Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – 45

3 – 14

The sun sat at its apex.

The dense miasma had cleared away and the sky was awash with a brilliant shade of blue.

A cool yet pleasant wind blew, wispy clouds trailed overhead, and the land was basked in light.

After Camilla crawled out of the underground and into the town square, she felt her legs give out from under her as she sat down, exhausted.

Spread out in front of her were the broken town and ruined streets of Einst. Over half of the houses she saw had collapsed in on themselves and those once orderly paved streets were peppered with cracks. In some places, it had been rent apart entirely. Although it wasn’t billowing out with any real vigour, miasma still wafted from those wounds in the earth.

A lot of people were in the square and on those streets, sifting through the rubble in a desperate search for trapped survivors. Busy shouts and parties of people rushing to and fro filled the square with noise. The people that had escaped from the underground along with her were still here as well. When they saw Camilla emerge as the last person to escape that underground hell, they yelled and cheered.

“Camilla, are you okay?”

Alois rushed over to Camilla as she sat down, trying to catch her breath. He had already handed the injured Frida over to a doctor on-site. Camilla could see Frida laid up a little ways away, surrounded by people.

“I… I’m okay.”

As she said that, she tried to push herself onto her feet with her hands, but she couldn’t find any power in her muscles anymore. Camilla could only laugh hoarsely as Alois looked on anxiously.

“It… It’s a pathetic thing to admit, but I think my waist gave out in relief.”

“There’s nothing pathetic about you at all.”

Alois held out his hand to Camilla who couldn’t stand under her own power, a warm smile on his face.

“You really showed off just how amazing and brave you are today.”

As he praised her so directly like that, Camilla didn’t know what to say. She felt awkward, not to mention embarrassed. Yet still, she felt a little bit happy with the compliment. But much to her chagrin, she could sense those feelings mixing with her overwhelming sense of relief and something began to well up behind her eyes.

Camilla quickly looked down, blinking away that twinkle in her eye furiously.

“What’s wrong, Camilla?” Alois asked cluelessly, only making her all the more frustrated for some reason.

“Nothing whatsoever. I just felt a bout of fatigue, that is all.”

Camilla said that, reaching out to grasp Alois’ hand that he still held out to her.

Raising her head, she looked at Alois’ own pockmarked and froggy face. Because of the strong miasma, his skin condition had gotten worse, with his puffy skin forcing his eyelids to narrow, half-hiding his red eyes.

– So frustrating.

It was frustrating, but she was left with little choice but to accept it now.

When the earthquakes had started, she had followed his words when she tried to have people on the main street evacuate to the forest.

When they were caught underground, she decided to have Nicole chase after Alois’ magical power without any hesitation.

And when she saw Alois at her lowest moment, she had almost been overcome with relief.

Before she realized it, Camilla had come to trust Alois.

– …But, he is still just a toadish man! It’s far too soon to even think about being able to kiss me!

As Alois pulled Camilla to her feet, she tried to chase away those thoughts in her heart. Alois was still far from the kind of man to suit Camilla’s tastes. Camilla wanted a man who was beautiful, slender yet muscular, and also someone she could rely on. Alois was still a long way away from being close to handsome in her eyes; what’s more, he didn’t give a whit for styling his hair or picking clothes. His arms and chest weren’t muscled, just loose with useless flab.

But as she stood in front of him, Camilla noticed something strange.

Those broad shoulders rounding off his tall frame. He was still much bigger than the average man. But for some reason, she could see just a little more of the scenery behind Alois than she could before. It was as if the blue sky stretching behind him was more in view than usual.

“…Lord Alois, by any chance, have you actually lost a little weight?”

Camilla blinked in surprise as she said that, as Alois looked equally confused. He looked at Camilla with a bewildered expression in silence for a while, then sighed half in exasperation, half in relief.

“Have you really only just noticed?”

That comment too was oh so frustrating.

After Camilla found her feet, someone approached her, hobbling along.

