Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 22

The Playboy’s Weapon is Strengthened

“Fuwaaa~. Master~”

“Nnnyaaa~. Master~”

On the wide bed in that spacious cottage.

Tina and Nyannyan, who were in various states of undress, clung to me like children. I gave both their heads a pat.

They were exhausted.

“There, there.”

“Mmm… Something feels nice… And fluffy… Oh… Is this love, maybe…?”

“Master fingers aren’t just skilled at magic tricks, nya…”

As I was massaging, things got a little out of hand and even though we’re inside the tower, I ended up having a delicious meal. Tonight’s dinner was a helping of two busty shortstacks, thanks for the food.

Right then.

According to Nyannyan, ‘It’s not just for mating, nya. It’s also for the rituals, nya!’, she said.

Dragon Killer ―― A ritual to make powerful weapons like that.

She wants to deepen her bonds not just with me, her master, but Tina as well. That way, she can create armour and weapons that are perfectly suited to Tina and I.

It does seem like she’s bonded with Tina a lot lately. Well, of course, I did my best to help with that bonding, in a lot of ways I haven’t talked about and you might not understand. No, I won’t go into details.

Anyways, the ritual. It’s the only way to prepare these weapons.

After we washed off the sweat from the night’s activities in the bathroom, we came to the living room.

Nyannyan sat herself down on the floor.

First of all, we have to deal with Tina’s sword.

In front of her, she rolled out a sheet of paper and several manastones. After drawing a bit of blood from her thumb with a bite, she began to draw various sigils on the paper.

The animasmith began to chant.

“――Oh Seven Great Goddesses, please bestow upon this animasmith Nyannyan Visconti your wisdom and blessings――――”

After a long chant, she finished the spell and the ritual.

In Nyannyan’s hand, there was a one-handed blade. It’s slightly shorter than the longsword she’d used previously, but it’s perfect for Tina’s small size. It’s quite wide in span and looks perfect for parrying, well suited as a weapon for a tank.

The inscription on it reads ‘Calone’.

“Okay nya! This is Tina’s dragon killer!”

“Wow! Thank you, Nyannyan!”

As she received the sword from Nyannyan, Tina looked chuffed.

The catgirl kept working without pause.

“Next up, it’s time to strengthen the Yagetsutou, nya!”

Keeping the same sigils, she laid more manastones and the Yagetsutou that I handed to her.

Then, she held the ritual.

“Oooh, that short blade became a longsword…!”


The sword got bigger. It’s like it grew up.

That’s not all. The shape changed considerably as well. The Yagetsutou was what Nyannyan called a ‘katana’ before, but now it’s become a double-edged sword.

“Hear Well Its True Inscription ―― ‘Getsukaken・ Night Watch’.”

Nyannyan said aloud the true name of the longsword and handed it back to me.

“It seems like its power increases in the moonlight, nya. Now, master, please enjoy nya!”


I’ll graciously accept it.

The moment I held the handle, I felt the power of the blade.


I couldn’t really use a sword like this when I was a jester, but now that I’m a Great Sage I can understand how to handle a blade, though not as well as a warrior.

Y’know, this is no joke.

This sword is the real deal.

“Nyannyan, this is…”

“Nyahaha~ Do you get it? Do you get it nyeow, master?”

“Oohhh, man… This is crazy…!”

“I think you got it, master! Please use it well, nya!”

“I get it… Thanks…”

“It can be strengthened if we get more material nya, but it’ll be really expensive on our manastone funds!”

Wait, this can get even stronger? That’s nuts.

Finally, we strengthened Nyannyan’s dual blades and the ritual ended.

Of course, after all that, the cat girl stretched out on the ground with a ‘Funyaaa~’.

I thanked her for the hard work.

“Nice job, Nyannyan. Let me do something in return.”


Taking Nyannyan in my arms, I set her down in the lazy boy.

“Tonight, Nyannyan is my queen.”


I turned on my heel with a flourish. And my tuxedo changed into the clothes of a butler.

Tina, in an ordinary maid uniform, stood next to me.

We kneeled and sang out our praises for Nyannyan.

“Please give us your orders~ Nyannyan-sama~”

“Please treat us well~”

Nyannyan looked at us with wide eyes, then laughed.

