Even Though I’m a Former Noble and a Single Mother, My Daughters are too Cute and Working as an Adventurer Isn’t Too Much of a Hassle – V1 Illustrations


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I got too impatient and bought the epub even though my physical version is arriving in a couple of days. So yeah, I bought the novel twice.


      1. Ahh, I see.
        I really want to see his face after the empire wrecked by Shirley. That douchebag will have a pretty hillarious face, I’m sure.

  1. As I thought, they made Shirley the type which looked lean in usual clothes as seen in the maid outfit picture…
    Dang, GJ!

  2. I forgot, is Sophie the red-eyed one or the blue-eyed one?

    It feels like she is the one with blue-eyes judging on her personality and the expressions in the pics, but it’s hard to be sure…

    1. Sophie is blue, Tio is red. Sophie’s eyes are also described as being much sharper than Tio’s, similar to her mother, whilst Tio’s are described as a bit sleepier. I think the cover illustrations shows this the best.

      Also, Tio has a hair clip whilst Sophie has a braid.

    In one of the colored person, you can see the minotaur guy, and he looks quite civilized. I did not expect that, very little rough appearances. Makes me think this guy would be the most gentlemanly of anyone in that small city or even the kingdom. You don’t talk about empire and gentlemanly, it’s just not mixing.
    And Canary, truly a devil queen, a sadistic queen. Maybe she ends up helping most of the time, but sadistic nevertheless. Anyone got a horn cutter?
    Cute daughters are cute, never enough. Damn, I sound like a creepy stalker now.
    Thanks for the scans!!

    P.S. Poor boy in the last picture, drawn just to show mama bear’s over-protection.

  4. Still not as busty as described, but the naughty maid outfit does emphasize her bust a bit more. All things considered, it’s not as naughty as I was expecting of Canary, (I was half-expecting a slightly bolder/lower cut top). Also, that Medusa grade glare. The twins’ male friend is lucky to not be caught directly staring; lest she end up turning him into stone on the spot.

    On the other end of things; there is more differences to Tio and Sophie, especially notable in the maid waitress image. Tio does have a distinctly growing bust. Sophie still has faint hills. Tio also has slightly wavy hair and an almost hidden hairpin, and Sophie prefers a side braid and her hair is a bit straighter than Tio’s. They also have a bit of defining differences in their eye shapes; Tio obviously more laid back while Sophie is more bright and energetic. It’s the little details that I appreciate enhancing the characters a bit more.

    As for Albert, I’m oddly disappointed in his image. I was expecting someone who looked a little overweight and more asshole-ish. As in, he still has remnants of the handsome man that Shirley once fell in love with, but now tainted by his laziness and rotten personality making him a bit out of shape. Also a bit more aged as well, since he’s supposed to not have aged too well, but better than his wife. He just looks like the stereotypically youthful evil Emperor antagonist.

    I’m kind of wondering if there will ever be an image of the Empress, who also was said to have lost enough beauty that it requires layers of makeup to still look good, as well as of the Imperial Princess, and the Lion King and his wife (the latter of who was also said to also still look extremely youthful, much like Shirley, while the former just became manlier with age).

    Thanks for the images. Definitely going to buy a digital copy.

    1. I’m honestly a little disappointed we didn’t get an image from the prologue, as nasty as that sounds. That said, I’m surprised we got an image of older Albert at all, since the author moved the first couple of chapters of the second volume of the web novel to the end of the first volume of the light novel.

      As for Philia and Alice, I suppose we shall have to wait for volume 2. If we ever get it.

  5. Wow, there’s a lot of illustrations for this one. Canary looks younger than I even imagined, so loli. I wonder how demons get children, or she just used magic to make herself (too) young. Did the kids get sick? I don’t remember.

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