Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai – 03


Just what could she do in order to reduce Alois’ weight?

To be honest, there are just so many things she has to do that it’s giving Camilla a headache.

Alois eats eight meals a day. He gets up in the night to eat a full meal and has already finished his actual breakfast by the time Camilla wakes up. He snacks constantly between meals, sometimes even having tea and sweets with visitors as well. After having dinner, he will more often than not take a second supper, not to mention his habit of midnight snacking.

She wasn’t aware that so much food could even fit inside the human body. Or rather, it could be said that Alois eats so much that perhaps the limits of the human body shouldn’t be applied to him.

Not to mention, even during his eight regular meals, the quantity of food is ridiculous and almost everything served is coated in grease and fat. Not to mention just how densely seasoned everything is. There are few vegetables to speak of at all, it’s mostly just meat. Camilla couldn’t stomach eating the same meals that Alois would take, usually asking to be served something from a different menu.

She would be told, ‘What, do you refuse to eat the same things as your husband?’ with a disgusted tone of voice, but in her mind she isn’t the weird one for not wanting to eat that tongue-numbing pile of food.

The cakes and sweets that were served were little more than moulded lumps of sugar. No matter just how skilfully crafted they were in appearance, the overwhelming taste of sugar is torture on the tastebuds and even Camilla, who used to like sweet things, can’t take more than a single bite before pushing them away.

Worst of all, Alois very rarely leaves the house at all. At the very most, he will join Camilla in the courtyard for a tea party or make a visit to a manastone gathering site in his territory. His hobbies were eating and reading books. He doesn’t seem to be too comfortable when it comes to social situations, so even when he’s invited to some event or ball in the capital, he simply sends back a declining letter.

Hmm, Camilla thought alone in her room.

Gathering her thoughts, it seems like this is the way forward?

First, reduce his amount of meals.

Eight meals are too much. In fact, there are so many that the words ‘too much’ might not suffice. She’s not saying that he should start fasting. However, even reducing that diet by one meal would be a good start. Then, she could gradually whittle it down to a more normal number.

Second, change what food is being served.

So long as he only eats greasy foods, his body will naturally stay fat. Not to mention, there’s also far too much sugar. And the amount of salt and seasoning is also excessive. If you were to ask Camilla, such foods need to be removed from his plate. She just can’t understand how anyone can eat such greasy, sweet and salty foods.

Even a child knows that eating sweet things in excess will lead to becoming overweight. Right now, she wants to reduce the amount of salt, sugar and fat he’s consuming by half. This alone should see a considerable improvement.

Third, exercise.

This goes without saying. If he continues to eat so much whilst shutting himself away, he will only ever gain weight. The first step is going outside. Just for walks. Then, over time, that can become running.

Fourth, have him participate in social life.

If you stand in the public eye, you have to look the part. She has to fix his appearance so that she won’t be ashamed to be seen with him. She will have to slim down his fat figure and on top of that, she will have to do something about his greasy hair and those clothes that he hasn’t replaced in years.


What was the first thing that came to mind when she came here?

――――Shouldn’t I just starve him and make him run around outside?

But although she had thought so originally, Camilla shook those thoughts out of her head now.

For someone without self-control, to attempt to force him into weight loss without any transitional period was a bad idea. He would simply give up straight away.

If she tried to rush things, he would never change.

――I have to take things slowly, it will doubtless be a long road ahead.

She’s prepared for a lengthy battle.

First of all, she has to get through that fat toad’s thick skin.



I wasn’t kidding when I said some of these chapters were short. Also, you can find all the illustrations for the novel at this link (v1 illustrations).

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  1. So far I like what I am reading… the Duke is obviously working hard, his servants are pretty much implying that much since food is his only source of respite and joy… they obviously indulge him due to his efforts… I already have a picture of the Duke in my mind just from these hints into his character.

    Our MC is a trope nowadays, Villainess is really a victim, similar to the Dukes Daughter Iris, much maligned by society by a cunning FL who was able to claim the title of fiance, however this MC seems to realize the situation, rather than succumbing she is battling in a different way to regain some pride, giving herself a better future, I wonder if she really will get revenge for what was done to her, personally I think she will realize as she gets to know the Duke better, that he is cared for.

    Those Maids are being protective, but there is a fine line between protecting someone and creating an environment that is toxic, both will end up being stung, while the MCs position is indeed precarious, they need to understand their own position, rather than aggravating their future mistress, they should be helping her understand there master better.

    1. Working hard or other stuff can gtfo.
      First thing first why the F did he promise to marry her by losing weight instead of saying he will not marry. Why is he so insincere? If he didn’t want to lose weight he should have just told her that. This little shit is saying some seriously messed up things.

      1. High class noble mostly about political marriage. Rather than became a nun, exiled or turned into commoner, they prefer her daughter to marry a noble especially a duke. Aside being an outcast or have some nasty gossip, there’s maid and butler and in reality they won’t able to disgrace her except another noble asked them to do so. Imagine you are a very neat person and the person that promised to marry you is asking you to be relax and stop being such a clean freak and you throw empty promise because her parent beg you. Beside who knows if he’s actually pity her (due to childhood memory or whatever) or he wants successor or connection with her parents (done not in public). He can be insincere as much as he wants because there’s no love and instead understand him first, she blurted out what she wants (the prince’s potrait). I’m not saying she’s wrong but she’s too honest and blunt while noble is about sweeten their mouth, although if she’s not that way, she won’t be set up by someone or being a cannon fodder for the prince and his lover

  2. Rather than being slow witted as the mc claims, it seems Alois is just too used to criticisms that he just automatically brush everything off now, whether reasonable or not, hurtful or not. Thick skin indeed. He’s in a state of just giving up disguised as self acceptance and I’ve seen people really fall down when in that state, it’s genuinely sad to read this.

    1. I’ve seen people pick themselves up after falling down that way. It’s inspirational, and that’s what I am hoping for here.

  3. “Not to mention, even during his eight regular meals, the quantity of food is ridiculous and almost everything served is coated in grease and fat. Not to mention just how densely seasoned everything is. There are few vegetables to speak of at all, it’s mostly just meat.”

    the carnivore and keto diet are 70% fat 30% protein both are akin to fasting saunas and ice baths in their health effects. the issue isnt that he is eating too much meat and fat the issue is that he built up all that fat due to all the surgery foods and apparent lack of exercise. in fact my main concern with obese people isnt even their subcutaneous fat its the visceral fat that is the real killer.

    when you give an ape or a monkey an eternal spring and abundant food then its going to get fat and without a drought during summer or deep snow during winter there wont be many reasons to hunt or fish

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