Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 18

The Playboy Reached the Tenth Floor

Monsters rushed into the room.

Just like Nyannyan said, it’s a mix of goblins and monstrous wolves.

The wolves that ran in first are blood wolves, with fur as red as you’d imagine with that name.

There are… Six? No, seven.

Behind them, there are about a dozen goblins that are trailing behind. They all have clubs or stone weapons. A couple of them have bows as well. Their weapons shouldn’t be able to pierce through Tina’s armour and even if they hit one of the gaps, it shouldn’t be a fatal injury with her tough warrior’s skin. Hell, I don’t think they’re even going to be able to hit Tina at all with the way she moves now. Me? They could hit me dead between the eyes with an arrow and I wouldn’t flinch.

Anyways, let’s deal with the wolves in front first.

The red wolves rush at that young girl ―― The tiny warrior, Tina.

Tina stood ready behind her shield as the wolves sprung at her all at once.


And just when they did, the number of blood wolves on the field reduced to five.

A single cry had rung out. It was the one who had been smashed square in the face by Tina’s shield, blown back into the opposite wall. Countered and battered by the level 12 warrior, buffed up by my dance, the wolf died instantly as its skull shattered into fragments.

Another wolf that had jumped at Tina received her longsword through its mouth, with the blade coming all the way out the other side as she held it high in the air. The gauntlet holding the blade found itself buried in the wolf’s intestines.

She waved her arm to the side, throwing the wolf off. The second wolf corpse was thrown into the wall as well, disappearing in a cloud of fog and leaving only a manastone behind.

The remaining wolves bit Tina in both her ankles, left shoulder and her hip. Grrrghhhh…. Grrgghhhh…. They used their dexterity to get in and around Tina, biting her in various points of the body to try and pin her down.

But, Tina isn’t worried at all, she doesn’t even try to move. To her, it’s like being bitten by a puppy.

Those wolves who were struggling to bite through her armour were dispatched one by one, as Tina carefully cleaved through their necks with her longsword.

The wolves all died not being able to resist at all since they couldn’t get their fangs out of the armour once they’d bitten into it.


Three goblins let loose arrows. Twisting around with a flourish, Tina smashed all three out of the air with her longsword.

Then, the goblins charged in with stone axes and clubs. There are ten of them. Behind them are the three goblins nocking another arrow.

Tina gave me a quick glance.

I shifted my eyes to the right. By the way, Nyannyan is behind me.

Tina nodded and even though there was still a final wolf corpse clinging to her armour, dodged to the right.


Tina yelped in surprise. Ahh, she didn’t quite gather just how much she’d been buffed up by my dance. Well, that cute little yell isn’t all bad. It’s a good distraction.

She twisted her body deftly in mid-air and just before she was about to crash into the wall, she managed to plant both her feet instead. She’s like a cat… Actually, more like some kind of weird spider.

The goblins are so preoccupied with Tina that none of them even look at me.

What a rude audience, to not even pay attention to the jester.

Well, I’m a great sage now.


A fireball as big as a human being emerged from my forefinger and shot out. Straight towards those goblins that are looking the other way.

Without even time to scream, the fireball engulfed them. Several goblins were completely reduced to ash straight away. All of the goblins with stone axes were completely wiped out.

The goblins with clubs finally paid attention to me, screaming in anger as they charged. The goblins in the back took aim at me with their bows.


Tina leapt to the front, cleaving a goblin’s skull open with her sword. The sword penetrated all the way through to its torso, then she planted a foot on the corpse’s back and yanked the blade out.

A goblin swung its club at the back of Tina’s leg. Another one jumped straight at her face. Tina might be mighty, but she’s tiny. If they pushed her down, they should win. That’s how goblins often fight. But,


Tina didn’t move an inch. The club that smashed against her leg was only shattered itself. As for the goblin that leapt straight at her, all he saw in Tina’s eyes was the gleam of a predator watching its prey.


That goblin could only let out a voice of pure, primal fear. Then, straight away, the tip of her shield burst through the back of its neck, completely severing its spine. Obviously, it died.

As for the goblin who attacked her legs, Tina taught it a lesson by stamping her foot down hard on it. It looked like a little girl stomping on the ground as she threw a tantrum, but under the sole of her boot there were the remains of a goblin’s crushed head, so I guess the comparison doesn’t really hold up.

