Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – v1 Illustrations

yase 02 - copy

yase 03

yase 04

yase 05

yase 06

Spoilers Beyond This Point

yase 07

yase 08

yase 09

yase 10

yase 11

yase 12

yase 13

yase 14

yase 15

yase 16



I’m pretty sure this won’t get a second volume, but I’m just covering my bases.

Camilla best girl now and forever.


  1. Stupid question on the 4th colour illustration with the red-haired boy and the dark-haired older man both wearing hats – what are their names?
    I don’t recall them appearing in the webnovel so far, so I’m wondering if they’re novel-original characters.

    1. The redhead’s name is Wolff and the older man is Sven, they’re reporters from the capital in a light novel original story. At some point I may go back and translate it, but since it has an ending that does veer away slightly from the course of Alois and Camilla’s relationship in the main story, I’m leaving it be.

      1. I’d love to see a translation of that light novel exclusive story with Sven and Wolff; see how the author chose to shake things up for the novel version.

        That said, the illustrations you’ve posted seem to imply the LN has only covered Vols 1 and parts of Vol 2 of the webnovel version, since there’s no illustrations of later characters (ex. from Vol 4, 5, 6 etc.) like Klaus, Prince Julian and Liselotte (I’ve heard rumours the latter 2 play a big role in the webnovel’s finale).

        So either the 1 novel volume has an original ending, or there might be more volumes to continue adapting the webnovel to the end in the future (assuming this one sells well).

      2. who are these characters. Are they bad people or good? i read the comment, but still curious of their impact on MC. gives us a brief story of them

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