Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 21

The Playboy is Popular in Various Ways

The Heavenly Tower of Babel.

Tenth floor. The forest.

After encountering a group of hobgoblins and black goblins, we worked together to take them down.

I’m up against one hob and five goblins.

They shouldn’t be a problem.

Jester Skill ・ Dance!

“And for a little flavour, Dazzle!”

With both my dance and magic, the monsters are doubly charmed.

The hob and black goblins began to attack one another. With my little charm assault, they can only see the others as humans.

Tina and Nyannyan assault them from behind.


Nyannyan sliced the back of a goblin to ribbons. Aiming perfectly for its vital points one after the other in quick succession, it’s a beautiful assault with no wasted movement. As expected of a thief.

Tina is aiming for the hob, but… Oi, is she seriously going to use that?

Tina held her longsword up high. Then, suddenly, it began to shine. As it did,

“【Art of War】―― Hammer Blow!”

The hob’s head was split in two from the crown.

The tip of her sword carried straight through its body and eventually impacted into the ground.

Warrior skills, also known as 【Arts of War】.

Like it says on the tin, they’re technical skills used by warriors. Without consuming MP, they can allow warriors to use super strong attacks, near-impregnable defensive postures and useful long range abilities.

They’ve become synonymous with the warrior job.

There are two disadvantages. 一One is that their body will stiffen up for a few seconds after using it.

The other is――

“Uwaaaaa! It brokeeeee!!”

Tina cried out from the bottom of her heart as she looked at the broken longsword in her hands. Just like she said, it had completely shattered.

The other is that it often breaks your weapon, especially if it’s not particularly strong.

“Listen, you…”

I said to Tina.

All the monsters had been defeated. Nyannyan picked up the manastones.

“I told you that you shouldn’t use Arts of War yet.”

“I’m sorrrry! Buuut! I really wanted to try it ouuut!”

Tina apologized to me as she’s on the verge of tears. At least she isn’t making any excuses.

I understand how she feels. I just used the new priest magic I learned as well.

However, the issue here is that Tina lost her weapon.

“Reflect on your actions. If you don’t follow the leader’s instructions, you can get your party wiped out.”

“Uuuu, okay… I’m shorry…”

As I scolded her, Tina pouted a little bit. She must think it’s unfair. Jeez.

I looked at my pocket watch to check the time.

“Should we get ready to camp soon? That should do us for today.”


Tina was surprised. Nyannyan who was collecting the stones also gave me a strange look.

“But, we still have a while to go before reaching the magic sigils, nya?”

By magic sigils, she means a safe zone that protects adventurers from monsters.

It’s considered suicidal to set up camp anywhere outside of them.

But, there are exceptions to every rule.

“I told you about it before, but I have something that’s perfect for times like these. I found it on the 75th floor.”

We’re near a lake, so there are not quite as many trees as before. There’s also a wide-open patch of grass which is just perfect.

I took out a large tent with a magic trick.

“And then…”

“Wait, are you…!?”

I flashed a knowing smile and,

“It’s a ‘Boundary Cottage’.”

I pitched up that tent in the forest. It’s surrounded by magic that means monsters can’t even see it, let alone get near it.

And inside that tent ―― It was as big as a cottage.


“H-H-H-H-H-Heaven, nyaaa!!”

The inside of the tent was an impossible space, not matching the exterior. It’s basically the same as the tower.

“Alright, let’s make some food.”


“Then, get changed.”

I gave those two their uniforms.

“Why do you have maid dresses here!?”

“And they’re bikini maid dresses nya!?”

Boy oh boy, it sure is noisy.

“Master, you…!”

“You perv, nyaa!”

I watched those busty shortstack maids make dinner as I sipped a coffee.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

A few days ago.

Mills, who had been ordered to forcibly escort Laius and Dylan back to the king, was in the church of the kingdom’s capital city.

It’s nothing compared to the church’s headquarters back in Launtissary, it was still possible to gather information here. She can also use communication magic to get in touch with the church and teleportation magic from here as well.

King Theoderic had forbidden her from returning to Launtissary, but he hadn’t said anything about going to the church. So, she’s not technically doing anything wrong. Such was Mills’ judgement.

Even if she contacted headquarters through this church and reported the current situation to the Alliance.


The mage hero Aiza was released.

Thanks to Mills’ report, her home nation of Sandrelia learned of her imprisonment and petitioned the Alliance.

In addition, the church also intervened. On the condition that if she goes free, she would have to assist Mills.

Under pressure from the rest of the Alliance, Theoderic had no choice but to release Aiza. He was given a huge amount of bail money, but he must have still been reluctant to do so.

Although Aiza was released, she couldn’t return home. Just like Mills, she still needs to fulfil her final duty. In other words, to bring back Laius and Dylan.

Nevertheless, the mass-murderer had been freed, even if with certain restrictions.

Politics truly are a scary force, Mills thought to herself. She must use it to further spread Monte’s teachings.

