Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 14

The Playboy Ended up with a Harem After All

“Oh Seven Great Goddesses, please bestow upon this cat, Nyannyan Visconti, the secret crafts of dragon slaying.”

When she started casting the spell, the magic sigil shone.

The cat-eared blacksmith kept going.

“In service of the divine pillar ‘Blade’, I beseech thee to make manifest thy great works here, in this blade, imbue it with the power to cut fang and claw, wings and scale.”

A mass of light appeared in the air above the sigil, twisting into a whirlwind of energy. It eventually formed into a solid sphere.

“Please grant upon my master, Dylan Albertini, a dragon-slaying blade that will become his claws to overcome those fangs.”

Then, Nyannyan raised both her palms. The sphere changed its form once more… Into the form of a glowing blue blade that slowly descended into her outstretched hands.

“The blessings of the Pleiades, I have received it.”

The light split open. And then, a real sword lay in Nyannyan’s hands.

“It’s completed, nyaa!”

With the sword still on her palms, she raised it up.

What kind of blade was it that Nyannyan held? It sparkled like something that fell from the heavens.

“I heard it’s real name when I received it, nya. Its name is the ‘Yagetsutou’, nya! Please, master, take it!”

“Ooh, thanks.”

After taking it in my hands, Tina and I looked at it curiously.

It’s slightly curved, an eastern style blade instead of a regular sword. Swords like these drop in the tower sometimes. People always said it was ‘usable’, very proficient in cutting and slicing.

In order to refine that edge, this blade was quite short.

“This is also called a short-sword, nya. It should be used as a sidearm. By the way, the swords that drop in dungeons are usually longer so they can be used as main weapons, nya.”

“I see…”

Holding the blade up to the light, I could see a wave pattern running along it (I later learned that this is called a ‘ripple’). The light reflected off it, looking quite beautiful.

“It’s pretty amazing…”

“So pretty!”

“Nyaaturally! Do you understand my power now, nya!?”

The cat girl thrust out her chest. Those breasts that were bigger than her boastful face swayed.

I took out an item called an ‘Appraisal Mirror’. Like the name suggests, it’s a round mirror that can evaluate an item in its reflection. So, I looked at Yagetsutou with it.

“――You weren’t lying. It really is an animasmith made weapon. No doubt it’ll work well against dragons ―― It even has a special effect against them.”

Nya! The cat nodded.

“Long, long ago, there was a time when dragons ruled over the seven seas and the five continents, nya. Before the world was destroyed, the goddesses gave humans divine weapons. Those are the dragon killers, nya!”

“Wow… Is that the legend of the animasmiths?”

“That’s right, nya!”

“Well, it’s true that killing dragons is a pain… Even if you cut off their head, they just regenerate…”

“Huh, is that true!?”

Tina shouted out in surprise as I nodded.

“If you stick with me, we’ll eventually come up against one. Look forward to it.”

“Oooh! Leave it to me!!”

She sure is energetic.

I turned to ask Nyannyan.

“Those ‘seven goddesses’ you were chanting about in your spell, who are they?”

“The Pleiades, nya. The goddesses that the animasmiths worship, nya! The weapon goddesses! For each of those seven goddesses, they’re responsible for weapons that belong to each of the different pillars, nyaa!”

“Hmmm, seems pretty complicated.”

“It’s pretty complicated, huh?”

Tina and I said in fascination.

“Back in the old days, the animasmiths would just specialize in one pillar, but after a long time they became able to smith all seven weapons. Our craft is evolving every day, nya!”

“Isn’t that great.”

“So, what do you think, master! Have you recognized my skill!?”

Nyannyan looks excited.

I raised my right hand quickly and threw out a pack of cards.

Shashashashasha…. BANG! BANG! BABABANG!

The cards exploded into blossoming fireworks throughout the living room, with streamers and confetti falling from the ceiling.

“You passed!”


Nyannyan jumped into my arms with a cheer. Since she’s only a thief, her body is light.

“Thank you so much, master!”

I gave Nyannyan a light hug. Those soft breasts pressing against me are no joke.

Tina also clapped with a happy smile.

“Congratulations, Nyannyan-san! I look forward to working with you from now on!”

“Thank you too, Tina! I look forward to working with you too, nya! By the way, your boobs are amazing! I’ve been curious about them as well, nya!”


Nyannyan jumped away from me and straight into Tina’s, who was dressed as a maid, chest, rolling her face around. Tina’s bosom rocked side to side wildly.

“HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!? S-Stop iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

“They’re so soft nyaaaaaa!”

I agreed and nodded, though only in my mind.

