Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – 05


She continued on, not having learned much from the experience. ‘Second, change what kind of food he is served’, so it was.

Although the Duchy of Mohnton may be affluent, sugar and fatty food are still considered luxuries. Especially sugar that had been refined to a pure white colour, the likes of which rarely if ever found itself in the dishes of commoners.

Camilla also came from a noble house. As a member of Count Storm’s family, she never was left wanting when it came to sugar, but she was still aware of how expensive it truly was.

However, Alois uses it as if it were water. Not metaphorically, but truly like water. The amount of sugar that he melts into his tea rivals the amount of liquid originally in the cup. Food violence that recklessly disregarded the delicate taste of the tea leaves.

The levels of seasoning were violent as well. There is no industry of salt production of Mohnton, so all supplies of it are imported from elsewhere, yet despite this it is used as if it were abundant. Sometimes, eating the food here felt no different to biting into a lump of salt.

Previously, Alois had espoused to Camilla that a chef’s value lay in his cooking. But, thinking about it rationally, it wouldn’t matter who made it at all with this level of seasoning. It’s so salty you can barely taste the original dish, it’s an insult to the poor food on the plate.

When she originally arrived at the Montchat manor, Camilla had been violently ill after tasting the same type of food that Alois ate on a daily basis because of the excessive salt. This much had to be bad for your health.

But, what could she say in order to have the types of meals changed?

She thought about talking to Alois directly, but Camilla gave up that idea straight away. Because of how things had gone the other day, talking to Alois seemed like a lost cause.

If not Alois, then perhaps the chef? Or, the one who takes care of Alois the most ―――― The head maid, Gerda?


Absolutely not. She’s the last person Camilla wanted to talk to.

Because, Gerda was the one who seemed to despise Camilla the most. She wouldn’t even hear her out.

But, if she spoke to the chef herself, Gerda would inevitably hear about it. The writing of menus and organization of ingredients isn’t something handled by the chef alone. If the sugar content suddenly dropped, it would raise suspicions and if the menu changed, the servants would obviously notice.

Most of all, the idea of interfering with Alois’ daily life whilst trying to leave Gerda in the dark was terrifying. Everything comes back to Gerda. With that frightful attitude of hers, she would no doubt stop Camilla’s plans.

In that case, it’s best to simply tell her from the beginning.

――…..There’s nothing else for it.

As long as she continues to waver, Alois will never lose weight. Camilla has to do this, for her own sake.

Besides, Gerda is the faithful maid of the House of Montchat. She may be open to talking about Alois’ diet. In fact, she may even agree with Camilla’s demands without any problems.

“Use only the best ingredients without being miserly. Those were the words of the late Master and Mistress.”

Of course, there was a problem.

Committed to keeping Alois’ diet to the status-quo, Gerda cast her usual cold glare at Camilla as she told her as such.

“The best fat, the best sugar, the best salt. It is the pride of the Montchat family to use everything plentifully and to never worry about the food piled on the plate. The Master and Mistress were always saying that.”

The previous heads of the House of Montchat. Alois’ parents had already passed away. She had heard that Alois was only fifteen years old when the two of them fell victim to an accident. It had been eight years since Alois had inherited his position as the Duke of Mohnton, but all of the veteran servants, including Gerda, still used ‘Master’ and ‘Mistress’ to refer to the deceased Duke and Duchess.

Like Alois, his parents did not travel much outside of their own lands, so they weren’t well known in the royal court. She hadn’t heard much about them from Alois, but from what she could glean from the servants, they were very well thought of.

――But, you really did spoil him.

If it wasn’t for that, then there’s no way he would look the way he did today. As a result of raising him to eat as much as possible without having to worry about restraint, he’s lost his sense of self-control when it comes to food.

“Even so, there has to be a limit to being plentiful, right? If you overuse seasoning, it overpowers the taste of the meal. That being said, maybe it would be better if I ――――”

She was about to say something, but Camilla bit back the words. Some utterly strange line almost left her lips. She shook her head at the thought of it.

“If his late parents saw Lord Alois now, I’m sure they would be grieving.”

“Why are you speaking as if you understand a single thing?”

Gerda slammed her hand on the bench as she said that. Her already cold glare turned to ice.

“Lord Alois has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of as the head of the Montchat family. By eating the way he does, he honours the late Master and Mistress ―― In other words, it’s about the love between a child and his parents. Who are you to get in the way of that? You who came here, despite being so unwelcome?”


As much as she wanted to speak, she had no answer.

Gerda hadn’t left her a single opportunity to interject, so Camilla had no choice but to slink away in dejection.



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    1. Right, I don’t think sending yourself to an early grave is a proper way to respect the bond between you and your parents… Unless they’re the sort that make you want to kill yourself, in which case you should absolutely live well if only to spite their memory.

  1. HEALTH CONSEQUENCES! If he continues eating at the rate he does, he’s going to die young! That’s the argument. What Camilla should say is: “You’re killing him. That’s your scheme isn’t it? To kill the duke young and take over?”
    Many thanks

    1. I agree with you, no matter her position they are ultimately servants, she is a future wife candidate, actually, he wants to marry her, so she will be mistress of that house, they should respect that position and not be acting the way they do towards her.

