Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – Volume 1 Illustrations (NSFW)








playboy 08

playboy 09

playboy 10

playboy 11






(I’m not buying another copy just to get this illustration so please live with the sample)


  1. Its that can even be called as loli? 😍. Still not read this novel so can someone tell me is this novel r18 or r15?

    1. So far, it has been only implied, with some light touching, I would rate it a r15. Then again, I don’t know if it will change in the future. NU has it marked as r15 too.

      Note: they are legal, just short.

  2. Translator, you should out some kind of danger warning because it’s kinda nsfw with the drawing with the nipples and there was someone behind me (thx god they were not watching).

      1. That’s nothing, I was reading “Anriette hime no konrei” and “the flower girl is a replacement bride” on my phone at work without knowing beforehand they were NSFW. Man, that was a surprising experience.

  3. Anyone else think he looks a little like Jackson in the image of him dancing. I want to imagine he can moonwalk.

  4. Thanks for the translations! Enjoying the series and are doing very well translating it. Reads like it was originally in English. Btw, this illustration page is missing picture of Dylan and Tina looking at tower in chapter 3. Picture is below the line The sun is at its apex. So can just copy and paste into search to find picture quicker. Thanks again!

      1. Oh, thank you very much! So to verify, any images in the chapters that aren’t on this page are ones you got from the manga then?

    1. He needs to learn a magic to make them lighter something like float or anti-gravity lol

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