Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – 10


Camilla was politely, but firmly, ushered back to her room.

“Please remain calm until the Master returns.”

Although they said that, the passion burning in Camilla’s heart didn’t cool down at all as she was confined to her room.

Being alone in that room, all she could do was dwell on what just happened.

“Ahhhhhhh! So frustrating!!”

After all, those maids that had insulted Camilla didn’t apologize at all. Crying and garnering sympathy from all the onlookers, making it seem like Camilla was the villain, it was just like what Liselotte used to do. Whether that maid did it on purpose or not was irrelevant to the vilified Camilla.

“That’s the kind of person I hate the most! If you have something to say to me, you ought to say it to my face! You wait, I will definitely have you say it!”

She won’t demand they be fired. If they were to simply disappear, Camilla wouldn’t be able to feel a sense of satisfaction later, it would be like they had simply escaped. It would be more satisfying for Camilla to have them bow and scrape in front of her as an apology after a thorough scolding.

“And what’s more, all those people in the crowd! All of them sympathizing with her! Don’t they know who I am!? There’s a lack of education around here!”

There wasn’t any use for her hands that trembled in anger all alone in this room, so she unfurled her fists as she stood up. She couldn’t just sit idly either, as she paced back and forth.

“Always just calling me a villain without even knowing me…!!”

Jeez! She slammed the wall next to her, sighing breathlessly.

“Well, take a good look! I don’t want your sympathy! Because I’ll be the one looking down on you one day!!”

Instead of sympathy, Camilla wanted people to look at her with envy. She wanted all of the people who drove her to frustration to feel the same regret that she had. They would be the pathetic looking ones this time.

――And as for that maid, I will absolutely get her to bow her head and say ‘Camilla is wonderful!’, just you wait and see!

As the sun began to dip toward the horizon and the sky blushed pink, Alois returned to the estate.

Camilla, of course, wouldn’t be content to just wait quietly in her room. She raced out of the door, determined to be the first to talk to him.

After arriving, he would probably go to his room on the second floor. Alois’ room is on the opposite side of the floor, separated from Camilla’s room by a hallway and the stairwell. Therefore, if she waited near the top of the stairs, she might get the opportunity to talk to Alois first.

As the Master returned home, the estate bustled into life. She could hear the sounds of servants rushing about downstairs. That way, since there’s barely anyone working on the second floor now, there’s no one to stop Camilla from doing as she pleased. Thanks to that, Camilla could reach the stairs without anyone spotting her.

Alois, meanwhile, was heading for his room whilst being surrounded by servants. Camilla arrived just in time to see him from behind. Neither Alois, nor the servants around him, seemed to be aware that Camilla was behind them.

Camilla strode towards Alois, and was going to call out to him.

“Lord Aloi―”

“Master, have you heard about what that woman did? She drove a maid to tears with her threats and even tried to grab her.

But, Camilla stopped dead on her feet. She heard the butler’s words as he took Alois’ coat.

“‘I won’t forgive you, even if you cry’, she said something like that to that poor little maid who didn’t even say a word, I can attest to it. She was treating that meek young girl like she was condemning some sort of criminal. She really is just as bad as the rumours say, after all.”

The crowd around Alois was beginning to thin. But, she still heard that conversation perfectly.

Alois, who had a plodding gait with that big body of his, scratched his chin at this troubling news as he grasped what he had been told.

“…That is a problem. I’ll hear what the maid has to say about it.”

“The maids aside, Master, do you really intend to marry such a woman? Even if it was what Prince Julian said, since she’s such a distasteful woman, surely you have the right to refuse?”

“It makes me feel sorry for her when you say things like that.”

He let out a sigh mixed with a pained laugh as he replied to his butler.

“If I didn’t take her in, she wouldn’t have anywhere else to go. She was in such a miserable state. From time to time she may make you angry, but I hope you can tolerate it for me.”

Alois’ words were dyed with sympathy. Those words defending Camilla were a reflection of his charitable heart.

“Besides, she may be loud at times, but she’s easy to handle if you know what to say. She’s quite an honest person at heart and I’m sure she’ll change as she gets used to living here.”

“Master, you’re far too kind.” The butler’s voice became faint. As Camilla stood still, Alois and his servant walked out of earshot. But, she didn’t feel like chasing after him anymore.

―What did he say?

The words that Alois used kept repeating in her mind.

Feel sorry for her. Miserable.

― I’m being pitied.

Camilla unconsciously gripped the handrail as her legs lost strength. It felt like she might fall over at any moment. Her vision became cloudier every time she blinked.

― It was all meaningless.

All Alois had done was ‘take in’ the hated Camilla, who would have otherwise been exiled from the kingdom. That kind-hearted lord who, no matter what Camilla would do, would simply ‘tolerate’ it.

Him saying that he wanted to marry here was a lie. Him saying that he wanted to lose weight was all a lie. It was all just to satisfy Camilla’s towering pride. He tolerated whatever she did, never getting angry or denying Camilla’s harsh words, always just smiling.

“…….Making a fool out of me.”

― Even though you’re just a toad. Even though you’re such a detested man. Even though you’re so ugly that no one would ever marry you.

Yet, even a man like that was in a position to marry Camilla out of pity.

Camilla bit her lip.

Then, almost reflexively, Camilla slapped her trembling legs into action and escaped that mansion without a second thought.



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  1. I’m just gonna skim these until ppl like her better and treat her as she deserves. It’s one thing to be treated poorly cuz you made a mistake (but the evil heroine made a bigger deal out of it on purpose!) and another to have this as a grudge against everything you do

  2. Its kinda sad how no one even bothers to listen to her side of the story… although she’s a little hot headed, what she did wasnt really in the wrong. The problem was she way she went about it. Ps alois is weird. Cant read the man….
    Many thanks

  3. Yeah leave Camilla fuck them leave… assholes especially that butler prick… what an aggravating story don’t want to read anymore to be honest… there is no relief no justice just more chapters of the same…

  4. “That’s the kind of person I hate the most! If you have something to say to me, you ought to say it to my face! You wait, I will definitely have you say it!” Needed to be said to their faces!

    I did not expect things to turn out like this this quickly. But, I’m glad. Whelp, time to live as a commoner!

  5. The servants are jerks but she shouldn’t really be surprised by Alois not actually wanting to marry her. She’s been an asshole to him since the day she arrived. It’s honestly a huge insult that the royal family sent her to him in the first place. From what we’ve seen so far he properly fulfills his responsibilities as a Duke, including ones that are unpleasant but necessary for the country and royal family. No one should have to marry him if they don’t want to, but he does not deserve to be used as a punishment, or to be called a fat slob in his own home by a freeloader who’s mad she can’t parade him around to the same aristocracy that treats him like garbage. Camilla mentioned it herself right? She’s been there for a month, they talk most days, and yet they’ve only had maybe two conversations that weren’t her trying to cajole him into losing weight.

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