      I also find her own attitude annoying, she has no qualms about mouthing off at the Duke himself but balks at talking to servants the same way? She is a proud noble lady, no way would she step back when facing a servant… there is no way…

      She is mostly right, it is only the reason she wants to do the right thing that is wrong lol, however, what she wants for her future husband is for the best, while her desire for him to achieve this is for superficial reasons, it has health benefits for the Duke, otherwise he will die of a heart attack before he reaches 30.

      Sack all the staff and hire new ones.

      1. I also find it really weird that Gerda and the senior maids refer to the former heads as master and not Alois. That in and of itself is already a form of disrespect towards their master. Don’t they acknowledge him and his position? They treat him like a child and that is either spoiling or insulting him.

      2. yeah seriously her character is inconsistent. why would a noble lady feel afraid of a servant?????? she is not afraid of a Duke, she is not even afraid of a little noble like the original MC. that’s the problem with Japanese novel – meekness is considered a virtue. In Chinese noble novels the servants would already been flogged.

        Im not a fan of indifference cruelty towards ‘lesser’ people in Chinese novels but you gotta have some self respect.

  2. Short alternate fic here to relieve my annoyance…

    I stood there looking at the Chef in shock, no matter my current position, I am the Dukes Fiance forced upon me by the Prince, quite frankly I was sick of this attitude coming from servants, I was a noble lady of an influential family, I will not cow-tow to these servants, I have yet to fall that low!

    “Ah, really, this attitude.” I brought my face up close to the Gerdas, my breath tickling her ear. “Have you not considered what will happen when I become the mistress of this house? I am after all that woman who apparently plotted to get rid of my rival… what would I do to a lowly servant such as yourself?” Using my reputation as a weapon I felt no satisfaction seeing the fear in her eyes, rather, I felt ashamed to have used such tactics…

    Pulling myself away, I smiled somewhat apologetically,

    “Of course I would not do such a thing, I am a refined lady who is very determined to help the Duke lose weight, and eat a healthier diet unless you want your Master to die an early death, this will be the fastest way to do so. Take that into consideration or I will be forced to find someone else that will comply with my wishes” I turned to leave before saying a few parting words.

    “If you think that the Duke will not allow it to happen, then test me… find out the strength of my resolve.”

  3. I’ll have to be honest, this one’s annoying. I was expecting to read Shirley on a weekend, yet this one’s eritating me.

  4. I got to say, I find this realistic. I had an ex-boyfriend who eats and has a body shape like Alois (I fell in love with his intelligence btw.) One thing you should know about relationships is that you can never change anyone who doesn’t want to change himself. You cannot just put the burden of fixing another person on your shoulders just like that. And it’s not your responsibility anyways.
    I bet what will happen here is Camilla giving up on this fruitless quest, gets to know Alois better, falling in love with each other and Alois determining to get slimmer himself.

    1. I agree it has to come from within the desire to change, no matter how much you may force the issue if they are unwilling then there is no way to move them, however, if you don’t try, if you don’t encourage things to start moving in that direction then it might not happen, supporting him to change is better than showing no support.

      My brother ate and drank what he wanted, lived a reckless lifestyle despite his own medical condition, he passed away from a massive heart attack, if I could go back in time, I would do anything to change that outcome, she is someone that holds no close ties to him, her reasons for wanting him slimmed down is purely superficial, however, the fact she realizes that the food he is eating is no good and why makes her already leagues above those servants who profess to care for the Duke.

    2. It just isn’t showing love to leave things as they are though. You don’t just let your partner continue to hurt him/herself. There are indeed limits to how much you can do without their buy-in, but what you can do is continue to look for ways to get through to them.

      Personally, I think she made a tactical mistake at the very beginning. She should have married him, become the mistress of the house, and fired that would-be murderess named Gerda.

  5. This is so frustrating!! I feel like pulling my hair and grinding my teeth!! Ughhhh, this annoying servants!!!!
    Are your beloved master and mistress some kind of Gods?!
    Are you gonna worship the dirt underneath their nails as well?!
    Are they more important that the health of your still alive, actual master?!
    Do you want to freaking kill him with your “love”?! You don’t even really care about him!! If you really did you wouldn’t be driving him to his early death because of your selfishness of wanting to serve people that are long dead!!!

    Sorry, I just had to vent a little…

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter.

  6. Jesus, there really spoiling him.. the food ingredient itself is already expensive but there also encouraging there behavior.

  7. Camilla really should’ve threatened the staff. I know that she is currently undergoing grief herself from her punishment, but still.

    “Sure, unless you want your Master to die early, then by all means continue with his diet. What? I’m here to marry him and carry on with an heir you say? Who was it that said that Lord Alois can kick me out at anytime? Regardless, I would not hesitate to leave this land and refuse to marry your Lord, so good luck trying to find a wife otherwise. As you well know, who on this land apart from me is even willing to marry him?”

  8. I feel like all the Dukes employees don’t know basic health facts, this is in historical times so they might not know about diseases or what not but it should be basic knowledge that eating too much is bad. Either that or all of them want him dead, a slow and painful one,

  9. Uh… if it’s well-intentioned, then sorry but that’s horrible. You’ve basically turned food into a psychological crutch and a way for the Duke to eat his feelings away. Aesthetics aside, that’s not mentally healthy at all, and I say this as an overweight person who stress eats during difficult times.

    Granted, it is medieval times, so mental health isn’t a thing, but still, that head maid has given the Duke a severe eating disorder.

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