As the remaining goblins knew the jig was up and tried to escape, I cut them down with a few thrown playing cards in the back. I won’t bother picking up those manastones.

When it was over, Tina carefully looked around the room, then,


She came skipping over to me happily.

“Yep, good work. You moved really well.”

I caught her as she bounced towards me in my arms, then started to dance in order to restore her strength. I have to reward her too.

As the illusionary garden of flowers bloomed throughout the room, Nyannyan finally released the final trap on the chest we’d fought so hard for.

“Yep, yep, as expected of you two! Clearing the room wasn’t a problem at all, nya!”

“It’s all thanks to Dylan-san’s dance♪”

“Nyaa! Lemme dance too, nyaa!”

“Ha ha, well then, step right up little lady♪”

“I love you, master!”

With those shortstack girls, the three of us danced together as one.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

In that treasure chest was a magical storage bag.

When I held up the bag that had a weird pattern on it, Tina shouted out.

“Waa! I can’t believe there’s such a rare item on the third floor!”

“No wonder there were so many traps, nya…”

“I guess this is all thanks to Tina’s ex rank luck…”

Nyannyan and I glanced at Tina.

“Thanks… What do you mean, thanks… This is all because of everyone… I can’t accept you saying thanks to me alone!”

She pouted, then Nyannyan looked at her strangely.

“Thanks, nya~o”

I responded.


“Thanks, nya~o nya~o”

“Nya~o nya~o”

“Stop singing a weird duet!”

Tina pretended to be angry, then all three of us laughed together. It’s nice. Parties aren’t usually like this for me.

I handed the bag over to Tina.

“The next thing we find is Nyannyan’s.”

“Nnyaa. It’s fine since master is a human storage bag, but it would be nice to have my own nya.”

“Don’t call me a human storage bag.”

You’ll make me cry, remembering when I was just the pack horse for that hero party. Well, it wasn’t too hard, though.

After picking up the manastones, Tina called out,

“Since we have Dylan-san here, we don’t have to use any health potions or ethers, it’s really convenient.”

“Don’t call me a convenience. That’s just how the jester job is. Both HP and MP can be restored with dancing. So long as you dance with me, that is.”

“I don’t mind dancing with Dylan-san, even if there’s no buff!”

“That’s right, nya!”

“If only everyone was like that…”

Then, as I started to remember the mage hero Aiza,

“Dylan-san, stop thinking about the women in the past!”

“Nya! Look at your current women!”

Those two got right up in my face.

“I get it, I get it. You guys are pretty perceptive, huh?”

“So long as you understand, that’s fine.”

“You better have got it, nya.”

Those two fast friends nodded in unison.

Then, Tina sighed as she looked at the longsword in her hands.

“There’s even more nicks on the blade now…”

“I’ll make something for Tina next time, nya.”

“Really!? Thank you, Nyannyan!”

“It’s all good, nya!”

The two of them laughed together. Then, Nyannyan looked at me.

“Master’s Yagetsutou, I’ll strengthen it later too, nya!”

“Ooh, that’d be great.”

A weapon created by an animasmith can be reinforced using manastones and various items. I’ll become even stronger.

“Alright, break time is over. Let’s get going.”


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Three hours later.

We’ve already reached the tenth floor of the Heavenly Tower of Babel.

Even though we’re in a tower, grasslands and forests stretch across the horizon as far as the eye can see.

Nyannyan, who had already drawn a map, pointed at the forest.

“The staircase is that way, nya.”

“Well, there’s also gonna be a boss.”

In the tower, strong individual monsters known as bosses appear every ten floors. Sometimes it’s possible to get past them without fighting, but they’re usually camped out in front of the stairs.

Just as the tower itself shifts, the boss will change over time. Well, no matter what we face, it shouldn’t be too tough of an opponent.


Tina raised a fist and shouted to the sky.

“Okaaaaaaaaay, let’s goooooooo!”

“Let’s go, nyaaaa!”

“Aye aye.”

Along with those two boisterous girls, I made my way into the forest.



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    1. I’m on a warpath to catch up with the raws. Playboy is pretty easy to TL though, at least compared to other series. Short chapters, too.

  1. Something tells me they are gonna constantly run into minor trouble but with high rewards after clearing them.
    That’s rank E and rank EX lucks at work for you.

  2. Thanks for the chapters. One question. How Tina is doing all this acrobatics? Her dex was the lowest – G. Agility is separate stat and is not in stat list?

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