As Camilla looked ahead to who it was, she saw that it was Martha, who had been at the end of the rope once she exited the underground in much the same way as Camilla had.

She was one of the town’s most influential people, so it made sense that she had been well looked after. Surrounded by worried townspeople, she had been given water and had the sweat and dirt washed off her. After regaining her breath, she was supposed to be moved to someplace safer.

But pushing her helpers aside, Martha approached Camilla on her own power, wobbling on her cane as she did.

Stopping directly in front of her, she looked up at Camilla’s face.


Confronted with that strong gaze, Camilla snarled as she glared back. Camilla was ready to argue again if she still had any complaints.

But Martha only looked at her. After staring hard into her eyes for a little while, the old woman collapsed to the ground as if she had completely run out of energy. Camilla stepped back, startled, as she tossed her cane aside and sunk to her knees.

“W-What is it-!?”

“…Lady Camilla.”


As Martha spoke hoarsely, Camilla could only respond with abject surprise. Camilla definitely hadn’t misheard her. She heard those words clearly.

“Today, I learned about who you really are.”

Martha’s voice trembled as she continued to look down. The people nearby watched Martha in shock. The eyes of everyone in the plaza turned to look at the scene and Camilla who stood at the centre of it.

“You didn’t just save me, but many other folks from this town. There is no reason why this town should ever turn their back on you.”

These weren’t the usual indifferent sounding words that came from Martha’s lips. It was as if long stifled feelings were finally making their way to the surface with one deep gasp. She couldn’t tell if the old woman spoke with misery or joy, but she obviously spoke with passion.

“Please forgive our horrible disrespect up until now. With what you have done, you are unmistakably our saviour.”

Among the people who watched on were a number of people who had travelled the underground with Camilla. There was Irma, the manservants, and even some of the townswomen with their children. Crying. Laughing. Living. Rejoicing. Others had lost a loved one and were deep in sorrow.

In that ruined town, now in the light of day, she finally saw raw emotion shine through on the faces of the people she once saw as masks.

This town was severe and rigorous, valuing modesty and uniformity above all.

But even then, these people still had feelings. They had a huge amount of pride and passion to boot.

Camilla took a deep breath. For a moment, she couldn’t find the words to say.

Of course, not everyone who looked at Camilla then had their eyes lit up with admiration, but every single person there now recognized her in some way.

The light of the sun sitting in that pristine sky bathed the town square in a warm glow. As the wind blew through the streets, Camilla hands moved to her hips.

Taking one more deep breath, Camilla puffed out her chest and smiled proudly as she shouted out, her voice ringing through the crowd like a bell.

“So be it, you are forgiven. Since I brought you back home alive, it is only appropriate that you shower me with your utmost gratitude!!”


Camilla is so best girl.

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    1. I’ve just caught up, read all 43 chapters last night, and now these 2 after work.

      After reading it all, it’s hard to say I’ve enjoyed it. Mostly I’ve been left feeling annoyed and frustrated. I read each chapter hoping to see her get some form of happiness. Largely it feels like the whole world is out to get her for no real reason whatsoever.

      As for the point about the Prince being an idiot, I don’t actually agree, even though I can’t say I like him either. If you just look at her recollections of her family and how they reacted to the things she likes, like cooking, you can see how heavily biased and prejudiced people are in that country as whole. Even the Duke’s territory is as well, although they have different standards to the rest of the country.

      Her family never seemed to like her all that much from the beginning. She didn’t fit with how they expected their daughter to be, even in terms of looks. The rather limited details we have been given about her actions before her exile, show a large amount of what she was accused of either never happened, or was grossly exaggerated. Like her accusing the heroine of being loose and whatever, was merely a comment on how she had seen her with another man in the streets. Then the accusation that she had hired thugs to harass her was entirely unfounded.

      She admits that she did a lot of things she can’t be proud of, foolish things as she chased after love. She had a higher social standing, has a way of talking that sounds like she is looking down on others, and if her actions we see now are the same as before, she tends to raise her voice which adding to her sharp looks comes of as intimidating. Normally speaking given the setting and her social standing, she was better suited to marry a prince, than the heroine.

