disappointing, Your Highness. There’s such a big difference in how little respect you have for men… Compared to your mother. My word, it truly is a shame…!”


“Even if you’re a Princess, a woman’s position is always at the feet of a man’s. If you want proof, just look at how you cake yourself in makeup and try to tempt men’s hearts. You are completely obsessed with thoughts of men, but by pretending to be cold, you’re trying to push responsibility for the act onto me…”

“How many women…”

A quiet, yet oddly resonant voice put pause to Hayden’s words.

“How many women have you brutalized and violated, just like this?”


It was a cold voice that thoroughly rejected him.

Hayden stood dumbfounded, finding it impossible to believe that the cute and petite Maria had a voice like that inside of her.

But, just then.

All that incongruity was blown away by the excitement he felt from the words ‘violate’ falling from those young and pretty lips of hers.

“W-What a rude thing you are!! Even though you’re just a woman, my word!!”


“Pretending to be such a pure and innocent young girl, is that it…!? Oh no Your Highness, this won’t do at all. Just as I thought, you really do need some thorough training…!!”

“Quit your nonsense and answer me.”

Laughing with haggard breaths, Hayden told her exactly what she wanted to hear.

“I am a man, so of course there have been some…! Whenever I see a stuck up bitch try and talk back to a man like me, of course I have to teach them a lesson…! I’ve done this with a few such women by now, and in the end, they all learn to become obedient! No matter how much they cry and wail, they’ll learn to listen to me eventually!”

“…How many?”

“The first one was an especially impertinent cunt. She didn’t stop looking rebellious no matter how much I gave it to her… But, I didn’t do anything wrong, she was just getting what she had coming to her… That slut daughter of a whore…!!”

Once he finished his passionate rant, he slowly turned to look down at Maria, who still stood looking away from him.

“Is that so?”

“I won’t be letting you go tonight, Princess Maria. Ah, tonight for sure, I will teach you just why women really ought to meekly obey their betters…”

He tried to reach out to Maria’s back once again, looking to wrap her in a brutish hug. But, when Maria suddenly turned and grabbed his wrist, it was as if his arm lost all its strength.


“Do not touch me.”

With those curt words on her lips, Maria started to run towards the rear of the stable.

“…What the f…”

Was she just going to fan his flames and then leave again, just like every other night?

Watching his prey flee in front of him, the blood rushed into Hayden’s head.

(Even though you’re just a woman…!)

What a selfish and shallow creature she was, just how long did she intend to make a fool out of him, a man?

(This little bitch, doesn’t she know who she’s messing with!? …Oh, I see? She’s making me angry on purpose because she wants it rough, is that it?)

Perhaps, Maria didn’t want to really escape at all? In fact, that was obviously true, since she was fleeing to the storehouse in the back of the stable instead of to the exit outside.

His mouth twisted into a grin once more.

“Even if you go that way, it’s just a dead end…”

Hayden no longer saw her as a princess.

In his mind, all that was in front of him was a cheeky whore. And since all he was doing was educating a woman who tried to play around with a man’s feelings, it wasn’t as if he was doing anything wrong?

Moreover, he was sure that whichever man inevitably marries this Princess would probably thank him for his work in taming her. To put it simply, he was going to make the Princess into an excellent woman tonight. Those crude thoughts shot like electricity through Hayden’s body, giving him momentum as he gave chase.

He ran straight after that little girl with the back that looked like it could break at a touch. As Maria ran, he could see her ankles out from under her skirt, his eyes widening in anticipation as he imagined grabbing those slender legs of hers.

Just as he was about to reach out and grasp them, the chase carried her into the storeroom.

Hayden too went following after her in the next instant.


Then, swallowed by the momentum and his desire, Hayden’s right leg was caught on something.

Slamming down hard onto his face, he raised himself back up on one hand with a grimace. But, seeing that girl’s adorable little shoes in front of his eyes, he smirked once more and raised his face.

“Princess Maria…”

Looking up, he saw Maria standing over him, holding a large rock in her hands.


Her face looked different to the girl he saw during the day who so resembled Lilith.

Was it because of the scene they found themselves in or was she wearing different makeup? The Maria who stood in front of her now looked like someone he remembered from the past.

In fact, he was sure, it was ‘that woman’…

“You, can’t be…”

Maria brought the stone in her hand down hard, blotting out Hayden’s words.


Feeling a sudden shock run through him and a strong pain spread from the top of his head, Hayden screamed out.

His consciousness began to fade. As it did, he looked at the girl’s face as his sight turned dark.

The daughter of a mistress.

The face of Maria in front of him looked just like the woman who should have been murdered fifteen years ago.

“‘I’ll teach you something you will never forget’, I think I remember you saying once?”

She was beautiful, but her words were harsh and cold.

“Even if you may have forgotten, I never did.”

That slight scent of makeup entered his nostrils, tightening his heart.

“…Even in death.”

With the face of the woman he had once beaten and raped all those years ago on his mind, Hayden lost consciousness.



Authors Note: It begins.

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