Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 24

The Playboy’s Reunion with his Old Party

The mage hero, Aiza.

The saintly hero, Mills.

The moment I saw the two of them, my inner jester activated. Like those three years where I had played their foil.

――The first move decides the victor.

“Well well, if it isn’t Aiza-sama and Mills-sama. How I’ve missed the two of you.”

I swept my hat off my head and held it to my chest as I bowed.

“In celebration of our reunion, I’ll sing a song for you, please enjoy.”

As I gulped internally, Mills’ eyebrows raised. But, I’m not worried. I’ve got insurance.

I raised my voice.

“♪ Oohhhh, we praise our god’s might, from heaven he grants us sight. Thy children stay beautiful, whilst thy blessing stays bountiful. We are wrapped in your light ♪”

Everyone was surprised when I started singing. Tina and Nyannyan looked at me in complete amazement as they shouted.

“Dylan-san, your singing is amaziiing!?”

“Nyaa! I really really really love that voice of yours nya!”

Oh, so that’s the part they were surprised at?

Compared to the other parts of being a jester, like dancing, I’m pretty shoddy at singing.

But, it’s still a jester skill. So,



Tina, Nyannyan and myself. All three members of the Dylan Party were wrapped in light.

Singing a song like this doesn’t consume any mana and can have effects just like a spell.

The song I sang just now will dramatically increase the magical resistance of the party.

Putting Aiza’s magic aside, Mills’ instant-death magic could be really dangerous to Nyannyan and Tina.

Because only those affected can see the light, an opponent shouldn’t know the true meaning of my little song. But, since these guys were in my old party and definitely saw me sing once or twice before, they should get if they just think a little, but…

“Haaa? A song to celebrate the Rejuvenation? What nonsense. Listening to a performance by scum like you is going to dirty my ears!”

Aiza doesn’t seem to have got it. She just spat out some insult.

I bowed my head to her with a smile.

“Ah, I am deeply sorry for your dirty ears, now then…”

“You impudent playboy…!”

Aiza glared hard at me. But, my expression didn’t change at all.

All that time, I was secretly signalling to Tina and Nyannyan. ‘Keep an eye on the situation’, ‘Be ready for anything’, ‘If things go wrong, use the teleportation crystals’.

Aiza and Mills are probably just after me. Not that I understand why. It’s fine for me to take them on, but it’s way too early for Tina and Nyannyan to go up against these guys.

“Yes, yes, I’m a playboy with an impertinent little mouth ♪ No, no, these lips won’t be closing anytime soon. As poor as my performances may be, the streets would miss my mirth and glee ♪”

I continue singing as I let off fireworks into the sky.

“But although my impudence hasn’t decreased at all, Aiza-sama seems to have lost quite a bit of dignity. Oh ho, excuse me, was that a rude thing to say? It is such a sad thing, to see a noble fall from grace.”

“What did you say….!?”

The hands holding her staff trembled in rage as blood rushed to Aiza’s head. She’s pissed. Her long hair splays out behind her as magical power fills her body.


Guess I’m the target. But, just then, Mills opened her mouth.

“Aiza. Be silent for just one moment.”

“B-But, Mills-sama…!”

“Did I not just tell you to be silent?”

“I-I’m sorry…!”

The magical power that was coursing from the mage’s body disappeared.

I wanted to provoke Aiza a little and find out exactly why they were here, but I guess that’s a no-go.

Still, that was surprising. Aiza seems to be scared of Mills for some reason. I’ve never seen her act like that before. What the heck happened? I’ll ask them with a smile.

“Did something fun happen when I was away?”

“It’s not something you need to hear, jester Dylan.”

“Is that the case? That’s a shame ♪”

Well, it’s fine. I’ll just ask King Theoderic when I get the chance.

Mills spoke again.

“Jester Dylan Albertini. I have come to take you back to the capital on the orders of King Theoderic. Come with us, we shall be returning to the capital.”

“I refuse.”

I let my jester’s mask slip and answered her curtly.

“I have no interest in you ‘heroes’. Get out of here.”

“Wha… You, know your place! You should just do exactly as your told! Scum shouldn’t be thinking about anything!”

Aiza is pissed off again. I don’t even look at her.

Mills remained expressionless.

“That’s impossible, jester Dylan.”

Her voice was as cold as ice.

“This is a royal decree. If you refuse, it’s the same as breaking the law. No, in fact, it’s a rebellion against the whole Alliance. In the first place, you are currently seen as a ‘deserter’.”

She didn’t hold anything back in her words.

“If you don’t come with us right now, you’ll be sentenced to death.”

――Haaaaahaaaaaa Capital punishment is ittttttttttt? Capital punishment indeeeeeed!

I had to hold back a laugh. This is just too ridiculous.

Despite the laughter ringing around my head, I listened to her with a smile.

“So, where exactly was my trial? Or, are you here to convict me? I know you worship your god, but I suppose you have more than one now? Since when do the priests of that Monte cult act as Garland’s lawmen?”

“No, you’re making a mistake, jester Dylan. I am a priest in service to our benevolent Monte, but I am also a hero who embodies saintly law.”

Mills said.

“As a ‘hero’, I am here to convict you.”

I laughed.

“One deserter wanting to condemn another, huh?”

These guys really were worthless.

“When it comes to stuff like convictions and condemnations, as ‘heroes’ you don’t have a leg to stand on.”

“So be it. I will inform the king that ‘the jester Dylan was killed in action.'”


Tina and Nyannyan got ready for a fight.

But, Mills didn’t move.

“However ―― jester Dylan. If you hand over the information you hold, you shall be shown the mercy of God.”

“Information? What kind of information?”

“The monsters encountered on the demon continentー. No, your true impressions on the Demon King and his generals.”

“Impressions…? What do you mean?”

I was playing dumb, but I was actually a little impressed. The Saintly Hero, Mills. When did she notice all this?

The priest answered me.

“You noticed ‘something’ about the Demon King. Tell me of it. The Church of Monte shall put that information to use. In doing so, you shall receive God’s blessings.”

“Even if you say that…”

As I smiled wryly at her, Mills kept talking.

“――Jester Dylan. In the first place, why you joined the party of heroes was also a mystery.”

One way or another, Mills seems to know the truth.

I try and think of a way out of this situation without having to spill any beans.

“As all the high-level adventurers refused the summons of the Alliance, you alone accepted the invitation. But, why? Unlike Laius and Aiza who sought personal glory and myself who toiled in service of my faith, you gave up trying to reach the top of the tower. Why was that? Well…”

I couldn’t see them, but I felt like Tina and Nyannyan were watching me.

And then, the priest looked at the two of them.

“Seeing you protect the two of them, it became obvious. In reality, you joined the hero party for the people of the Kingdom of Garland, did you not?”


“To save the people from monsters. To remove the anxiety of a monstrous invasion from their everyday lives ―― It’s ironic. You always acted the buffoon, wearing the mask of the ‘playboy’ and never showing your real face, but in the end, the motivation you spoke of was the truth all along.”

From behind me, I heard amazed sounding voices.

“Dylan-san…! After all, Dylan-san is…!”

“Master…! You really are a good guy, nya…!”

I didn’t answer them.

It wasn’t part of my act and I never lied about it either.

It’s true. I really did join the party of heroes to protect people. To destroy the Demon King who let loose all these monsters on the world that made people suffer. But――

I closed my eyes.

And told Mills.

“But, that Demon King… is a human.”

I heard Tina and Nyannyan gasp behind me.



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