Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – 52

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The daughter of Count Storm, Camilla Storm, is a dangerous woman.

That truly insufferable villainess who did her utmost to torment the baron’s daughter, Liselotte, and force the Second Prince Julian under her thumb. Furthermore, it didn’t seem as if she was going to be satisfied with simply controlling Duke Alois Montchat like a puppet.

After manipulating the Duke into trusting her, Camilla then spread her foul influence to the town of Einst and the people who lived there. Taking advantage of an unfortunate disaster, she used her wiles to trick the modest people of Einst onto her side.

The people of Einst threw away their history and their traditions as well as their pride and their modesty as they gave themselves up to Camilla.

And much to the horror of all, that wasn’t the end of it. Had she used the trouble in Einst as a springboard? It seems like that horrible woman is beginning to influence the youth of Mohnton to her evil ways, especially the youngsters of commoners.

Just how far will this woman go in her quest to steal the territory of Mohnton out from under its people? And after taking over Mohnton, will she then set her sights on the capital?

That dangerous woman called Camilla, a rare and despicable breed of villainess who only rears her head once in a generation, had the potential to shake the very country to its core.

To my dearest sister,

My dear sister Camilla [1], it has been some time. Your cute little sister, Therese, thought to write to you once more.

I never received a reply to my last letter, but I’m curious as to how you have been lately? It has been over seven months since you became a bride of the bogs, dear sister. It is truly difficult to hear any word about how you’re faring. Father and mother seem not to care, but I must confess I am most worried about you.

Since you’ve lived in the swamps for so long, have you forgotten how to reply to me with words that humans can read? Or perhaps these letters of mine are getting lost in the bog, only to be read by the toads who live next door to you?

I’m worried about whether or not you’ve been reading my letters, dear sister. Because of that anxiety of mine, please do forgive me for writing in such a similar way to my last letters. Although, my dear sister, there is something you ought to know…

Sister. I have always held a selfish daydream of one day being able to call you my sister.

Just like I always imagined, father and mother are truly wonderful people as well. It is as if they love me more than their first child. Father said to me ‘You must have had a hard time living as a viscount’s daughter. Don’t worry, you’ll want for nothing here’. And when I mentioned how worried I was about you, sister, he said; ‘I don’t consider her my daughter anymore. From now on, you are my only child’.

Mother is always doting on me as well, saying things like ‘Please don’t be modest, feel free to rely on me as selfishly as you like’.

Honestly, I’m so happy. It feels like a dream. Even if my sister is now the wife of a toad, it surely must be very hard to adjust to your new life. Every time I think about the happiness I enjoy every day, I truly feel a pang of conscience for what you must be going through.

…No, a toad will still have their own sort of happiness. I know how truly affectionate you can be, my dear sister. Right now, I’m sure you’ve found your own happiness, taking care of your new tadpoles.

Oh dear, I wrote a lot more than I intended to. But, I hope you will forgive me. It shouldn’t be too long now until I can call you ‘my sister’ in person, oh dear sister.

It seems as if father is intending to truly disown you for good soon, sister.

Perhaps it was my fault, as I heard from my dear friend, Lady Liselotte, just to what lengths you went to behind Prince Julian’s back. Although, on the other hand, I get the feeling that the intention to sever ties with you had already been decided sometime before. Once I told father what I had heard from Liselotte, he yelled ‘Oh, why was a daughter like her ever born?’ as his face turned red from anger.

But, it wouldn’t do to lie to him or keep any secrets. You’re a very honest person as well, sister, and I’d like to think we’re much alike.

Oh yes, I mentioned that I spoke to Lady Liselotte. She and I have become very good friends.

Liselotte is very kind and lady-like, she provides such a wonderful contrast to you, dear sister. After you were sent off to be married, dear sister, Liselotte has become very close with the Storm family and does a very good job of watching over us. She was deeply worried that the Storm family’s reputation would be tarnished by all the stories about you, dear sister. Truly, her gracious feelings touched my heart.

It’s only natural that Prince Julian would be charmed by such a girl. Everyone in the country is looking forward to their marriage with deep anticipation.

But… Ah, I wonder if this story has actually reached the Land of Mohnton yet? Their marriage date has already been decided. Once winter has passed, the new year will bring spring. Once the flowers begin to bloom, the wedding ceremony will be held.

Of course, you will be attending with Lord Montchat, will you not? Then, after such a long time apart, I can finally meet you again dear sister.

I truly am looking forward to it.

I truly, truly am.

Even if father and mother say they don’t want to see your face ever again, I still want to wait for you as a family. And when we meet again, I’ll be able to say it to you in person.


From your adorable little sister, Therese.

As Therese’s letter was swallowed by the flames, Camilla gazed silently at the blazing hearth.

The papers were reduced to ash and cinders as if they had never taken shape at all. Camilla only wished that the words she had read off those pages could be burned out of her head in much the same way.

Her parents had adopted Therese. The Prince is to be married. Liselotte, Camilla’s mortal enemy, had begun to spread her influence into the Storm family. The words that she had read blew like a gale inside of her head.

– It will be okay.

Breathing out, she raised her face as she bit her lip. She couldn’t keep her head down. She couldn’t stare at the ground like this.

– Just this much isn’t enough to make me cry.

But, she couldn’t shake those feelings of frustration all the same. She was furious. Therefore, she’ll keep looking forward to the day when she would be able to show them all. The Prince, Liselotte, Therese, and even her parents.

She would use Alois to the fullest, turning him into a man that would make ladies swoon and have them all brought low with bitter regret.

Yet, for some reason, Camilla couldn’t imagine that ideal future of hers as clearly anymore.

