Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? – 08

The Playboy Gets the VIP Treatment

In the innermost room of the third floor, a magic sigil shone brightly upon the floor.

It is a teleportation spell.

It allows one to return to the first floor in an instant.

I spoke up.

“Then, let’s go back.”

“We’re going back!? I thought you wanted to climb up at least eighty floors!?”

“That’s just my highest record.”

I smiled wistfully.

“This time around, I just wanted to see how well you fight and how this sage job feels. We hardly brought any items with us in the first place.”

“Eh, but I brought everything I have?”

“Well, that’s probably true for you.”

“Is it different for Dylan-san?”

“My things are deposited with the guild.”

Using the magic sigil, we returned to the first floor.


The teleportation room is absurdly big. There are a lot of adventurers who come back at the same time as us.

On the first floor of the tower that serves as a staging ground before the true climb begins, the guild runs many various offices and facilities, such as the storage room.

My ‘New Bible Manuscript’, where I had pulled the page about ‘A level 99 jester being able to job change to a sage’ from, I had left it at the storage room.

It wasn’t just items kept in the storage room, you could also keep money there.

When I joined the party of the heroes, I kept all my stuff there.

We came to the entrance to the storage rooms. There are a lot of adventurers coming and going.

“Yo, Silver Spear! You’re heading up to the seventh floor are ya? Be careful up there!”

“That will be one Lumiere coin or ten pieces of silver. So just sign right here…”

It’s so busy that activity is spilling out the door.

But, I just walked right on by without entering.

And keeping step with me, Tina piped up behind me a little confused.

“Huh, Dylan-san? Aren’t you going inside?”

“That isn’t the place I use.”

Around the back of the general entrance, there’s a magnificent looking building. Though there isn’t any signage at all.

Tina looked puzzled.

“This place, I remember seeing it ages ago. What kinda place was it again?”

There are a lot of various facilities on the first floor, so it only makes sense Tina doesn’t know. Honestly, there aren’t many adventurers who really know the full value of this place at all.

I answered her back.

“It’s a storage room. It’s just a bit special.”

“Ehhー, this place?”

“Come on, let’s get inside.”

“Ah, okay! …Woah, this place is really…”

When I opened the door, the clerk who seemed like he was waiting for me bowed. An old-fashioned looking man, well dressed in his slacks.

“Welcome. ――Oh, Dylan-sama? It has been a long time.”

“Thanks, Rossi. I came to pick up what I deposited.”

“Certainly, sir. If you would please follow me.”

The interior is beautifully decorated, like a bank in the city.

There are numerous staff and customers, but everything is well ordered and serene.

Damn, this place is so classy.

The reason is ―― Well, you might’ve already guessed.

“Dylan-san, um, is this place…”

Tina seemed a little overwhelmed by the atmosphere and was looking even smaller than ever, but she still managed to squeak out a question to me.

I nodded.

“Yeah. I’m a so-called VIP.”


zing, but she only finished her answer by mouthing the word.

I followed the clerk as we passed the counter.

Our gentlemanly guide only said a few words to the receptionist. Then, he bowed to us.

“If it isn’t too much to ask, may I please see Dylan-sama’s magic trick again, like back then?”


I held out my right hand and cards seemed to appear from thin air. Then with a twirl of my hand, a rose appeared between my fingers.

“――As brilliant as ever.”

The old member of staff tucked the rose I gave him into his breast pocket, bowed once more, then returned to the entrance.

Tina, who could never reach high enough to whisper in my ear, looked up at me said a few words quietly whilst covering her mouth.

“(Whisper) That was so cool just now!”

“(Whisper) It wasn’t a big deal.”

Tina shook her head. Then she looked at me and grinned. What’s with that smile of yours?

I turned to the receptionist.

She seemed to have been waiting for me because when I looked at her she was giving me a smile as well.

“Dylan Albertini-sama. Would you like to make a withdrawal today?”

“Yeah, I do. A million in Babel bank notes, and…”

I looked at the houses that lined Babel’s streets from the window. I gazed at one of the big mansions and said,

“The key to my house.”

Tina next to me seems to have a face that says ‘no way’.

When I turned to her with a grin, that ‘no way’ turned into ‘eh, really?’ and eventually became a thunderstruck ‘N-n-n-n-no waaaaay, seriously!?’.

I laughed a little.

It’s true.

“――Thank you for your patience. Here is the key to the mansion and 1 million in Babel tender.”


A lot of transactions are done with this paper money. Unlike coins, they aren’t heavy or bulky to carry around. Right now they’re only used in Babel, but I think the idea will catch on pretty soon.

I paid the receptionist the withdrawal fee. It was worth about ten goblins.

“Would you like to confirm your current balance?”

“Alright then.”

“Here you are.”

Yep. I’m still loaded.

“Thanks. That’s all I needed.”

“Thank you very much. We look forward to serving you again. May Babel’s blessings be upon you, Dylan-sama.”

I nodded in thanks as the woman bowed, then we left the VIP storage room.


Tina looked astonished from head to toe.

We had arrived at my long-neglected home.

First up ―― this place needs a clean.

“Dylan-san Dylan-san Dylan-san! What is this place!? A place like this… It’s like you’re more noble than the nobles!!”

Tina ran in front of me and looked around in complete wonder.

When you mention cleaning, the word maid comes to mind.

And when it came to maid uniforms, I’m pretty sure I had some spares lying around. Fufufu.

“Dylan-san? What’s so funny?”

Tina tilted her head in confusion.



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    1. Through hard work and saving every little bit he could scrounge up…is what I’m thinking, because holy crap, this dude may be a playboy, but he’s crazy realistic and a hardworker. I’d give my right arm to have him in my party.

  1. “Would you like to confirm your current balance?”
    “Alright then.”
    “Here you are.”
    Yep. I’m still loaded.
    “Thanks. That’s all I needed.”

    Yeah, the moment I read this, I had a very strong urge to punch him in the face. The only thing stopping me is the fact that he isn’t real…

  2. If you think about it he is known as the Legendary Jester, something like Houdini or David Copperfield.
    He probably made a ton of money with his magic shows, moreover he was an adventurer in one of the top team.
    It’ll be stranger if he doesn’t have money.

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