Later, Mills went to meet Aiza at a dedicated place, accompanied by various soldier priests from the church.

It was in a seedy back alley that she met with Aiza. The surroundings are guarded by the armed priests.

“Mills…! You…!”

Not knowing just what she had done to spring her from jail, Aiza glared at her saviour. Apparently, she’s still frustrated at Mills for how she acted during the audience with the king, but is completely unaware that she had also become her benefactor.

It really is tiring going along with this idiot. The jester must have felt the same way.

“What do you think you’re doing!?”

As she shouted and tried to grab Mills, the priests intervened.

Before she could even react, a myriad of knives and short swords are pointed at Aiza.

As Aiza drew back in fright, Mills spoke as coldly as ever.

“I am in charge from now on and I will have you follow my instructions. Otherwise, I will return you to your dark and squalid prison, or leave your corpse here to be eaten by stray dogs.”

Aiza turned pale. After their crushing defeat on the demon continent and subsequent flight and jail time, it seems like her spirit has been slowly eroded. Like a child afraid they’re about to be abandoned by their parents, she got down on her knees and begged for forgiveness.

“W-Wait! I-I understand. I’ll obey! I’ll follow you from now on…! Just please don’t send me back… Please…!”

She’s become quite unsightly.

“Very well. So long as you are obedient to the church, you will be provided with an opportunity to return home.”

“Y-Yes! Mills-sama!”

Mills nodded.

In order to use teleportation magic, they returned to the local church.

As soon as she left the back alley, she noticed it.

They’re being followed. One of Theoderic’s spies?

One of the priests whispered in her ear.

“Mills-sama, shall we eliminate them?”

“No, it does not matter. Fighting with the king won’t benefit the church at all. Sheathe your blade.”

No matter what Theoderic does now, it made no difference. The Alliance already has the initiative.

Even if she brought back Laius and Dylan, there’s no way they could form a party of four again.

So, why had he commanded her to bring them back? The answer was simple.

The king’s true aim is Dylan.

The only man in the party of heroes who was not a hero himself.

Dylan knew things.

About the Demon King, his generals and his monsters.

That man, who hid his true intelligence whilst playing the fool, knew a lot more than he let on.

That information could also benefit the church.

She had to find it out. No matter what.

She already knew his whereabouts. Theoderic didn’t know since his own intelligence network only ranges through his own kingdom. However, the information network of the church spans the entire world, far superior to what any individual country could muster.


The saintly hero Mills still remembered well that tower that pierced the heavens and the city that sprung up around it.

By order of the church, she had once climbed it as an adventurer herself. It’s common for the armed priests of the church to travel to the tower to acquire a job and superhuman powers.

――It’s been a very long time since she’s been there.

However, for her, there was no feeling of nostalgia.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The Kingdom of Launtissary.

The headquarters of the Church of Monte.

One man there received a clandestine order.

“――Track the movements of the priest known as Mills and acquire information from that jester. High Priest, can I get rid of this jester once all is said and done?”

“Do what you will. So long as you acquire the information.”

“What about Mills?”


“I seee….”

He grinned with pure sadism.

The highest ranking member amongst the Monte church’s special service.

Simply put, an assassin. Of all the unfaithful people who disobey the church’s teachings, he is tasked with removing the most troublesome. But, when it comes to this man…

“An adventurer, huh…? This guy might be worth killing.”

He seemed far more interested in the ‘act’ of killing those opposed to the faith, rather than the purpose itself.

“This is good timing, though. I was about to go and ‘play’ in Babel myself.”

“…Please only make your passes at other adventurers in moderation. Your ‘playing’ can cause no end of trouble.”

“Yes, yes, all in moderation.”

“That is all. ――Now go, Bernard.”

The man moved his hands in a strange way and disappeared on the spot without a word.

“――’Adventurer Killing’. If it wasn’t for that hobby of his, he would be so much easier to make use of…”

The man who had given the orders stared at the space where Bernard used to be, muttering to himself.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Mills informed the church that she was moving to extract the information from Dylan.

Then, the church itself sent an assassin to find out the information themselves whilst keeping an eye on Mills’ actions.

Theoderic sought to bring Dylan back.


“Dylan-san ❤ Dylan-san ❤ Aaaaan~ ❤”

“Masteeer ❤ Nyaaaa ❤ Don’t touch me there nyaaa ❤”

From the cottage, the voices of those busty girls echoed into the night.

Dylan sat down between the two girls who lay on their stomachs and ran his fingers on their bodies.

In a completely non-lewd way.

“Listen… Stop making such weird sounds… It’s just a massage…”

Tina who was in ecstasy only turned her neck to look at Dylan.

“Dylan-san, your massages are too good. That’s the reason!”

“Well, if you say so…”

Then Nyannyan turned to look at him.

“Master, you’re not just good at rubbing breasts, it turns out you’re also good at rubbing shoulders nya.”

“Usually you’d experience the latter first, right?”


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