Everyone would look enviously as she walked arm in arm with Alois, grinding their teeth as Camilla strode by. All the aristocrats and ministers in the palace, as well as those gossiping daughters of the nobility, would be stunned into silence. Camilla’s parents would apologize and beg her forgiveness. Liselotte would be the one whose face twisted in frustration and Julian would regret passing her up from the bottom of his heart.

That was the ideal future she had imagined for herself. Wanting to see their bitter expressions of remorse as she looked down on them, those feelings of hers hadn’t changed either.

Then, just why was it that future wasn’t something she could imagine so vividly as she had before?



[1] – Yes, Therese is calling her ‘Camilla Onee-sama’ now, if you were wondering. And she’s using ‘Onee-sama’ way more than one would usually to drive the point home. 

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  1. I really like Therese lol her letter had me in stitches 😛 such a lil bitch hahaha… seriously I don’t hate that toxic tart at all 😛

    What I love most is Camilla’s reaction… its as though she is making a guts pose with a sneered expression everytime she reads the latest news of her home and family 😛 Therese is capable of making her angry, but Camilla was always angry at what happened… Therese is the only one who has bothered to write to Camilla, the only one to inquire of her health and wellbeing while it is barbed with toxicity it is no more and no less than what Camilla was already experiencing…

    The only downside is that Camilla’s vengeful side is leaking out, where she intends to use Alois for future gains, I wonder if she has forgotten her earlier concerns regarding Alois and his calculating way of dealing with situations to his advantage.

    1. One thing I have wondered is who did hire the ruffians who attacked Liselotte. It wasn’t Camilla so could it have been Therese?

      1. I said this way back, that I thought Therese was behind that and I see no reason to change it here. What I don’t get is her father and mother pulling this crap. Anyway I hope Camilla saves the letters and sends them back to her folks when she tells them why they can’t see their grand children.

  2. Ah, thanks for the note. I was like… sister is being repeated every other sentence?? Huh? lol
    Oh Camilla… She’s slowly moving on, which is great. Since it’s obvious those other two are still hung up on how she see them. Hah. Seeking Camilla’s ‘approval’ in a sense… Camilla really is a great villainess isn’t she. Indeed she had the power to bring people onto her side. Protagonist power.
    Many thanks

  3. If every word true in the letter, then they systematically blame everything on Camilla, and spread cruel rumors about her to ruin her remnant reputation. WHEN hse literally can’t defend herself, because in htis way, Liselotte can shine in her “damsel in distress” act. And the worst thing: everyone believe in their word (except her maid, and her maid’s mother, but they don’t have status or power, so they can’t do anything). And I know everyone realized, what I realized, but there is no one near me, who can speak english and interested in webnovels, and I want to tell this someone.
    Thanks for the translation!!

  4. Therese still seems like a Tsundere to me.

    Like her first letter was basically “omg how are you?” but very rudely worded.

    And this one it’s like “I wanted to be your sister and I want to meet you and I hope my letters reach you.”

    1. That and she is explaining the situation to he cousin. Liselotte is keeping tabs on the Storm family. Therese tells Camilla’s parents about something that the other woman had said and instead of being angry that she was spreading rumors those parents were do far gone that they simply believed it was the truth. So Therese is actually informing Camilla that her parents are completely underneath Liselotte’s control. She is also telling her cousin that she can help deal with her parents since they will do anything for her and that she has tricked Liselotte into trusting her so that she now can spy on her.

      1. That, my friend, would be awfully cool of her! If only it were… I don’t think that is it, but, if in a parallel world, were the people is decent and Therese is so too, imagine it:
        1) Takes control and ineritance of the storm house to stabilizer it and ensure no succession fight begins.
        2) Take control of Camila’s parents, that so awfully failed her, to direct them in the right direction.
        3) Makes the enemy (Liselote) lower her guard, and even make her vouch for her house.
        4) Keep tabs on everything, keeping Camila well informed of everything.
        5) Coding her cards in the most awful way so anyone that intercepted the card, could only think (O, it’s only an agravating card) and let it pass.

  5. Therese and Camilla’s parents are idiots (specially Therese since she should know part of the truth) letting Lisselotte gaining influence in their lives. Someday they will regret it.

    1. What’s REALLY strange (and stupid) is the parents talking about disowning her (assuming the letter contains no lies). It would be one thing to disown her right away when she was deemed guilty of “her” crimes – but after a couple months, when the punishment had already been administered as “soft banishment” and engagement with a freaking duke!?

      No matter how disgusted they are with her previous conduct, right now she’s a political piece for them, elevating the status of their house. It seems that Alois is basically the only remaining member of his family. He might be the second best possible son in law after the first prince. The parents of the bride have no reason to care about the groom’s appearance, especially since it wasn’t even them who forced their daughter into the engagement, so she has no reason to resent them for that! This is the moment to try and keep up amicable relationship with your daughter, no matter how much you privately despise her. She’s a treasure – if only by virtue of being engaged to the duke. With no other contenders for the title in sight, unless something really strange happens, that girl’s son is going to be a duke. How the hell can’t a count realize that your grandson being a duke is a pretty damn big deal – and definitely in a good sense too? I see bleak future for House Storm if its head can be so oblivious to the political aspect of marrying a daughter off to a duke whose domain is abundant in a natural resource that’s already extremely precious and only rising in importance lately.

      And on top of that – the girl is duke’s fiancee. Disowning her isn’t merely severing the potential connection – it’s actually an insult to the duke in question. So it creates a NEGATIVE connection.

  6. What makes me truly sad is her parents reaction especially her mothers. While I hate to imagine it there are truly some bad parents in the real world and it breaks my heart. While I don’t know if there is unconditional love in this world parents love for their children should be the closest thing to it.

  7. It’s amazing just how horrible the cousin and parents really are in this story (assuming half of what the cousin says is true).

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