      It was mentioned at least from her point of view, that the heroine gave as good as got, and then some yet always came out as being the victim. It was also mentioned how the heroine has a large amount of magic as well, unlike her, so after seeing Nicole and how she used magic to change her appearance to look like the prince, it’s not impossible to imagine that the heroine also did similar things (even more possible if you think about what that maid said who worked at the Duke’s place, that came from the same family as the heroine). If she changed to look like Camilla, it wouldn’t be hard to create a scene that looks like Camilla doing the more Villianess like actions. We haven’t had too much details on what is capable with magic in this world, but from other novels you can think of a few things, like charm or mental interference or suggestions.

      As for the Prince we don’t know much, he is handsome, and gives nice impression, but was hidden away for a long time until his mother died. It’s not impossible that he worked together with the heroine before Camilla came along, and Camilla just got in the way, and when it seemed like he was about to be forced into marrying her decides to speak against her after the softer methods failed. After all even if he is the second prince, it is still a higher social position, and few can openly go against him. If he wants the Crown, the heroines family may be of lower standing, but produce alot of mages, and heroine herself is one. So politically they might not have that much power, but mages being held in high regard and having a lot of individual power may make the family a good choice to ally with.

      The problem so far is we haven’t really met with the important characters involved in her exile, and details are too sparse. Hopefully things improve in the future. Well even if they don’t so long as Camilla gets some happiness I’ll be satisfied.

      1. I think you raise a lot of good points, but personally I like the mystique behind what actually happened leading up to Camilla’s exile, as well as the true nature of the Prince, Liselotte and to an extent even Therese. Their characterization has almost entirely relied on Camilla, someone who has every reason to hold a grudge, so it leaves the truth of the matter completely up to speculation. Are the readers misjudging Liselotte based on Camilla’s own bias, like everyone in the novel misjudges Camilla based on their own bias? It opens up interesting lines of thought like that as well.

        At any rate, I too look forward to the characters from her past becoming bigger players at some point, but right now the novel is focused on Camilla and Alois’ growth as characters (and as a relationship).

        1. Camilla is likely to be wrong about Liselotte, considering how things have played out so far in this novel I suspect there is even a chance that she truly is a gullible and innocent type. An angry person like Camilla is quick to jump to conclusions so it would not be strange that she imagines seeing the other girl grin when she was crying. Remember that crying maid? Camilla was convinced she was faking it as well but we as the readers were told the crying was real. The reason Camilla believed it was fake tears was because she felt that she herself was in the right.

  1. Camilla! do the villainous OH HOHOHO laugh! look down on those Peons and act superior! you’ve earned it! but I can at least concede that they are apologetic and thankful for Camillas actions, so if our Lady Camilla can forgive, so can I… some of them lost loved ones after all… I think having their town ruined as punishment for their actions is totally deserved!!! they were the cause of this collapse to begin with!… while a part of me might feel that justice is served they at least have shown some remorse and have rethought their own views regarding Camilla

    This is why I like that Noble woman who sent Camilla that toxic letter, for me I think she is similar too Camilla, but in a different way, while she is definitely goading her and being noxious, for some reason I can’t hate on her at all… I actually like her… compared to all the other trash around Camilla, who knew her well, they still decided to believe that she would sink to a level described of her actions surrounding that little slut… I especially loathe her family… may they rot!

  2. Camilla is so silly XD or rather just not humble. As she can rightfully not be. lol
    Many thanks

  3. Thank you so much for the double update ❤️ Camilla got them out and is finally getting some of the respect she deserves 😁

  4. It’s exciting to see she finally earned more supporters besides Nicole! I can see in the very far distance that one day the citizens of her husband’s territory will like her, maybe even more than Alois? LOL

  5. Ah my baby camilla finally did it, she’s making me cry. Also both Alois and the Julian are asses at least alois changed.

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