“――Really though, I know the suffering people with big boobs have to go through, nya. It hurts your shoulders and always get in the way, nya. It makes you look fat, too.”

“So you understand my pain!!”

“I totally understand, nya! See, mine are just too big as well, right?”

“Wow… Nyannyan, your chest is really bouncy!”

“Maybe mine are a bit different because I’m a beastman, nya. Tina’s soft boobs are also great as well!”

“Wawawa, p-please don’t rub them so much! And stop sticking your head between them!”

Those shortstacks look like they’re becoming one… Well, they became friends really fast, huh? Is this how the big breasted harem begins? Honestly, though, after everything that’s happened I’m really not interested in going through that again…

That’s what I thought at the time.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

That night.

As expected, just like Tina, Nyannyan was flat broke, so I let her stay at my place.

Well, it should be fine. I have plenty of room.

But, unfortunately――


When I was sleeping, I felt something heavy land on my chest.

When I opened my eyes, there was Nyannyan, completely in the nude.

Oh, right, it’s like a cat sleeping in their owner’s bed, right…? Obviously it’s not like that!

“What the hell are you doing!?”

“You should know by looking? Night crawling, nya!”

I threw off my bed sheets quickly.

As my eyes adjust to the dark, I can see Nyannyan’s white skin. Her breasts that outsized her head squeezed against my chest.

“You need to night crawl your ass outta here!”

I tried to resist, but my body suddenly stopped. I’m not being restrained by ropes or a curse. It’s the jester inside me that keeps me in place, saying ‘Isn’t this way more fun?’. This god damn shitty job!

“It’s important for an animasmith to deepen bonds with their master in order to make better and better weapons, nya. So~ For~ That~ Reason~…. Master, I’m digging in!”

“Ah, jeez, would you stop already….”

Just when I was about to give up.


BANG! The door slammed open and light poured into the room.

It was the light of my salvation ―― Tina stood in the doorframe.

As expected of the tank! You’ll always come and protect me!

“Tina! Great timing, help me ou- What are you wearing?”

That warrior tank wasn’t decked out in her weapons and armour, more like in a nightgown and underwear. Where on earth did she get those naughty looking things from? That negligee is transparent. I can see everything.

That short girl who looked all dolled up made a declaration with a hand on her chest.

“Since I was here first, I should be the first one who gets to have Dylan-san!”


Nyannyan and I yelled out at the exact same time.

No, really, what!?

Nyannyan pushed herself off me and had a frustrated look on her face.

“So that’s how it is, nya… I thought for sure that you and Tina were doing it together every night, nya… Stalling things out like this is no good, you know?”

“I was also waiting every single night, but for this past week Dylan-san never did anything at all!”

“Nyaa!? What an idiot, nya! That’s really cruel, master!”

“It really is cruel!!”

The two of them stared hard at me.

Wait wait wait wait.

“Do my feelings not matter here at all?”

Then, as I struggled to free myself from the side-effect that bound me to the bed, Tina approached and then hugged me tightly. Her breasts pressed into my stomach, the feeling was unbearably pleasant.

“――Do you really think I’m that ugly?”

She whispered in my ear.

It was a fatal blow.

Shit, this cocky little girl…! But…!!

It’s frustrating, but I noticed Tina’s body was trembling as she held me. Since she must have gathered up so much courage to ask me, the only thing I could do was answer her with my honest feelings.

“――You’re beautiful, Tina.”

I answered, then kissed her as she closed her eyes.

“Dylan-san, I love you…”

After that, my body finally began to move again.

“………..Please be gentle.”

I laid Tina softly on the bed.

In the background, Nyannyan quietly left the room and closed the door behind her.

“…………..It’s my turn next, nya.”

She whispered as it shut.

Yes, yes. I get it.

I guess it ended up being a harem after all, but so long as it doesn’t break up the party like the other times, it should be fine?



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    1. Neither am I, if they were 1/3 or less than the size they are depicted as the girls would be far, FAR, more attractive than they are.

      1. Even just R-15 came as a surprise. I mean I thought I was just reading a light-hearted shounen adventures with some romance. Not that I am complaining but I was caught off guard.

  1. I’m not a fan of oppai lolis, so I’m not really that jealous of him, but I am rather confused about his side-effects, he’s no longer a jester, so shouldn’t the side-effects of that class be gone now?

    1. the habits are still there and those are almost impossible to get rid of and he has this internal jester that pushes him to act like a Jester

  2. Poor guy. I figured the other shoe would drop eventually but wow… he didn’t even get to grow fond of them first, just forced into it.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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