“Nyahahaha, worship me, worship me nyaaa!”

As Nyannyan received my massage, ate the luxurious snacks I had bought and enjoyed the iced tea that Tina brought her, she looked satisfied.

When Tina and I swapped massage duties, I performed a few dances and magic shows for Nyannyan.

“Nyahahahaha! It really is fun being in your party, master!”

For the rest of the night, we gave our thanks to that skilled blacksmith and thief.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Theoderic’s castle.

The study.

King Theoderic, who had been battling against paperwork all night, squinted his eyes at the sun glaring through the windows and set down his quill.

The tea which the maid had served him some time ago had long since gone cold, but it was enough to wet his lips.

Theoderic, who had sent Mills (and several of his spies) to search for Dylan, was about to move to the next phase of his plan.

It had already been reported to the Alliance that Laius and his hero party had failed to kill the Demon King and had fled without reporting back to the organization.

As a result, he had been pressured into releasing Aiza, but even if he found it distasteful it was out of his hands. She is a hero representing another country. They would be desperate to get her back.

That said, whether Aiza would even be able to return home at all now that the church was so heavily involved was another matter entirely…

As for Theoderic, his plans are to have Dylan return and become the leader for a newly organized hero party.

Right now, each member state of the Alliance is trying to build their own hero parties. The country that successfully defeats the Demon King will be the one to grasp the initiative in shaping the Alliance’s future. Laius’ party was merely the ‘First Wave’, the ‘Second Wave’ will consist of not one, but many parties.

On paper, they’re meant to cooperate, but they’ll inevitably be competing against one another.

――Such foolishness.

Thinking about this absurd situation, Theoderic sighed.

That said, it wasn’t as if the Demon King’s invasions weren’t a major problem.

Ten years ago, the Alliance was in negotiations with the Demon King.

According to one of his subordinates reports, the Demon King looked like a dragon had taken human form.

The negotiations between the two parties broke down completely on the subject of land. After that, the Demon King attempted to bring the continent under his rule by unleashing monsters all over it.

Monsters began to appear from places with rich spiritual veins, the so-called ‘Cursed Lands’.

To this day, adventurers and armies are tasked with containing monsters in those areas. For the time being, most of the monsters have been weak so the surrounding areas haven’t suffered great damage. However, every now and again a small village will end up being destroyed.

However, mages all over the Alliance seemed to be united in the fear that one day truly heinous monsters would rise from these lands. But because right now it’s only small-fry monsters appearing, they’re often not taken seriously.

The manastones that drop from those monsters are valuable, so a lot of countries have made a fortune from the situation.

But, the damage was gradually worsening. The Alliance decided to organize units of ‘heroes’ and scouted Babel for recruits amongst the adventurers.

But, not knowing the true strength of the Demon King, the adventurers who had been training for many years in the tower declined since they assumed they would just be fighting the weak monsters in the cursed lands. They were almost completely refused by high-level adventurers. Of all the adventurers over level 50, Dylan was the only one who accepted the invitation.

As he was thinking about the past, the doors to the study were thrown open.

Looking over, he saw that it was one of his ageing ministers, an old confidant of his.

“Your Majesty! King Theoderic!”

“It’s unusual to see you so animated. What’s wrong?”

“There’s a message! From the jester, Dylan!”


King Theoderic raised his voice in surprise and quickly took the letter held out to him.

“This is…!”

Although he had started reading with a fierce expression, as he reached the end of the message his face had become calm.

“My word. Dylan, you… You’re still…”

He sat back down in his chair and exhaled deeply.

―― “No matter how great of a jester you may be, if the people’s hearts aren’t at ease, you’ll never see their true smile.” Those were the words Dylan wrote.

As the old minister watched him, King Theoderic laughed to himself.

“So be it. Do what you like.”

“Your Majesty…?”

The King looked at his minister and,

“Have you ascertained Laius’ whereabouts?”

“Yes. We have confirmed that he is in Babel. How would you like to proceed?”

“Bring him back here.”

“At once.”

“And from now on, let it be known that my kingdom will throw its full weight behind supporting the jester known as Dylan. That is the most effective path we have towards bringing the Demon King low.”


Looking through the window of his study, he saw a white bird happily fly into the distance.


I want to worship Nyannyan(‘s thighs).

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