Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 17

The Playboy on the Third Floor

The Heavenly Tower of Babel.

Second floor.

As a party, we came to climb the tower.

“Alright, let’s see how far we can get in a single day.”


“Let’s keep going until meowning!”

“Nyannyan, hand me the map.”

“Roger, nyaa.”

Nyannyan sat down on the spot, took out a pen and paper, then started to meditate.

Then, she suddenly opened her eyes with a start and furiously started to draw on the paper.

Once she put the finishing touches on it, she stood up and held out the map in her hand.

“It’s done, nya!”

“Thanks for the hard work.”

As she stuck out her chin basically signalling ‘please stroke me’, I gave her a pet.

On the map, even though it seemed to leave out a fair few details in some places, still detailed the route to the third floor perfectly.

“Alright. Then, let’s get a move on. Nyannyan, you take lead. Be on the lookout for any traps or monsters.”


“Tina, you stick behind Nyannyan. If a monster appears, switch places with her and deal with it.”


“I’ll be sticking at the back, but if any powerful monsters show up you two should fall back, I’ll deal with it. With that out of the way, forward march!”


The second floor is a pretty simple maze.

As we followed the map, some low-tier monsters would pop out here and there to attack us.

“Nya! There are slimes ahead! Three of them, nya!”

“Any other monsters?”

“I can’t smell any!”

“Tina, like I said before, switch with her. Nyannyan, when she distracts them, hit all three from the side at once. Make sure to work as a team.”


After I gave them their orders, Tina and Nyannyan headed off.

The slimes started bouncing towards Tina to attack her.

It might be my imagination, but the way the slimes bounced reminded me of the way Tina’s chest moved when she ran.

Tina braced herself behind her shield to ready herself to repel the attack. As the slime jumped at her, she parried it with her shield.


Well done. Maximum effect with no wasted movement. The slime splatted against her shield, then was launched into the air. One kill.

The remaining two tried to get around Tina’s right side. Tina has a long sword in her right hand, but she doesn’t need to use it.

That’s because Nyannyan, who darted in like a shadow, attacked both the slimes from behind. The twin blades flashed.


She’s fast. As she cut the two slimes to ribbons in the blink of an eye, she returned to guard Tina’s back.

Tina also kept her guard up after confirming that both the slimes were down.

I nodded.

“Yep. That’s the way, you two.”

“This much is only natural!”

“Nyahahaha! It’s nyaatural!”

Even if they were both short, they certainly thrust out their chests proudly. Good, good, I pet them both. Of course, I mean their heads.

“At the very least, you two have the basics down pat. Nyanyan, because Tina isn’t a normal tank, expect her to move around quite a bit. It may be difficult, but do your best to use her as your shield.”

“I got it, nya!”

“Sorry for being difficult…”

Nyannyan laughed as Tina tried to apologize.

“It’s nyaaat a problem! When you go forward like that it makes it easier to work around you, nya! Besides, having a tank jump around like that is pretty nyaavel!”

“Nyannyan, thank you~!”

Tina and the cat girl hugged it out. Nyannyan seems to be happy about it too.

Shortstack yuri is good too.

As I thought that, I followed up.

“A tank that moves around like that can work. It has its own distinct advantages. If a thief or mage can’t support them, a normal stationary tank will be in trouble.”

“That’s right! When you two are in a pinch, I’ll rush over to help you out!”

“Yep yep, thank you nya~”

“Hyaaa! Nyannyan, I’m ticklish there~”

The cat girl grabs the little warrior’s rear cheeks. I can’t take my eyes off the shortstack yuri.

“Anyways, let’s go.”


Tina and Nyannyan picked up the manastones the slimes dropped and handed them to me. After I chucked them in my storage bag, we got a move on.

Babel – Third Floor.

There was a treasure box in that small room.

“Nyannyan, can you do it?”

“Leave it to me, nya!”

Not only is the chest locked, but it’s also boobytrapped. A thief’s skills are essential.

Nyannyan sat down and started to disarm them, but…

“Nnnyan? For a treasure chest on the third floor, this sure is a pain… Poisonous needles in the keyhole, toxic gas set to trigger when it opens, explosives… Even a monster spawning trap? So many, nya….”

“Are you gonna be fine?”

“There shouldn’t be a problem, nya. Even if it’s somewhat hard, my skills are….. Ah.”


Just as Nyannyan touched something she shouldn’t have, we all heard a small sound from behind the treasure chest. Sounds like a switch got flipped. She tried to keep her cool as she pulled her hand away from the chest, then turned around to me.

“I messed up, nya! Monster trap! Master, it’s a meownster traaaap!”

“How many monsters and where are they coming from?”

I didn’t panic when I asked her, in response Nyannyan’s ears and nose twitched.

“Umm… There are footsteps behind us about a hundred meters away… There’s quite a few four legged things… Four legs… Wolves! And the barefoot monsters with them must be goblins!”

“Got it. Can you still open the treasure chest?”

“Nya! That’s what you’re interested in!?”

“It’s fine, just concentrate on disarming the traps. Tina and I will take care of the monsters. If anything changes, tell me.”

“I understand, nya! Sorry about all this, good luck, nya!”

Tina, who didn’t say anything before, spoke up as she looked at me.

“Dylan-san, I’ll protect you!”

“Yeah, but before that.”

I kneeled in front of Tina, took her hand in mine and kissed it.


“Would you grant me this dance?”

Without waiting for a reply, I took Tina’s hand and wrapped an arm around her waist.

――Jester skill, Dance!

I lead Tina in the dance.

As we stepped in time, particles of light began to form around us.

Although they’re low-level monsters, you never know what can happen when you’re up against numbers like that. Especially for Tina and Nyannyan.

So, I decided to buff Tina with a bit of support magic.

“Woaah… Yep! Tan tata~n, woah, papa, ratata~n.”

Even if Tina was confused at first, she got used to my movements quickly and kept time. Doing her best not to step on my toes, she danced following my lead.

It really ended up being worth it having her dance around in that skimpy outfit.


“What’s up, young lady?”

“I… I really love going on an adventure with Dylan-san, you know!”

I drew Tina’s waist closer to mine.

Keeping the posture of the dance, I brought my face close to hers.

When I gently kissed her, those big eyes of hers sparkled.

“Things are going to get even more fun from here on out, can you keep up?”

“~~~Phwah! Yeeees!!”



As the monsters burst into the room, I shifted my eyes to them.

“Let’s get this show on the road, Tina!”

“Please leave it to me!”




Translating that much trash in one sitting wasn’t good for my mental health, but I do it for a higher purpose.

You can see all the novel illustrations here (quite (very) NSFW).

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